fukushima_satou_sachiko_klr_8287via Telegraph.co.uk / July 8th, 2015 / The government announces September 5 as the date 7,401 residents of Naraha town in Fukushima prefecture can return home for the first time since the 2011 nuclear disaster.

More than 7,000 residents from a Fukushima town completely evacuated following the 2011 nuclear crisis will be able to return home permanently from September, the Japanese government has announced.

The 7,401 residents of Naraha will become the first evacuees able to return home permanently among the seven Fukushima municipalities whose entire populations were ordered to leave following the crisis.

The lifting of the first evacuation order will take place more than four years after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami damaged nearby Fukushima nuclear power plant.

However, it was not immediately clear how many residents from Naraha, which is around two miles from the plant, will want to return to their hometown from September 5, due to lingering radiation concerns and lack of infrastructure.

“There are no shops. There are no doctors. I don’t know what to do,” one woman told local media.

Naraha’s rehabilitation as a livable town began in March when the government announced that its decontamination was completed, with radiation contamination down 60 per cent from 2011 levels to 0.3 microsievert per hour.

The following month, residents were allowed to return home for three-month stays in preparation for a permanent return when the evacuation order was lifted, with 688 people from 326 households taking part in the initiative.

This week, the government confirmed the September 5 return date for all Naraha residents to return permanently, after assessing with local authorities the airborne radiation levels and monitoring how infrastructure was being improved as well as consulting with residents.

The new evacuation order will permit the biggest homecoming of Fukushima evacuees since the 2011 disaster, with a total of 7,401 residents from 2,704 households allowed to live at home once again.

SOURCE: The Telegraph

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  1. but what about all the radiation in the environment of Fukushima and the people being urged to go back there to live?
    Tritium half life 12 years, open reactors still steaming and gamma radiation coming off it into the open air all the time, the whole area is still so dangerous.
    Bioremediation and filtering of all drinking water is an urgent necessity.
    Recipe for a baked filter ball to put in your water tank or water filter.
    30% oyster grit crushed fine
    30% zeolite (water retention granules at hardware store)
    30% clay.
    Bake in oven or preferably fire in a kiln.
    Weigh baked balls after being soaked in water for 24 hours and place in water filter unit or water tank.
    When the balls are 50% increased in weight (3 to 6 months) replace with others.
    Oyster shells capture all soluble heavy metals within 30 minutes exposure
    Zeolite captures particulant heavy metals
    The baked or fired clay balls hold them together so they are retrievable.
    Charcoal capture particulant and some soluble heavy metals, but not as efficiently as the oyster shells.
    Any other sea shells placed in your water cooler or tank will also capture some soluble heavy metals.
    Some starfish are titanium plated and shiny because they are so efficient at mining titanium from seawater.
    This recipe is originally from FFTC Taiwan to clean up pollution from aquaculture.
    Also oyster and mussel shells can be added to stormwater pits to catch heavy metal run off from roads, and prevent it entering groundwater, estuaries, rivers, ocean.
    Because the whole planet is more than twice as radioactive as it used to be, and we’re all stuck with the consequences.

  2. My friends in Fukushima Prefecture,Suzuki,Hiroko,Chieko,Shinji-san, ran the Suzuki Dry Cleaning Company in the town of Sakagawa,Fukushima,Japan,H.Q. Wondering if buisness wiped out or not, still there or what! Can’t traslate YAHOO JAPAN to get info so, please contact me, Steve Watson at my E-mail address : stevilxg@yahoo.com my 1st girlfriend was Hiroko, her sister is Chieko, and their father is Shinji-san,Thank-You

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