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Worst-case scenario thinking and Fukushima radiation

via Deep Sea News / January 23, 2014 / Why do some people hold fast to apocalyptic ideas, like Fukushima radiation, even when the best available evidence suggests that the world is not about to end? Confirmation bias is the term psychologists use to describe the behavior of testing an idea by sea ...

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Fukushima Meltdowns: A Global Conspiracy of Denial

via Global Research / January 5, 2013 / Does anyone in authority anywhere tell the truth about Fukushima?   If there is any government or non-government authority in the world that is addressing the disaster at Fukushima openly, directly, honestly, and effectively, it’s not apparent to the o ...

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EDITORIAL: Abe should confront the reality of Fukushima radiation leaks

via The Asahi Shimbun / Sep 21, 2013 / In the wee hours of Sept. 20, a strong earthquake measuring a 5-plus on the Japanese seismic scale struck Fukushima Prefecture. Its epicenter was in the Hamadori area in the eastern part of the prefecture, where the wrecked Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plan ...

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The Consequences of Inaction at #Fukushima Daiichi

via JapanFocus.org /  Sep 1, 2013 / by Andrew DeWit and Christopher Hobson / Japan’s searing summer of 2013 saw the lid slide further off Fukushima Daiichi and its Pandora’s box of radioactive and political crises. The company in charge, Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco), already Japan’ ...

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Water, Water Everywhere: Incentives and Options at #Fukushima Daiichi and Beyond

by Andrew DeWit / JapanFocus.org / August 16, 2013 / Japan’s ruined and radioactive reactor plant at Fukushima Daiichi has been an abiding source of concern among knowledgeable observers. There are a host of good reasons for this reemergence. As this Mainichi survey observes, it is now clear th ...

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Pump and pray: #Tepco might have to pour water on #Fukushima wreckage forever

via RT.com  /  by Prof. Christopher Busby / August 9, 2013 / Fukushima is a nightmare disaster area, and no one has the slightest idea what to do. The game is to prevent the crippled nuclear plant from turning into an “open-air super reactor spectacular” which would result in a hazardous, m ...

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Op-ed: Fukushima Slugfest — Japan’s New Nuclear Regulation Authority

Shunichi Tanaka, chairman of the Nuclear Regulation Authority, addresses employees of the NRA secretariat during an inaugural ceremony in Tokyo, Sept. 19. (Yusaku Kanagawa) by James Conca / via Forbes / October 9, 2012 / No one wants to make a decision on nuclear power in Japan. This is no ...

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