via / A  video explaining in simple terms how the Fukushima nuclear crisis unfolded on March 11, 2011. Video created in 2012.

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  1. TEPCO the Japanese nuclear power company continues to lie to the people of Japan and to the world about the true levels of radiation released into the atmosphere, ground and into the Pacific Ocean! TEPCO also continues to dump millions of gallons of radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean nonstop every single day to contaminate the plant life, insects, fish, ocean life and animals. There is now verified proof of DNA damage and mutations throughout the food chain and we humans are next to suffer! and if we don’t detox our bodies suffer we will! Experts recommend to commence detoxing with the natural mineral called zeolite that is proven to safely remove both radiation and heavy metals from the human body.This detox is VERY important to help prevent DNA damage that will cause disease and future ongoing mutations! For more quality information do an online search for the single word Zeolite.

  2. Hi everyone.
    I think you all should view this video (and head for the minute 35 ahead if you are in a hurry) to understand what is happening.
    I have a blog in which you can check the posts tagged as global issues, in which you can read more info on what’s happening, it really does make a lot of sense.
    Give it a try.
    Happy Christmas!

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