via Goddard’s Journal / Published February 17, 2015 / What will be the impact of Fukushima on the North American coast? This video covers the key science you need to know to reasonably answer that question.

Studies cited in order presented…

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the Cs137 measure for ‘now’ is the average of shore-line measures from 2014

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Potassium radioactivity in seawater 12 Bq/liter = 12,000 Bq/m^3

Peak level near-Fukushima from (see Figure 2): Buesseler (2011). Impacts of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants on Marine Radioactivity. Environ Sci Technol. 1;45(23):9931-5.

– Recent Fukushima ocean Cs-137 fallout from :… Radioactivity has stabilized around 1,000 Bq/m³ near discharge points within the “Near Fukushima” area, with a slight downward trend – Note: 1 Bq/L = 1,000 Bq/m³

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FDA food-safety level for Cesium 134+137
As per… “1 cubic meter of water is approximately 1000 kilograms,” the FDA’s Cs(134+137) level of 1,200 Bq/kg is approximately 1,200,000 Bq/m³ of seawater.

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Table S5:… Note: nobody eats the fish in the FDNPP port, fishing other than for testing is banned there. Johansen and colleagues’ Table S5 data simply assumes if those fish were consumed, then the doses would be…

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SOURCE: Goddard’s Journal


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  1. “She Blinded me with science”…………… Thomas Dolby.

  2. What is the effect of marine radiation on fish eggs? I read a report in a Canadian newspaper written in the late 1970s , that said the Russians stopped dumping cooling water to he sea in the 1950s because even minute amounts killed fish eggs. At that time they were so convinced of it, they had been then storing it for 30 years on land. What indeed is the point tha we can it fish, if soon there be be no more?

  3. i can not believe you are going to lie to every person on earth, alost every word spoken is a premedated lie and you will be held accountable!

    • @Pete Randall; “If you are speaking of the video and its narrator”?~I concur on all counts,”GUILTY”as charged!! UTTER BS!

  4. In the wake of Fukushima, and the potential ongoing and future “mishaps” and disasters from all nuke plants, it is important to know how to protect yourself and your family. Radiation Protective Foods: How To Shield Yourself From Low-Level Radiation by Sara Shannon is the only book I have found on this topic with definitive information on foods and supplements. You can google it, but make sure to get the 2014 edition.

    • So much advertising?

  5. Yes, but what about now, for 2015? West coast wildlife deaths

  6. I’m no scientist and my knowledge in this area is limited, but it seems like this video is seriously downplaying the effects of radiation. Lies

  7. In the video it shows a SINGLE plume of radiation being dissipated into the ocean, when in reality it is an ongoing disaster that is constantly leaking into the ocean via the ground water under the crippled reactors because the fuel is melting into the ground and into the underground Aquifer.

    Their is no safe amount of nuclear material that can be consumed. If any one thinks otherwise you should go buy propertie around Fukushima and prove us all wrong.

  8. You think keepin quiet is gonna help all this go away…well its not..u think your better than any other race so u dont want help… the asians always try to out do everyone…n bullshit always comes out of your fuck ups!!! Im pissed..

  9. Creepy voice …. So radiation is very very good for you! Makes you glow in the dark. Keep eating the fish. MMMMMMM BS BS BS BS BS BS, next train to Aushwitz…all aboard??


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