june2013via Asahi Shimbun / January 9, 2014 /

Tokyo Electric Power Co. has withheld 140 measurements of radioactive strontium levels taken in groundwater and the port of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant between June and November last year.

TEPCO has been releasing the combined levels of all radioactive substances, including strontium, that emit beta rays, at the crippled nuclear plant. But strontium levels exceeded the all-beta readings in some instances, leading the utility to decide they were “wrong” and to withhold them from public releases, TEPCO officials said Jan. 8.

Previously, TEPCO officials said they had not released the data because the numbers were not confirmed.


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By Corbett| 2 Comments | News


  1. And again the Japanese Government was aware and allowed it….again and again……..

  2. Deception. Corruption. Incompetence…… plus the entire lexicon pertaining to Malfeasance = TEPCO et al.

    These people are CRIMINALS.

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