fukushima-ocean by Diane BarnesNTI.org / February 14, 2014 / The U.N. nuclear watchdog urged Japan to weigh dumping radioactive water from its Fukushima plant to help control the fluid’s “enormous” quantity.

Japan should consider “all options” to manage radiation-tainted fluid from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, “including the possible resumption of controlled discharges to the sea,” the International Atomic Energy Agency said in a report prepared at Japan’s request and made public on Thursday. A 2011 earthquake and tsunami led to meltdowns in three of the six reactors at the facility overseen by Tokyo Electric Power, and the plant operator has applied massive quantities of water since that time to help cool overheating components.

More than 132 million gallons of contaminated water had amassed on the facility’s grounds as of late last year, and about a fifth of that amount was inside basements and other structures, the Vienna-based U.N. agency said in its report.

Other water was being stored inside hundreds of tanks, and the report says Tokyo Electric Power is fielding more of the containers. Tank leaks have been an ongoing problem, though, and the U.N. agency said Japan would need to take steps beyond deploying additional containers and refining decontamination technology already in place.

“It is necessary to find a sustainable solution” to the water problems at the coastal complex, the U.N. agency said in its assessment.

The IAEA authors urged Tokyo Electric Power to assess what “potential radiological impact” releasing additional contaminated water into the ocean would have on “the population and the environment.” The company released more than 1,000 tons of water from the plant last September, when a typhoon flooded the site with more fluid than it could handle.

The report did not suggest how much water the site might ultimately dump, and it called for extensive discussion of the potential move with government authorities and the public.

“It is clear that final decision making will require engaging all stakeholders, including [Tokyo Electric Power], the [Japanese Nuclear Regulation Authority], the national government, Fukushima prefecture government, local communities and others,” says the report, which assesses Japan’s efforts to plan and carry out the Fukushima site’s dismantlement.



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  1. Sorry…. but I’m so angry…. Is this a joke?: “It is clear that final decision making will require engaging all stakeholders……”… frankly this is just more of the same bullshit from the IAEA….. it’s NOT ENOUGH and NOT RIGHT that the entire global citizenry are not considered as “stakeholders” and that WE are NOT BEING OPENLY INFORMED and CONSULTED. (And why aren’t the world’s brightest and best scientists are not being consulted?)

    FAR OUT: Now that this huge fuck-up is affecting global international waters (not to mention the past nearly 3 years of spewing radioactive contamination, plus the future ongoing consequences of this toxic poisoning of our air, land…. and ALL life on the planet), it’s appalling and beyond disgraceful that Japan and the IAEA think that it’s “their decision”. Their reference to consultation with the Fukushima Prefecture, local Govt. and communities is just political spin – a complete fallacy – what prefecture? what community? – the whole place is irradiated…. there’s no-one there – except the desperate, the homeless, the dying and the dead.

    The utter and complete horror of the inevitability of what they are now going to do OPENLY makes me sick and sooner or later we’ll all get sick – we can just wait for our cancers….. the dividend given free to all stakeholders, official and/or unofficial.

    Conspiracy theories or not, doesn’t matter anymore; this is “Globeicide”.
    Again, sorry…. but boy, am I pissed off.

  2. I hear you!
    I’m gutted for humanity. We’re looking down the barrel of a slow Armageddon and we’re more interested in the Oscar ceremonies.
    Lets all eat cake while we burn?

    • Cheers, Too Right…. but I think you should be a little more specific, (say),: ” Let’s all eat YELLOW CAKE while we burn”.

  3. Revelation 8 Wormwood. (Chernobyl means ‘Wormwood’)

  4. Nuclear whistleblower Ann Harris said this about radiation:

    “You can’t clean it out of the water
    You can’t clean it out of the air
    You can’t clean it out of the soil
    The only thing you can do is move it around.”

    If you haven’t watched her video, it’s very interesting straight-talk.

