aerial-fuku-2via / May 15, 2015 / Tokyo Electric Power Co. should consider discharging water contaminated by the Fukushima Daiichi reactor meltdowns into the Pacific Ocean, the International Atomic Energy Agency said.

More than four years after the nuclear power-plant disaster in Japan, the United Nations agency renewed pressure for an alternative to holding the tainted water in tanks and offered to help monitor for offshore radiation.

“The IAEA team believes it is necessary to find a sustainable solution to the problem of managing contaminated water,” the Vienna-based agency said in a report. “This would require considering all options, including the possible resumption of controlled discharges into the sea.’

TEPCO officials are still using water to cool molten nuclear fuel from the reactors and while on-site tanks were installed to hold 800,000 cubic meters of effluent, engineers have battled leaks and groundwater contamination. The assessment, published Thursday, was based on visits by an IAEA team in February and April.

The IAEA also said it would send scientists to collect water and sediment samples off the Fukushima coastline to improve data reliability.

‘‘TEPCO is advised to perform an assessment of the potential radiological impact to the population and the environment arising from the release of water containing tritium and any other residual radionuclides to the sea in order to evaluate the radiological significance,’’ the agency said. ‘‘The IAEA team recognizes the need to also consider socioeconomic conditions .’’


Previous releases of Fukushima contamination into the Pacific have drawn protests by Japanese fishermen and environmental groups. Fish caught off the coast of Fukushima have been subject to testing for radiation before being sold.

Contamination from Fukushima has been measured off the western coasts of the U.S. and Canada, signaling the need for more monitoring, according to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the largest private non-profit research group looking at the world’s oceans.

Though contamination levels off the North American coast are ‘‘extremely low,’’ oceans need to be monitored ‘‘after what is certainly the largest accidental release of radioactive contaminants to the oceans in history,’’ Ken Buesseler, a marine chemist at Woods Hole, said last month.

SOURCE: Bloomberg

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  1. Are you idiots serious ?
    You are already have killed most of the Pacific already, and now I guess you want to finish her off for good?
    Somebody or something needs to stop all of you from killing every living thing on the planet NOW !!
    Every one of you involved with this massive cover up either needs to be put in jail for ever or executed… don’t deserve to live with the rest of the good people and wildlife on this planet…………SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP US FROM THIS EVIL

  2. ARE you people nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF they dump those tanks, WE are screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Are you people insane????????????????????

  4. Let’s see if I got the jist of this article right. 4 yrs. later and the ‘experts’ suggest that more radioactive monitoring is necessary!? Good work guys! that gives me a lot of confidence in your efforts. Of course gov’ts lie whenever they open their mouths, so there we are with ridiculous contradictory statements spewing forth 4 yrs. later. It’s not hard to measure radiation, and it wouldn’t be hard to calculate the effects of bio=accummumation. These same experts expect us to trust their data, when their usual excuse is feigned stupidity. Their solution will be to raise the levels of radiation considered safe.

  5. Are they out of their minds? Have their brians been fried by too much radiation?Sure dump the rest in . might as well. Its already killed the pacific.Itll be a nuclear dump for the next 100 years or more.Because that will be their solution. Save a lot of money that way. To hell with the ocean is their philosophy. They have no idea what they are creating. The people running the IAEA should be removed they are obviously corrupt and care little for our planet. WE ONLY HAVE ONE PLACE TO LIVE. OUR CHILDREN HAVE ONLY ONE PLANET. PLEASE stop this madness!! Instead of the world powers spending trillions of dollars on war it should be spent on containing fukushima. Or soon we wont have a world that is even worth fighting over. And all the money and riches on this planet will be worthless.

  6. The Japanese have dumping contaminated water for years into the Pacific. N0w they have the IAED permission? That doesn’t make sense. Why is the damage to the coast of Canada and the US being suppressed?

  7. The bar keeps being lowered. The ocean is the grand experiment and I agree with all the comments.Three generations later Chernobyl is unlivable for human beings. It has been nearly three decades and Russia still tests the offspring of children and find radiation in food, animals, plants and people. They are dying from cancer, thyroid cancer to this day. The children born during the disaster had the most horrendous birth defects aver seen. Most of them could not be cared for by their parents and lived the remainder of their lives in institutions controlled by the state. These children could not move, communicate, had tumors the size of grapefruit, webbed hands and feet. The animals that live in the area are all radioactive and the mutations were right out of a horror film. Now the IAEA are considering dumping the radioactive water into the ocean. Three hundred or more containers have leaks which could cause a hydrogen explosion like what happened with the hydrogen powered air travel blimp that killed everyone on board except for one individual. It was static energy that caused this and that ended this form of travel. Now the solution is to dump the waste into the ocean and see what happens. Russian has detected decades later contamination in food that is in the marketplace. Birds migrate, contamination leaks into the ground water and soil. When it rained more contamination. Fish do not stay in one location they travel hundreds of miles such as the Blue Fin Tuna who migrants to the North American coast. Birds migrate across the world. Plastic has killed so much wildlife and marine life and yet it is not radioactive. We have nuclear power plants that are old as hell housed in locations similar to Fuki9shima, on earthquake faults. There have been accidents and leakages in our own country. However, the powerful rich corporations oil, gas and nuclear energy have so much influence that nothing has been revealed in the news since the incident. What baffles me and why I am hopeful after reading the comments is that their are people who are paying attention but not enough. This is intentional and the Nuclear Energy powerful lobbyist provide campaign financing to our spineless, greedy polititians. Fracking and Nuclear Power plants are built where people are poor and disenfranchised. All over the United states there are cities and towns that are uninhabitable today because of corporate greed and the lack of laws to protect the environment. The Gulf of Mexico as well as Chesapeake Bay have dead zones as large as a average neighborhood. Nothing grows and nothing can live. We have a government that is run by corporations, and until American’s and citizens throughout the world stand up and say enough is enough. But first, you have to educate yourself because the mainstream media controlled by our politicians does not bring this to the attention of citizens. Instead we hear about the Kardashians and other self centered celebrities on world news. The only response you get from governments and corporations is so sorry. We watched in horror as BP had no clue how to stop the leak of millions of gallons of oil off the Louisiana coast. At night they sprayed more toxic chemicals into the ocean to break up the oil and under darkness removed the marine life that was destroyed. Mother Nature is amazing but it cannot keep up with the absolute lack of care for the planet. First the wealthy corporations stole every resource they could from indigenous people and now they are destroying the earth and our animals.

  8. I believe this needs to be more broadcast to the world as this is a disaster for all this world even down to Australia ,the oceans will be rotten, which will make our rain like acid and then our crops contaminated so unless they clean up and stop this mess the entire planet will die for sure and everyone in it

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