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BBC News reports on the 2nd anniversary of the Fukushima disaster.

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  1. I heard a version of this report on the radio around march 11th. I do not remember the newscaster saying “partial Meltdown” (I am still trying to figure out what they mean by that, is it that only three of Fukushima Daiichi six reactors melted down or do they mean of japans 52 reactors; I wish they would specify; seriously though how can they say “partial Meltdown” and call them selves news) so that was not the part that caught my ear. I listened to Rupert Hays’s report which for the most part (with a debatable exception;… the categorical reference to all the explosions as hydrogen explosions [Naoto Kan did this as well]) was a fair accounting of problems being encountered at the Fukushima Plant. What really got me though is the new castor went on to add to the report with something to the effect of … He then named some doctoral authority on nuclear physics or health (I missed noting the authority). This source basically said that the problems of radiation are not that bad and that really people should be moving back in to the exclusion zone (!!!). It seemed the drift of the whole report was,… this is what a liberal reporter says as opposed to what this foremost nuclear authority has to say. I have found parts of this report on the internet but I have not found the version I heard. I’m sure my internet search skills could use some improving. I was hoping when I saw this here that it would be the version I heard. This excerpt is not quite as telling as it could be.

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