tepcovia Presna Latina / December 13, 2013 / Tokyo Electric Power Company admitted errors in the security system of Fukushima Nuclear Plant, destroyed by an earthquake and later a Tsunami in March 2011, reported NHK channel. In the continuation of public reports in this regard, requested by the government, spokesmen of the company noted that the errors in the cooling system and water injection prompted the meltdown of the number 3 reactor, one of the four of this facility.

In the same way the leading board of the entity, intervened shortly after by authorities because of the financial bankruptcy, recognized that such facts were sufficiently proved and generated a strong pollution in the area and in an extension above 20 kilometres away.

Facing this situation more than 80,000 settlers were evacuated from Fukushima, which still remain in evacuation centers with very few possibilities of returning back home.

Tepco was publicly questioned for hiding information since 1992 on the security systems operating in the nuclear plant that later generated the largest crisis in Japan and encouraged a wide mass movement for the use of atomic energy to generate electricity.

That crisis brought about pollution in large maritime and land areas in nearby regions and losses above 100 billion dollars.

Source: Presna Latina

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  1. The operators at TEPCO should ALL be jailed or better yet forced to work with the on site cleanup crews, removing radioactive dirt and debris from the site as well as all income should be confiscated and given to the displaced people….just to start!

  2. How does TEPCO plan to deal with reactor #3? If the containment core has been breached, how can it be dealt with?

  3. TEPCO are incompetent dishonest and out of their depth. The Japanese Government needs to engage with the UN in order to gettin global help in the hope of clearing up this mess.
    The way they are currently working will result in the global extinction of life, but hey the Japanese will still have their pride

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