R2trenchice7-24-2014-1via mainichi.jp / November 23, 2014 / Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) has decided to bury a trench at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant using concrete after an effort to completely stop the flow of radiation contaminated water failed, it has been learned.

TEPCO reported its plan to the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) on Nov. 21, and the NRA approved it, saying that the plan can at least reduce the amount of contaminated water remaining in the trench.

Around 5,000 metric tons of contaminated water is standing in the ocean-side trench of the Fukushima plant’s No. 2 reactor. TEPCO initially had planned to stop the flow by freezing the contaminated water at the point where the reactor building and the trench meet, after which it hoped to remove the water from the trench. However, the plan failed as the water was insufficiently frozen, and the company gave up on completely removing the contaminated water.

According to the new plan, TEPCO will begin pouring concrete that can be used under water at the end of November while draining contaminated water inside the trench. It will see if the flow of the water stops after burying the deepest part of the underground tunnel.

It is concerned that this process may leave some contaminated water in the concrete, but TEPCO has estimated that only 1-3 percent of the water will remain in the material.

The length of the underground tunnel is about 60 meters. A TEPCO representative said that the company has never buried a tunnel that long, but it will carry out the plan with great care.

Meanwhile, there are some 6,000 tons of contaminated water in the seaside trench of the No. 3 reactor. TEPCO plans to bury it with concrete like the No. 2 reactor trench by January next year, and then freeze soil around the basement areas of the Nos. 1 to 4 reactor buildings as part of efforts to prevent ground water from flowing onto the premises of these structures.

SOURCE: Mainichi

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  1. What worries me about this burying or blocking trenches with concrete is this…..
    would this effort just cause the water that is still coming down to pool up like a dam on a river…..thus causing a huge contaminated lake behind these walls of concrete ?
    I mean that water still flowing down towards the ocean still has to go somewhere. This is just not going to work if you ask me.

  2. Tepco fails to halt toxic water inflow at Fukushima No. 1 trenches

    Some 11,000 tons of highly radioactive water have accumulated in the tunnels, trenches dug to house pipes and cables that are connected to the reactor 2 and 3 turbine buildings of the wrecked facility, according to Tepco. There are fears that this toxic buildup, which is being caused by the jury-rigged cooling system and groundwater seepage in the reactor basements, could pour into the Pacific, which is already being polluted by other radioactive leaks. Groundwater is entering the complex at 400 tons a day. …….

    On Friday, Tepco proposed a new technique for the tunnels: injection of a cement filler especially developed for the task while pumping out as much of the accumulated water as possible.

    Under the new method, however, it would be difficult to drain all of this water and some of it would be left behind, endangering plant workers, Tepco acknowledged. Nevertheless, a Nuclear Regulation Authority panel of experts green-lighted the new strategy at a recent meeting. Some of the experts argued that Tepco should stick to the original plan and draw out all of the water. Others said giving up on it may hamper the construction of the ice wall.

    TEPCO fails to stop toxic water inflow into tunnels

    A TEPCO official explained at the panel meeting that any radioactive water left in the tunnels will be trapped in the cement and the water leakage risk can be reduced drastically. [insert mine]TEPCO has lied about everything since 3/11/11, so why should anyone believe some anonymous TEPCO official today?

    Video – Fukushima TEPCO gives up on freezing tainted water 11/21/2014

  3. We may have to resort to some serious conduction of the water. Meanwhile, we should be working on another plant that is non nuclear.

  4. Hey- any countries out there who have some mega tanker ships out there, that this stuff could be pumped into? How about filling that breakwater with large sacks, full of Zeolite, which would absorb the radioactivity via IONIC TRANSFER? (Considering that it was Japanese scientists who developed this as a filter medium, around 30 years ago!)
    OR: Would you just prefer, to poison ALL of the world’s oceans-PERMANENTLY- and kill off every living thing on the planet instead?

  5. Im no chemist or problem solver, nor’ do i pretend to be a know it all, i humbly ask: Why not try other methods instead of concrete filling ? Theres a product called: Bio Gel made by a company called INK-EEZE ( made in the U.S.A. ), http://www.inkeeze.com . * Bio Gel is a granular polymer that yields a gel like material with the addition of liquid. The Bio Gel can solidify liquid 30 times its own weight in minute’s. .. <~just an idea….

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