rosatomvia / July 8, 2015 / Russian experts will begin in early 2016 construction of a demo water treatment plant to decontaminate dangerous radioactive isotopes in Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant, Atomproekt, the company in charge of the project said Wednesday.

Atomproekt, part of Russia’s nuclear product and service provider Rosatom Corporation, has forwarded working construction documents on a demo tritium treatment plant to Rosatom and subsidiary RosRAO, the company said in a statement.

According to Atomproekt’s statement, the prepared documentation concerns land resettlement, architectural solutions, process piping, ventilation and electrical systems.

Radiation leaks were caused by a March 2011 partial meltdown of three of Fukushima’s six nuclear reactors, triggered by a destructive tsunami resulting from a powerful earthquake. Since that time tritium-contaminated water has been contained in above-ground tanks.

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  1. un hun sure /

  2. This is all well and good for the site, and congratulations for getting the contract… but what about all the radiation in the environment of Fukushima and the people being urged to go back there to live?
    Tritium half life 12 years, open reactors still steaming and gamma radiation coming off it into the open air all the time, the whole area is still so dangerous.
    Bioremediation and filtering of all drinking water is an urgent necessity.
    Recipe for a baked filter ball to put in your water tank or water filter.
    30% oyster grit crushed fine
    30% zeolite (water retention granules at hardware store)
    30% clay.
    Bake in oven or preferably fire in a kiln.
    Weigh baked balls after being soaked in water for 24 hours and place in water filter unit or water tank.
    When the balls are 50% increased in weight (3 to 6 months) replace with others.
    Oyster shells capture all soluble heavy metals within 30 minutes exposure
    Zeolite captures particulant heavy metals
    The baked or fired clay balls hold them together so they are retrievable.
    Charcoal capture particulant and some soluble heavy metals, but not as efficiently as the oyster shells.
    Any other sea shells placed in your water cooler or tank will also capture some soluble heavy metals.
    Some starfish are titanium plated and shiny because they are so efficient at mining titanium from seawater.
    This recipe is originally from FFTC Taiwan to clean up pollution from aquaculture.
    Also oyster and mussel shells can be added to stormwater pits to catch heavy metal run off from roads, and prevent it entering groundwater, estuaries, rivers, ocean.
    Because the whole planet is more than twice as radioactive as it used to be, and we’re all stuck with the consequences.
    Cheers Helen

  3. Just a hell of a way to boil water ? And pay to squash safe reliable more powerful natual energy.

  4. It’s my understanding that millions of gallons of radioactive water continues to pour into the Pacific ocean daily and that it is causing death and illness to animals living in the ocean. I would hope and pray that this would put a stop to that, perhaps then the ocean wouldn’t die.

  5. Who is going to clean up the ocean?

    • We can.

  6. What is the great nation of the United States doing in the meantime?
    Busy preventing another terroristic threat perhaps? Spying on the world perhaps?
    I think we’d better get our priorities straight on this matter or in another 4 years it really won’t matter will it.

    • Actually, the US has offered help, but the Japanese government has flatly refused it. They know that there’s something bad going on there but don’t want the negative publicity so they aren’t letting anyone from a semi-credible country in to assess the situation.

  7. Too little, way to late, yet world leaders are silent on the issue. The Pacific gets destroyed more and more dialy, but people are too worriedd in the US, about getting welfare, foodstamps, housing, student aid, healthcare, than they are about the long term effects this disaster will have on our ocean and world. But who cares right?

    Pass the blame, let another generation suffer for the ignorance of the past, and we’ll see a massive skyrocket in cancer and related illnesses from this devastation for years to come. But we got free health care right? Where are the dems that would be shouting from rooftops of such a thing, if an opposing party were in power? Where are republicans bringing up the issue, to ensure our people are protected? Our country has been destroyed from within, is worthless, and a POS, if we hold other governments accountable when they polute the world.

    Dems and Repubs work for the same worthless system and end goals. It’s time people woke up to that, stopped watching Fox and NBC, and take it for what it really is… a system setup to make people more reliant on the government, less self sustainable, and susceptible to atrocities directly associated with abuse of power, authority and all types of justice. Get back in that bread line, sir, and be a good little citizen. Keep watching those hand selected candidates that were chosen to be the next leaders.

    Keep listening to debates and polls twisted by the same people who stole billions of dollars from each of us for war profiteering and filling their own pockets. Go to those poll booths and act like you really have a choice. There is no choice, just the candidates that are so close you can barely tell the difference in policy.

    Move along, nothing to see here….

  8. i think the japanese should let ALL country s help

  9. This should be on every world gathering agenda, as a priority. If we were to have another disaster anywhere world, we would still not know how to stop it from spilling into mutual waters, let alone the people testing the future of contaminated areas…how are the animals doing, plants and off spring….?

  10. I think this is best summed up with this very famous quote:

    “I feel very good about the Russians and their capabilities in handling these delicate and technologically challenging situations. They have a great track record when it comes to these things. Corruption is such a non-issue there. I’m happy with this.”

    -No one; ever, in the history of the modern world

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