via Japan Times / March 18, 2014 /  ALPS at Fukushima nuclear plantTokyo Electric Power Co. halted the operations of all three advanced radioactive water cleanup systems, collectively called Advanced Liquid Processing System, or ALPS, at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant on Tuesday.

Tepco made the decision after it found that one of the systems, called B, was not functioning properly.

Water samples from System B on Monday showed that levels of beta ray-emitting radioactive substances, such as strontium-90, only dropped to several tens of millions of becquerels from several hundred million becquerels, instead of decreasing to several hundred becquerels.

Tepco suspended water decontamination work with the other two systems as well due to concerns about similar problems.

With its daily processing capacity of 750 tons, ALPS is regarded as a key element in containing the radioactive water crisis at the crippled plant. However, due to a series of problems, Tepco has yet to start full operations.

The company aims to finish processing contaminated water at the plant, including some 340,000 tons currently kept in storage tanks, by the end of next March. To accomplish this, it plans to expand the capacity of ALPS. The government also plans to develop a high-performance version of ALPS that leaves less radioactive waste than the current system.

Meanwhile, Tepco has not decided what to do with water processed by ALPS, which still contains tritium, the only substance the system can’t remove.

SOURCE: Japan Times

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By Broc West| 7 Comments | News


  1. What a nightmare, how long will this disaster recovery take?

  2. Of course they know what they will do with all of that contaminated radioactive water! It’s going straight into the Pacific Ocean to contaminate the fish and ocean life so us humans can eat it to get cancer and die! When TEPCO was offered a 100 percent free shipping container loaded with enough of the radiation detox mineral to safely remove the radiation from thousands and thousands of peoples bodies, THEY REFUSED THE FREE ZEOLITE! Anyone that feels that they have been radiated should do a simple search for the one word Zeolite to learn how Zeolite removes both radiation and heavy metals from the body!

  3. Plans, plans and more plans…. shame there was no plans before this happened. Fuck the Japanese Government and its plans. Sack them all and get people in there with more than just plans.

  4. Barry, Your information is bogus.
    At least dig into it. You just make things up.
    Fukeshima is going to slowly kill the whole planet. Don’t eat the fish.

  5. My question is, Are there any lab work being done worldwide? The world need to be involved. I also see this as an opportunity for some scientific breakthroughs. We can’t just let this be. It would be like allowing your house to leak until the roof collapses.

  6. The decision not to build a concrete and steel reinforced container over the entire site ensures that the world will be held hostage in financing decades of cost overruns, shoddy construction work quality and labor practice violations.
    This entire astrosity is a criminal enterprise that has international mob signatures written all over it. The insiders will get rich beyond their wildest dreams, then abandoned the entire scam by dumping it onto the global working class to pick up the tab through a full management takeover scheme run by the Japanese government.
    War should be triggered to bring this deadly global crime under immediate international resolution. Everying else, is just more misdirection…

  7. we now realize that integrity is now dead in japan.. all tepco management must throw in the towel,and step aside..time is of the essence…

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