ourradiactiveoceanvia Our Radioactive Ocean / January 28, 2014 /The first results from seawater samples come from La Jolla and Point Reyes, Calif., and Grayland and Squium, Wash. Four samples from these three locations show no detectable Fukushima cesium. We know this because Fukushima released equal amounts of two isotopes of cesium: the shorter-lived cesium-134 isotope (half-life of 2 years) and the longer-lived cesium-137 (half-life of 30 years). Cesium-137 was found at levels of 1.5 Bq per cubic meter (Bq/m3), but this was already detectable prior to releases at Fukushima and came primarily from nuclear weapons testing in the Pacific during the 1950s and 1960s.

This so-called “negative” result has two immediate implications. First there should be no health concerns associated with swimming in the ocean as a result of Fukushima contaminants by themselves or as a result of any additional, low-level radioactive dose received from existing human and natural sources of radiation in the ocean (existing levels of cesium-137 are hundreds of times less than the dose provided by naturally occurring potassium-40 in seawater).

Secondly, and just as important from a scientific perspective, the results provide a key baseline from the West Coast prior to the arrival of the Fukushima plume. Models of ocean currents and cesium transport predict that the plume will arrive along the northern sections of the North American Pacific Coast (Alaska and northern British Columbia) sometime in the spring of 2014 and will arrive along the Washington, Oregon, and California coastline over the coming one to two years. The timing and pattern of dispersal underscores the need for samples further to the north, and for additional samples to be collected every few months at sites up and down the coast.

For this reason, we are also pleased to report that funds are already in hand to continue sampling at both the La Jolla and Pt. Reyes locations thanks to the foresight and generous donations of the groups who volunteered to adopt these sites. We expect levels of cesium-134 to become detectable in coming months, but the behavior of coastal currents will likely produce complex results (changing levels over time, arrival in some areas but not others) that cannot be accurately predicted by models. That is why ongoing support for long-term monitoring is so critical, now and in the future.

SOURCES: Our Radioactive Ocean and Deep Sea News

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  1. Is it possible that Japan did this on purpose in retaliation for the nuclear massacres perpetrated by the United States on its soil? Could this be a way to reclaim their lost honor?

    • If anyone did it , it was us with HARP . David Ike has a good conspiracy theory on this. Before the explosions occurred there were cameras and sensors installed that resembled nuclear devices. The company that installed them was an Israel company who is the biggest nuclear weapons manufacturer in Israel . There’s a bunch of stuff , the flashes before the tsunami , plus at the time japan rejected a deal that we had made. Some say that’s what made the higher ups use HARP to create the earth quake . It was produced in a key position , but of course this is all conspiracy theory’s . Pretty interesting though .

  2. What about Hawaii?? What is happening there?

    • People are surfing and loving life , that’s what is happening . Stress kills you faster than cancer. Love your family and freinds , maybe even become spiritual ,
      . Life is short as it is , be a good person. Were gonna die anyways , don’t live in a shell because of you tube channels trying to make hits . This site has legit un biased news. Fukushima is the worst in history , but honestly there is no technology known to man that can fix it. Move to South America and you might be safe . If not then just eat healthy and be a good person. Your body and spirit will thank you .

      • Are we not as a humanity stewards to this (once) great planet…………….. from your perspective “apathy” is alive and well. This planet is dying and to me this is very obvious. BTW don’t expect mainstream media for any truth on this one because it will not be coming anytime soon. “Crying parents tell their children” if you survive don’t do as we did. The fixx………

        • Hey Roger, I don’t think it’s apathy…. just weariness – and occasionally it’s right to see the inevitability of life and death in perspective AND to use that as a way to “reset” one’s joy for the life we do (still) have.

          To put it in the vernacular: “Fukushima Sucks”…. all disasters, all of the malfeasance of Government and Corporations, all of the hideous and deplorable usury of the Banksters…. it all “Sucks”….. and, yes, we are the husks, the leftovers, we and all the rest of the “resources” are the unwilling recipients, the impotent harvest, the losers….. but where there is life there is hope. (so) It’s OK to be joyful about life, to enjoy life….. otherwise, without life and hope, how are ever going to see the Bastards hang for what they have done. I’m staying alive…. what about you?

      • Hey, NEWMEXICOKID – Great advice….I thank You!! 🙂

    • Supposedly it has yet to reach Hawaii. The ocean currents will have to carry it to the coast of California first before it turns towards Hawaii on it’s way back to Asia.

