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Japan and France to promote fast breeder reactors

via Enformable.com / May 5, 2014 /Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and French President Francois Hollande met during a summit meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris on Monday and agreed that the two countries will work to promote the research and development of fast breeder reactors. The Mon ...

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Industry paper investigates why other plants were not affected like Fukushima

via Enformable.com / April 7, 2014 / A paper published by the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum focuses on why Fukushima Daiichi experienced a severe accident and other nuclear power facilities like Fukushima Daiini, Onagawa, and Tokai nuclear power plants were not as severely affected by the earthqu ...

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Japan’s Nuclear Energy Policy Impasse

By Andrew DeWit / Asia-Pacific Journal / April 7, 2014 / 60% of Japan’s 48 viable nuclear reactors, are not as yet being considered for application to the Nuclear Regulation Agency (NRA) for restart. All of Japan’s 48 viable nuclear reactors are at present offline, and have been since Sept ...

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Tens of thousands stage anti-nuclear rally in Tokyo

via Channel News Asia / March 9, 2014 / Tens of thousands of citizens turned out for an anti-nuclear rally in Tokyo on Sunday, as the nation prepares to mark the third anniversary of the Fukushima disaster. Demonstrators congregated at Hibiya Park, close to central government buildings, before ...

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Safety screening sought for Hamaoka reactor

via NHK World / February 14, 2014 / Chubu Electric Power Company has applied for a safety screening for a nuclear reactor in central Japan. Such screenings are required for restarting reactors. Executive Vice President Masatoshi Sakaguchi filed the application on Friday with the Nuclear Regula ...

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Hokkaido city filing suit to stop construction of nuclear plant in Aomori

Hakodate city in northern Japan from Asahi Shimbun / February 12, 2014 / The Hakodate municipal government will file a lawsuit demanding a halt to construction of a nuclear power plant across the Tsugaru Strait, arguing that an accident there could have catastrophic consequences for the city. ...

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Preventing Fuel Damage in Nuclear Reactors

from allthingsnuclear.org / January 21, 2014 / Lots of people have lots of reasons for preventing damage to nuclear fuel inside the core of nuclear power reactors. But what is done to help meet this goal? The nuclear fuel for boiling water reactors (BWRs) consists of uranium pellets loaded ins ...

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