via NHK World / August 20, 2014 / Workers have begun the difficult task of decommissioning the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. One of the biggest hurdles they’re facing is how to remove melted fuel from the crippled reactors.

First they need to know the condition of the fuel. Experts believe it has cooled down and turned into debris. But engineers with Tokyo Electric Power Company have not been able to check the actual state of the debris due to high levels of radiation.

Now, they might have figured out a way to measure the highly toxic materials.


Photo: NBC

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  1. Cultures: the folks of Japan are kept so occupied with work (8 to 12 hours at the job site) and another (4 to 8 at home), they don’t have the time to think to consider the fallout from Fukushima.

    Cultures: the folks of America have been over the years sufficiently dumbed down to think that anything could be wrong, building our fantasy sports teams is what’s important.

    One southeast Asian nation rejects Japanese scrap metal not from the Fukushima area. Another southeast Asian nation rejects Japanese rice. And another southeast Asian nation is not importing Japanese rice. Insanity reigns supreme.

    Human efforts will find no solution, it will take Divine Intervention.

      The Japanese Government couldn’t care less who rejects the contaminated products/produce – Abe and his Nuppet buddy Abbot (PM of Australia), have done a deal to send “all sorts” here… YAY!!! It’s ok to fuck the Australian people over (who neither know nor care.. yet); first the Brits with their A-Bomb tests in 1957, now the Japs…. tragic 🙁

  2. lots of japanese seaweed and other sea food s now appearing in iga supermarkets here in brunswick melbourne australia, where is the conscience in these food chain directors in this country… heart goes out to all persons in japan and the rest of humanity,this is a time of opportunity,global integrity is being tested….paul walker.

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