  3. Here is the text of an e mail I just sent to “Our Radioactive Ocean” – I’ll be very curious to see what response (if any) I get back from them:

    Can you tell me what measures are in place, if any, to ensure the transparency and accuracy of the measurements that will be reported? Pardon my skepticism, but given A) the long standing cooperation and collusion between the nuclear industry, the corporate arms industry, governmental agencies, and many academic institutions (including UC Berkley and the Lawrence Livermore lab) on a multitude of projects related to nuclear sciences and weapons, B) the highly classified and top secret nature of much of these R&D projects which inevitably requires many types of information to be deliberately obscured and hidden from the public, and C) the long running PR campaign waged by the above mentioned entities – along with their governmental and nuclear academic cohorts worldwide, including the IAEA and UN entities such as the WHO and UNSCEAR – to promote a version of nuclear “science” very much at odds with that of a large body of research conducted by hundreds of highly respected international medical research professionals and other academics, a history which clearly includes a coordinated pattern of misinformation, deliberately misleading half truths, bogus methodology and blatantly dishonest “science”, obfuscation, coverups, and outright lies – in short, a persistent history of propaganda intended to confuse and mislead the public on matters related to the nuclear industry, nuclear weapons, and the health effects of radiation – given this historical background, can you suggest why the public should take the accuracy of the reported results of this testing program at face value on faith?

    Considering the obvious indications that have already been telegraphed which suggest that a few of the key members of this monitoring project share the bias of the pro nuke camp, I don’t think there is any doubt that whatever the accuracy of the reported data, we can expect to get more of the pro nuke spin on it that has already been seen. However, there is something besides spin that should concern us all. I spoke to a German Biologist last year who worked for a government agency monitoring the radiation plume there in the aftermath of Chernobyl. She related to me how they received instructions from superiors to simply throw out the higher readings, and only report low radiation readings and a few mid level readings, and they followed these instructions.. The question in my mind is, what assurance does the public have that this isn’t yet another elaborate project designed to present false data as hard science? Are you asking us to take the accuracy of the data you report on faith, or will you institute measures to ensure confidence in your results, such as chain of custody security for all samples, and redundant measurements which include independent monitoring of tests and calibration of test equipment?

    • OK…you make a lot of claims about corruption and lies, but don’t provide any evidence for any of them, which seems odd for someone so keen on transparency and accountability. Do you have any?

  4. (1) Only a few test results, and not even in the areas where scientific studies believe the radiation will concentrate in the ocean, and Woods Hole makes a sweeping statement the radiation hasn’t reached us?

    That’s irresponsible, imho.

    (2) Everyone should read these headlines before they jump into the ocean, and then make the decision for themselves if they want to swim in the ocean or eat Pacific ocean fish:


    (3) Research ALL sources and ALL information and decide for yourself, and this is important to learn:

    “Nuclear Radiation: There is No Safe Dose”

    (4) Also note that Woods Hole received a large donation for another project from a backer of the highly pro-nuclear film “Pandora’s Promise.”


    • Enenews is the largest cesspool of misinformation and fear mongering you’re going to find on the interwebs. Do yourself a favor and keep away from there. Also, tell your friends the same thing…they don’t need to be beaten over the head by the mob-ruled loons posting over there.

      • ENENEWS is an EXCELLENT source of consolidated, aggregated news on Fukushima, along with a highly intelligent community of commenters.

        You obviously don’t have the IQ to understand that.

  5. Fukushima is uncontrolable ! That is the truth. Lies and leaks…

  6. Why don’t They just Bury the whole reactors in a tomb of sand? Also we do not need to have WWIII because Of this accident we are already Nucl!!! We are going to have detox the whole planet !!! The radioactive atoms will spread around the globe by the wind currents! I believe that The Harrp project cause the earthquake. They are the terrorist!!!

    • Because the geology of the region is nowhere near stable enough for this to work. Add to that the risk of spontaneous fission of a sizable amount of the material which could lead to another criticality and you have a recipe for potential disaster. There is a gigantic amount of fissionable material in a reactor core and that material needs to be dealt with in a way that works with the physics of the materials involved. Burying it won’t solve it.