    You can fast forward to around 45 minutes for the most information.

    youtube /watch?v=77vkuPtqN4A

  5. I have a question. Please excuse my ignorance of international legal procedures. My question is…..Can a corporation be charged with crimes against humanity?
    We have numerous examples of leaders of various governments hauled before the Hague to answer charges of crimes against humanity. In most, prosecution cases take years and are meticulously crafted, resulting in almost certain conviction.
    These are real crimes against real people.
    These are tragedies on a vast scale involving unspeakable acts.
    Are the acts of those convicted in the World Court less despicable than three years of lies, prevarications, and the deliberate endangerment of the global environment?
    Is TEPCO less culpable?
    Is the Japanese Government less complicit?
    Given time, will the world community become any less a victim of criminal acts of omission or commission by TEPCO, and, by extension, the Government of Japan?
    I realize this sounds a bit extreme.
    I realize this action would probably be rejected if for no other reason than setting a precedent few nations or corporations would accept.
    However, in light of the lack of effective response by the Government of Japan or its operative, TEPCO, is some form of legitimate international symbolism really too over the top?
    Symbolism can sometimes be meaningful. And while it presently will not stop a liter of contaminated water from being dumped with criminal recklessness into the Pacific ocean, perhaps it would be more powerful that the choir of lone voices struggling to get out the facts on Youtube.
    Certainly the MSM will not cooperate with the coverage necessary until disaster occurs.

    Oh well….just a thought.
    Please continue your most excellent and important work.

    • Hi Diego,
      I, and many others I’m sure, agree that it would be a fine thing to prosecute TEPCO via the International Court….. unfortunately, for many reasons, this is unlikely and in any event it would be of little use other than satisfying the need for moral and ethical revenge. TEPCO are broke so any fine imposed could not be paid, any “order” to clean up could not happen (it’s all they can do now to pay homeless people etc to fumble about….. not to mention the fact that it can’t be “cleaned up”), plus who/what is TEPCO now anyway? That shit-for-brains lunatic Abe purchased over half the company last year in a Japanese Govt, bail-out.

      In the well-practiced style of all criminal operations those at the top of the list of culpable entities responsible for Fukushima (and all the other NPPs) believe they are well hidden and they have all their excuses in place, ie: the list does not begin and end with TEPCO; TEPCO were/are just the operators – meat-puppets and useful idiots at best. But we know who they are, eg: GE, Raytheon, Livermore Institute…. practically he entire US Govt…. just to name a few!

      If I had my way I would aim much higher, starting with all the heads and pro-nuclear associates of the global Military-Industrial-Academic Complexes (remembering that NPPs as a power source are, and have always been, a smokescreen for nuclear weapons proliferation), and I literally mean the heads…. CUT THEIR GENOCIDAL HEADS OFF. Bugger taking them to court, just shoot them and, once they’re out of the way, then the honourable scientists of the planet would have the opportunity to, at the very least, try to halt the damage. Until these psychopathic mass-murderers are all stopped and all things nuclear are shut down what we are being forced to live with as a result of the endless spewing of contaminants, the genocidal destruction caused by DU weapons, and now Fukushima, will only get worse. As I see it, at present there is only one small consolation: while they gleefully make their money and fulfil their de-population agenda irradiation everything, they are not going to escape, they will also get the Cancers etc, and good fucking riddance to them…… the real shame is that we let them do any of this in the first place. So, court or no court… there’s not going to be any winners 🙁

  6. Here I sit trying to heal from lymphoma just finished 6 rounds of chemo, I tell you all what! Sure makes one think Why are so many of Gods peeps are getting cancers of sorts. And then we have this worldly desire to produce more Plutonium.Be patient have love in your heart and the Lord Jesus will do something Divine to help us all….. PEACE… 🙂

  7. “The IAEA authors urged Tokyo Electric Power to assess what “potential radiological impact” releasing additional contaminated water into the ocean would have on “the population and the environment.” The company released more than 1,000 tons of water from the plant last September, when a typhoon flooded the site with more fluid than it could handle.”

    There is only one “potential radiological impact” to be considered: unless the powers who are taking responsibility for this clean-up can actually make it happen (and by all accounts, both in the (limited) mainstream media and online news, they are flapping and flailing to find an viable method), ALL our (every sentient being on earth) air, water, food, is going to be radioactive.

    We have a say as human beings, but equally those in charge of the disposal have to carry out the operation and so must make the decision. Of course, the outcome has to be one without destroying food webs, atmosphere, and the oceans.

    …But… I fear the worst. Already it appears the Pacific is dying.

  8. “More than 132 million gallons of contaminated water had amassed on the facility’s grounds as of late last year”

    And they want to bring reactors back on line???
    They do not even have this one site under control !!!

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