fukushima-apocalyptic-interviewvia Japan Times / June 10, 2015 / The government and Tokyo Electric Power Co. are planning to push back the start of removing spent fuel at the wrecked Fukushima No. 1 nuclear complex by two to three years from the current schedule, according to government sources.

Under an envisioned revised road map for decommissioning reactors 1 to 4 at the plant, which was ravaged by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, work to begin removing the spent fuel from the No. 3 pool is expected to be delayed until fiscal 2017, the sources said Tuesday. Originally that work was to begin in the first half of fiscal 2015.

Removal work on the Nos. 1 and 2 pools, which was supposed to begin in fiscal 2017, is now expected to start in fiscal 2020.

There is no change to the overall timeline for decommissioning the plant within 30 to 40 years after the nuclear calamity, according to the sources.

The government is expected to hold a Cabinet meeting as early as Friday to officially reflect the changes in the road map.

The government and Tepco, the plant operator are moving to revise the road map for the first time since June 2013. They apparently believe the existing plan has placed too much priority on speeding up decommissioning efforts and put a heavy burden on workers at the complex.

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  1. no comment

  2. Does this signify the end of the world?

  3. Hello there,

    Its hard to know what exactly is still going on. Do you know if radio active/ nuclear material is still leaking into the Pacific Ocean? That’s my main concern and question.. Thank you for doing all this research.



  4. This requires dealing with immediately. Have the Japanese got the courage and expertise. Make
    that decision. If the answer is no. Allow qualified personnel in, to deal with the problem.
    Deal with it. Now! It’s poisoning my planet.

    This requires dealing with Now !!! Do the Japanese people have the courage and expertise.
    if the answer is no. Allow qualified personnel in. Give those people what is required, manpower,
    materials et-cetera et-cetera.
    Do it. Now !!!

  5. this is not a private issue, you must get outside help since you obviously are not capable of fixing this poisonous disaster yourselves. this affects the whole world. you are not allowed to waste any time fixing this reactor. it is not an option to put this off any longer for financial or ego related reasons.

  6. IF the 4th reactor were to go down….which there is a 98% chance of happening. It will ruin what is left of earth, making most of it uninhabitable. Because you decided not to get outside help, or start plugging the reactors with concrete, the chance of the fouth reactor going down and runing Earth is high. Get some help, because it is not going to get better until you get people to start helping you. Make people aware that radiation is killing off the West coast. Stop covering up your mess, deal with your mess instead.

  7. For a nation that prides itself on national cohesion and spiritual shinto, this is a disgrace.The japanese government refuses to step in. It refuses to let the West solve the problem. It keeps people in the dark. Instead a privatized company with limited resources and obessed with share price and executive cover up is left in charge.
    This is not a large island…they need the land.
    This makes the Soviet response to Chernobyl look responsible and happy…

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