article-2291365-188EDE8E000005DC-17_634x426via / April 11, 2105 / The government and Tokyo Electric Power Co. are studying three different plans to remove melted nuclear fuel from reactors at the crippled Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant, it has been learned.

The Yomiuri Shimbun obtained a draft outline of an operation road map as well as a strategic plan on technical methods concerning the removal of melted fuel rods in reactors Nos. 1 to 3.

One of the options involves filling reactors with water. The other two methods don’t involve filling them completely with water because repairing possible leaks in the reactors could be difficult. The best approach among the three will be determined by the first half of fiscal 2018.

The government and TEPCO were to present the draft outline at a meeting to be held in Fukushima Prefecture on Thursday. A final draft will then be compiled based on the opinions of local residents, marking the second time for the road map to be revised following the first revision in June 2013.

To determine the progress of decommissioning work, removing melted fuel from the reactors is an important step. The government and TEPCO are aiming to start the process in 2020.

The plan currently favors the method of repairing potential leaks in the reactors, pumping in water and then removing melted fuel using robotic equipment from the top of the reactor. But the Nuclear Damage Compensation and Decommissioning Facilitation Corp., which provides technical advice, studied the method with others and concluded that filling reactors with water could be difficult in some cases.

To overcome the difficulties, the latest draft includes two other removal methods that will only pump in water at the bottom of the containment vessels and retrieve melted fuel through the air from the top or side.

Filling reactors with water could cool down melted fuel and block radiation. However, potential leaks would not have to be repaired if the reactors are not filled with water.

Source: The Japan News

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  1. “…they are AIMING at STARTING the process of removing the melted fuel in 2020”! Let’s face it, “they” don’t know what to do.

  2. 4 years later and they have absolutely no control or any idea what the hell to do.
    It’s past the time to ban all nuclear reactors. They are poisoning our world!
    If people only new the truth.

  3. Filling the reactor cores with water would also, unless heavily borated, lead to a potential restart of the nuclear fission reaction, depending on the geometry of the damaged fuel rod assemblies. After all, that is exactly how these boiling and pressurized water reactors normally work. While the deflector etc. rods may have been inserted fully or partially to intercept neutrons, no one, in my opinion, can foretell, how well the cores are positioned in order to not restart local chain reactions. If the water does not leak, then borating it would stop or preclude chain reactions. However, if there are serious leaks and no borated water can be held in place but “normal” water needs to be used then any intermittent chain reaction would create another residual heat scenario plus short-lived nuclides. While the above report gives little detail and I do not know the true state of the reactor cores in question still this seems a desperate attempt. And as we all know they weren’t even able to calculate the “ice wall” correctly, I am a bit concerned if they know what they are doing here. One option still is to leave everything in place and wait for a few decades.

  4. What do we know? Three complete core meltdowns, containments breached in all three, most likely corium ex-vessle contaminating groundwater directly as unrecovered cooling water finds its way into the environment. Reactor three suffered a prompt criticality spewing core products up to 200 miles away. There is no way to recover these melted cores, TMI and Chernobyl have revealed the immutability of corium. The only thing to do is a massive civil engineering project involving directional drilling and grouting of the entire site to create an artificial lake containing the reactor products and potentially offer a means of recovery through the use of submersibles. The leaking of these core products into the ocean must be stopped, because when it comes to radionuclide’s dilution is not the solution to pollution as they bio concentrate. This should be a worldwide effort utilizing the best minds to create a containment solution.

  5. What nonsense, can they even spell “Corium”?
    There are no rods left, it’s all melted into a redhot lump gradually melting it’s way into the earth.
    It penetrated the floor of the reactors soon after the meltdown. This is just words.

  6. obvious greed power has no protectius spirit.
    even in civilation

  7. this has not happened before so no one knows what to do . this has to and must be an international effort so all can learn. there was never any plans of what to do, so now it will take decades to resolve such a monumental cockup ,this is what happens when you allow companies to self regulate , companies are like children can’t see past the next quarter ,need continues oversight and dynamic regulation ,the GFC was caused by self regulation ,,,how did that go, fukushima self regulation how did that go,this absurd idea of small government will be the death of us all ,

  8. Drill horizontally, run pellets of boron into the melted mass of fuel…Rinse and repeat!

  9. yes.. I see your planet is at the “GENESIS 6.6 ” point of History Repeats Itself.. but WAIT!! ISRAEL did 9/11/2001 in NYC ..USA.. they did it 9 years 11 months BEFORE ..2.. US deep underground military bases get NUKED!! .. yes ..2.. Va/Denver D.U.M.B.s got NUKED!! 66 years 16 days AFTER Harry NUKED Hiroshima!! .. First.. you have to understand GENESIS 6.6 to understand the answer to it continues here.. REVELATION 6.6-16.. yes .. and the evidence that ISRAEL had their hand in the earthquake that generated the wave and in the software that created backup fail in emergency cooling systems.. is all over the internet.. go figure.. then search .. ISRAEL did 911..

  10. btw.. I.E. = INTELLIGENT Energy.. GENESIS 1.1 = I.E. and EXODUS 20.6 = REVELATION 22.14.. and I Am not really a human..

  11. pump in heavy water!
    that’ll fix it

  12. Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure….

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