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In order to produce more nuclear electricity, the nuclear corporations and proponents need you to believe that nuclear power is safe, no one has ever died or become ill from nuclear power accidents, nuclear power will counteract global warming, and it is the cheapest form of power. Listen to Fairewinds’ Arnie Gundersen tell you the truth about these myths.

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  1. Arnie speaks the truth, we need a few million more like him….thanks as always!

  2. Watch the video linked below on testing fish for radiation,

    and listen how government agencies are passing the buck on testing.

    The interviewer asks why aren’t gov’t agencies doing it.

    She answers that Ken Buesseler has gone to 5 different agencies.

    But “budges are very tight”

    And everyone seems to think it’s someone else’s problem ===>

    > NOAA says we’re looking at debris, but we don’t look for radiation

    > EPA says they cover chemicals but not radioactivity… that would be done by the DOE

    > DOE says we look at radiation but only on land

    > FDA says yes but this isn’t affecting our food supply

    > National Science Foundation says we do basic research, and this is really an applied problem

    Everyone has a justification for not looking for radiation.

    So is the bottom line that NO ONE IS TESTING???

    • Thanks for the tip. I’ve posted the video and a link to the project’s website as the top story right now.

  3. …. and PLEASE, everyone, don’t overlook the “myth” that is NEVER talked about: How does the uranium get to the NPPs in the first place?….. MINING.

    The mining and subsequent consequences of such mining is deplorable, insidiously toxic AND far worse than any coal or gas mining (with the exception of Fracking… ).

    Anyone, including Arne, who does not recognise, acknowledge and expose this truth of the mining for the “Nuclear Industry” is remiss.

    I am an Australian Citizen and I am ashamed of the Australian Government and the so-called “Indigenous Custodians of the Land”…… too bad, I guess: the UK owns it all, the Banksters rule the roost, and the Jack-Boots of the USA via the United Nations will have their way…… Again, I ask: WTF are they going to spend all the money on when they’ve finished trashing the planet??


  4. That seems to be the case, I know the US is not, Canada is not and the UK is not….same goes with air sampling although the US EPA site does show some sampling information but it is so convoluted it is not usable by the layman….then when you do find any intelligible information it all dead ends March 2011 everywhere.

  5. Yeah Arnie!! Youre doing a great thing… wish there was more fantastic people like you!

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