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This post is authored by Chris Mah, a Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History researcher.    Chris is one of the world’s leading experts on starfish and echinoderms in general.  He created and writes for Echinoblog, a one stop reading place for everything echinoderm. You can find him at Twitter @echinoblog.

I broke the story about a mass sunflower starfish (Pycnopodia helianthoides) die-off in British Columbia. This developed into further accounts of Starfish Wasting ‘disease’ which is now recognized as “Starfish Wasting Syndrome” (because the nature of the causative agent is unknown) and since been reported from California and now Washington state.


Some have become concerned that there is a direct influence from Fukushima. Much of this seems unlikely.  Deep-Sea News (among many other sources) have presented excellent reviews of data that can help the rational person make sense from some of the confusing deluge of misinformation.

  1. Starfish Wasting Disease/Syndrome (SWD/SWS) pre-Dates Fukushima by 3 to 15 years. This is probably the most self-evident of reasons. One of the earliest accounts of starfish wasting disease was recorded from Southern California (Channel Islands) in 1997 (pdf).  The account of SWS in British Columbia was first documented by Bates et al. in 2009, and their data was collected in 2008.  Fukushima? March 2011.
  2. Starfish Wasting Syndrome Occurs on the East Coast as well as the Pacific. Many of the accounts alleging a Fukushima connection to Starfish Wasting Syndrome forget that there are also accounts of SWS on the east coast of the United States affecting the asteriid Asterias rubens. There is no evidence (or apparent mechanism) for Fukushima radiation to have reached the east coast and therefore the Fukushima idea is again not supported.
  3. No other life in these regions seems to have been affected. If we watch the original British Columbia Pycnopodia die-off videos, and the later Washington state die-off vidoes, one cannot help but notice that other than the starfish, EVERYTHING else remains alive. Fish. Seaweed, encrusting animals. etc.


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  1. Ah yes, the good old Smithsonia, not a bastion of intelligent people as you may think, many years ago I sent them a meteorite I had found and sent to them to identify, what they didn’t know was the University of Puget Sound and University of Washington had already confirmed that it was a meteorite and had actually both plotted its path and speed when it hit yet the Smithsonian insisted it was NOT a meteorite so I have little faith in the findings of anything tied to this US institution.

  2. I sincerely doubt release caused this genetic or viral wasting disease so rapodlly.Did anyone do tissue cultures? Cesium137 or iodine 129 should be present in diseased animals…we need to be cautious jumping to conclusions.Shalom james Ainoris

  3. Your right Star fish wasting disease is from methane leakage in the area of long time drilling since 1891 off the California coast. methane oxidizes to methanol and then formaldehyde which causes the same symptoms and therefore should be investigated as the reason for the disease. See “It’s Raining. It’s Pouring — and Snowing Formaldehyde at

  4. SMITHSONIAN,,,, Freemason propaganda misinformation society tool! Buries all pertinent information from the foolish “goyim” Never believe this institution.

  5. Hey do you work for some American tv news channel or something? I might suggest that these assholes better get every able bodied person RIGHT NOW you need to put some energy toward that. Check this out, stop downplaying this, we will hold you partly responsible…know ths. It is at least a level seven problem right now you idiot. You have just helped waking a giant that you should have left asleep. We will give you one more chance to report the reality of this shit, and you better lay some pressure on these lying pieces of shit at TEPCO. This politically correct shit won’t fly with millions of people of whom you have not accounted for, and we are watching you trust me. In closing, this is not a threat in any way shape or form, time for you to quit kissing ass and start telling the truth

  6. I do honestly believe, that the companies which build these type of Geiger Counters do know a lot about radiation. The fact, that the alarm bell was ringing should tell us something….

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