fukushima_groundwater_v2via NHK World / June 25, 2014 / The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has found that radioactive water can now easily spread in a deep layer of groundwater. It says it will speed up construction work on a barrier aimed at preventing contaminated water from leaking into the ocean.

The deep layer of water is about 25 meters below the surface. Water there was found to be contaminated on June 4th, when 4,700 becquerels of tritium per liter were detected in a well near the No. 1 reactor building.

Following further study, officials of Tokyo Electric Power Company found that the water pressure in the layer was lower than that of a shallower layer. They say this makes it easier for contaminated water to spread in the deep layer. They suspect the radioactive water could be spilling into the ocean.

TEPCO officials say the ongoing construction of the barrier may be to blame for the lower pressure. The work involves drilling into the deep layer. The barrier is scheduled to be completed in the fall.

TEPCO officials say they will take more action to keep radioactive water from spreading in the deep layer.

This will involve fortifying holes in an underground frozen-soil wall. Those holes go through the layer and are filled with pipes. The frozen-soil wall is intended to keep groundwater from seeping into the facility and becoming contaminated.

Photo: Reuters

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  1. Now that radiation is getting into groundwater, things will become more serious. Everyone needs to decontaminate. Our family uses zeolite, chlorella and Vitapect to reduce radiation in the body.

    • Water, air, soil, and food sources are being daily inundated with nuclear radiation from Fukushima, especially on the West Coast of the USA. @Vitapect Guru – your products are full of toxic isolates and petrochemicals, so they actually INCREASE cellular toxicity and inflammation. Not a solution at all, wouldn’t you agree? You have a concern, obviously, to help people be much healthier than they are. Check out our site and email me your thoughts.

      • “Water, air, soil, and food sources are being daily inundated with nuclear radiation from Fukushima, especially on the West Coast of the USA. ”

        BULL. SHIT.

        But I suppose making that false claim is good for business, eh?

  2. And now we have NY and their contaminated water supply with nuclear waist that has occured for over a year. I always thought they would Nuke NY City someday but not like this.

    Looks like they are trying to give the world cancer to depopulate us.

  3. F*** Nuclear waist ? ? ? ? its waste and if the people cant even spell it we really are a doomed species ! ! ! !

  4. LOL! I think you meant to write ” can’t “.
    And I think you’re right. It’s all very sad 🙁

    • … and ” its” should be “it’s “. More LOL.

      No doubt that correct spelling, punctuation and accurate proof reading are valuable skills but minor failings in literacy are common, and no surprise given the corrupted education systems we have on offer. So what if HXTR, or anyone, makes a spelling mistake; big deal. My apologies HXTR; what I really meant to agree with, what’s really sad, is the lack of education in general. Not enough people are being taught to think, to ask questions, (so) we just go along with what we’re told and unfortunately most of what we’re being told and taught is bullshit.

  5. BTW: HXTR is correct; this does look like a depopulation event…. Contrived, Accidental, Out of Control…. WTF… and WTF can be done (anyway)?

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