Virtual Reality To Be Used To Help Decommission Fukushima Plant

By Takuya Isayama / Asahi Shimbun / January 7, 2016 / A virtual reality system here that will assist in the decommissioning of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant is preparing for full-scale operations this spring. Located at the Naraha Remote Technology Development Center, the sy ...

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EU Due To Start Easing Restrictions On Food Imports From Fukushima

via Japan Times / January 9, 2016 / The European Union will start easing restrictions Saturday (Jan 9)  imposed on Japanese food imports over the Fukushima nuclear disaster, including vegetables and beef produced in the prefecture, the farm ministry said. Tsuyoshi Takagi, Cabinet minister in ...

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Fukushima Myth: Declassified Fuel Releases (video)

via Goddard's Journal / January 1, 2016 / SOURCES USED: Story that declassified documents reveal 100% fuel loss from Fukushima Unit 4 spent fuel pool (SFP): Time-framed Google search shows inundation of mostly alt-media sources with the bogus ...

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Fukushima Thyroid Cancer?

via Goddard's Journal / October 22, 2015 / Study critiqued Tsuda et al. (2015). Thyroid Cancer Detection by Ultrasound Among Residents Ages 18 Years and Younger in Fukushima, Japan: 2011 to 2014. Epidemiology. Oct 5. Contrary opinion of Fukushima Medical Univ ...

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The Fukushima Disaster Was Preventable

via / September 28, 2015 / The worst nuclear disaster since the 1986 Chernobyl meltdown never should have happened, according to a new study. In Philosophical Transactions A of the Royal Society, researchers Costas Synolakis of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering and Utku Kâno ...

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Fukushima: The World’s Never Seen Anything Like This

via / September 30, 2015 / The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant No. 2 nuclear reactor fuel is missing from the core containment vessel. (Source: Up to 100% of No. 2 Reactor Fuel May Have Melted, NHK World News, Sept. 25, 2015.) Where did it go? Nobody knows. Not only t ...

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Japanese Govt and IAEA Ignore Radiation Risks to Coastal Population

via / September 28, 2015 / Radiation can be carried long distances by marine currents, concentrated in sediments, and carried in sea spray 16km or more inland, writes Tim Deere-Jones. So Fukushima poses a hazard to coastal populations and any who eat produce from their farms. So ...

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