      Also, this is a different situation than we saw at Chernobyl. At Chernobyl the materials separated themselves in different compartments in the basement, which stopped the critcality. At Fukushima we have probably seen what is called “melt through”. This means the materials have left the building and are now in the water table. Even if you were to bury it and nothing else happened, you would still have radionuclides leaching into the environment and polluting the Pacific ocean. The materials will need to be removed and stabilized to stop further contamination. How will they do this? Beats me. None of the so called experts seem to be able to figure it out yet either though, which is why we have an ongoing disaster. Sadly though, this is what you get when you build a nuclear reactor complex on the wrong geology and don’t take into account the REAL worst-case scenario. At least Chernobyl was far enough from the oceans that the most damaging effects would always be localized. Who the hell knows what the final outcome of this nightmare will be.


  7. WHOI (publishers of this post) receive the bulk of their funding from the “National Science Foundation” (the US government)….. with foundation and ongoing grants from the Rockefeller Foundation – FOLLOW the MONEY!…. not the rocket science.

    Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia (dubious at the best of times, but the are MANY other sources)…. note the quotes and the language; ie: Q. What does “prosecute oceanography in all it’s branches” mean? (search it and you’ll find some very interesting tangents).

    so, QUOTE:
    In 1927, a National Academy of Sciences committee concluded that it was time to “consider the share of the United States of America in a worldwide program of oceanographic research.” The committee’s recommendation for establishing a permanent independent research laboratory on the East Coast to “prosecute oceanography in all its branches” led to the founding in 1930 of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

    A. the definition of prosecute can mean: “to continue (with a course of action) to its completion {the implied meaning}, OR it can mean “to obtain or enforce by legal action” {the alternative}….. isn’t “legalese” wonderful?!!…. especially when you consider the “prosecution” of nuclear bomb testing in the Pacific.

    So…. make up your own mind…. just how believable are published results from NGOs that are crypto-government facilities?

    Perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle?…. please excuse me, I have a stomach ache…

    • Hmmm! Very interesting. Thanks for the info

  8. I call bullshit on this. An example would be the Marshal islands. Lawrence Livermore Laboratory as well as other groups of scientist have been testing the islands for decades. By 1968 the radiation levels had dropped low enough that president Lyndon B. Johnson began preparations to move the displaced inhabitants back onto their island. The US government spent years getting the island ready when it was discovered in 1972 that for some unexplained reason… that the produce and the animals that ate it were radioactive.

    Here is what the International Atomic Energy Agency had to say in their final report of 1998 “Permanent resettlement of Bikini Island under the present radiological conditions without remedial measures is not recommended in view of the radiation doses that could potentially be received by inhabitants with a diet of entirely locally produced foodstuffs”.

    The point being that the amount of radiation in the surrounding environment ( meaning the beaches, the ocean, the surface of the island, and the nuked ships ) is now the same as background yet the inhabitants can not return to their island because the plants and animals are radioactive.

    Let me restate this….radiation levels are normal on the island, on the beaches, in the surrounding ocean, and at the ships that were sunk by nuclear bombs, and in the soil. However, the radiation in the produce and the animals that eat the produce is so high that the governing agencies that monitor the island have deemed the island uninhabitable.

    Major point being is that the water there is safe too….yet the island is uninhabitable. Very clearly there is a dynamic at work here that is not understood. The scientist have stated that they do not know why the produce is still radioactive. They have tested the soil and it is completely safe.

    • Bullshit doesn’t describe what’s going on – what IS happening is called: BIO-ACCUMULATION.

      This is PERFECTLY UNDERSTOOD… has been for over 50 years…. do your research.

  9. Hi all who are not believing the reports on no fall out in Canada west coast area. Dana Durnford of beautifulgirlbydana will show you first hand how the fukushima fallout has effected the whole west coast of Canada and all the officials are calling him a liar and cheat.
    I personally traveled to the once abundant sea life tidal pools of Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island a couple of months ago with camera in hand. To my horror I found absolutely no sea life in any of the tidal pools that once were full of life. Years back from my many visits on family trips we use to a have a hard time seeing the sides of the pools because they were soo full of sea life and now there is bare rock only. Jay Cullen of UVic marine and radiation dept. denies that my pictures and comments have any truth to them and he has repeated this misinformation to all others also. We all are facing certain death and all he cares about is his job and pension like I told him. Not much more to say than do not believe any reports from the Gov`t or media and do your own research like me to find the truth.
    Sorry but we are all walking dead. You can that the academics and military for our loss.
    Ken Robinson

  10. RIGHT ON

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