via EX-SKF / January 18, 2014 / TEPCO released the video which was being taken by the robot on the first floor of Reactor 3 and which was being monitored by a TEPCO employee who noticed the water.

The flow looks significant and fast.

From TEPCO’s photos and video library, 1/18/2014:

Location of the MSIV Room:


Radiation levels on the 1st floor of Reactor 3, from yesterday’s post:

The main steam isolation valve (MSIV) is one of the two most important safety systems in a nuclear reactor (the other one being the control rod drive mechanism). It seals off the water/steam from the Pressure Vessel in case of an emergency (like a big earthquake). This MSIV system is not supposed to fail.


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  1. And Japan would allow these bunglers to activate and operate another Nuke plant before they clean up their first four disasters….are they INSANE!!?

  2. OMG!!!!!
    Our Geiger counter says we are being fried here on the west coast!
    34 cpm!!!!
    Looks like time to evacuate everywhere west of the Rockies!

  3. The answer is:

  4. Insane…. Indeed. It would seem that a constant desire for profits at any cost increases insanity exponentially.

  5. This crises can not be put on the back pages of the daily newspapers. This is a all hands on deck emergency that the entire world needs to throw all of it’s technology and resources into today. As, has been stated before, at the end of the day, nuclear power plants give you the gift that keep on giving. It’s called radioactive material. It’s main objective is to kill all life that get’s into it’s way. Let’s put all the disagreements that are going on in the world today, on the back burner and fix this mess in Fukushima, if it’s not to late to do so. God hep us all. Be prepared. Southern Patriot

  6. I find it hard to conceptualize the rate of flow, as there is nothing in the frame which provides a clear size reference. How big is the drain? Is the blue tub fifty liters?

    Still, as I operated an aquaculture farm for many years, I’m better than average at estimating flows. I’ll give it a shot and call it three liters a second, or a quarter million liters a day. Where is it coming from? Are they pumping it in to cool the core? Surely they must then realize that an equal amount of water is pouring out.

    It’s going to take a lot of tanks to hold all that water. For those who are metrically challenged and can’t visualize it, that would be about 74 acre feet a year, meaning an eight foot high tank would have to cover over nine acres to hold a year’s worth of leakage. The only conclusion I can draw is that only a small fraction of the contaminated water leaking from these plants is being captured.

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