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Although there are so many people to suffer from nosebleeds, diarrhea, fatigue or coughing,it has been denied, bashed, and labeled as harmful rumor.

A twitter user made a map to put each low dose symptom into Japanese map.

You see the obvious link with Fukushima.

It also looks similar to radiation maps of the region.

Control: location of bone fracture cases, which can have nothing to do with Fukushima accident

Nosebleeds: Obviously Fukushima has the highest number of the cases.

Diarrhea: Looks a lot like the nosebleed map. You can deny the possibility that the diarrhea was caused of stress of Tsunami and earthquake because Iwate ken shows the same level of Niigata ken, which has nothing to do with Tsunami and earthquake.

The three prefectures south to Fukushima,Gunma,Tochigi,Ibaraki are all hot spots.

Sore throat


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