caldicott_col1Dr Helen Caldicott is one of the most articulate and passionate advocates of citizen action to remedy the nuclear and environmental crises.

via / Sep 13, 2013 / Bio-accumulation of radioactive elements around Fukushima will devastate many future Japanese generations, while the Pacific Ocean is also being contaminated by leaking radioactive water. Yet there is still no good solution from the Japanese government.

As I watched the tsunami power into the reactor complex at Fukushima on March 11, 2011, I realized the world would never be the same again. No nuclear reactor can withstand being drowned in a massive wave of water without catastrophic consequences.

There were three nuclear reactors undergoing fission at the time while one, unit four, had just been emptied of its radioactive core, which was now situated in an unprotected cooling pool on the roof of the building, 100 feet (30 meters) above the ground. As the power supply to the reactors was disrupted during the earthquake, and the auxiliary diesel generators in the basements of the reactors failed because they were flooded, the pumps which supplied up to 1 million gallons of cooling water to each reactor failed.

Within hours the intensely hot radioactive cores in units one, two and three started to melt. As they melted, the zirconium metal cladding on the uranium fuel rods reacted with water to produce hydrogen which exploded with overwhelming intensity in the buildings of units one, two, three and four releasing huge amounts of radioactive elements into the air.

On March 15 alone, it is estimated that 100 quadrillion Becquerels of cesium, 400 quadrillion of iodine plus 400 quadrillion of inert noble gases (xenon, krypton and argon) escaped. Over a period of time two-and-a-half to three times more noble gases were released into the air than at Chernobyl.

Noble gases are very high energy gamma emitters similar to x-rays, which penetrate human bodies externally and, when inhaled, are absorbed from the lungs and stored in fatty tissue exposing nearby organs, including the gonads, to gamma radiation. Cesium and iodine 131 are also gamma and beta emitters which enter the body by inhalation and ingestion. But over 100 other radioactive elements were also released during the weeks and months of the accident and thousands of people were exposed to clouds of radiation. The damaged reactors continue to emit radioactive airborne releases to this day.

Luckily the wind was blowing east across the Pacific in the first several days, taking 80 percent of the fallout with it – much of which was deposited in the Pacific Ocean. But around March 15 the wind changed, blowing to the northwest and large areas of Japan, including parts of Tokyo became severely contaminated. Approximately 2 million people are still living in highly contaminated areas in the Fukushima Prefecture and elsewhere, areas so radioactive that similarly-populated areas were quickly evacuated by the Soviets after the Chernobyl accident.

At the time of the Fukushima accident an unprecedented quantity of highly radioactive water was also released into the Pacific Ocean. But it hasn’t stopped. TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) now admits that 300 tons of this water has been leaking into the Pacific every day since the accident 30 months ago and so far 270,000 tons of water has been released.

It is becoming apparent that the three molten cores, each weighing 120 to 130 tons have not only melted their way through 6 inches of steel in the reactor vessels, but they now either sit on concrete floors of the severely cracked containment buildings or they have melted their way into the earth itself – this, in nuclear parlance, is called ‘A Melt Through to China Syndrome’.

Because the reactor complex was built upon an ancient river bed located at the base of a mountain range, huge quantities of water flowing down from the mountains (1,000 tons daily) are circulating around these highly radioactive cores absorbing large concentrations of radioactive elements.

TEPCO constructed a type of concrete dam near the sea front to prevent this radioactive water from entering the sea. But the continuous flow of water built up behind the dam and overflowed into the Pacific Ocean. Each reactor core contains as much radiation as that released by 1,000 Hiroshima-sized bombs and contains more than 200 different radioactive elements, which variously last seconds to millions of years.


Source: Russia Today


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  1. Thank you for keep us informed and more educated.

  2. Dr. Caldicott,
    Thank you for this work, and especially this concise summary of the Fukushima Daiichi plant story. It is partly rational appraisals of the situation, like these, against the backdrop of the culture of denial and avoidance by some Japanese officials and international authorities friendly to the nuclear industry that led me to build the White Light Love Protection For Fukushima facebook page. I hope you find friendship to the page – there are far to few of us out here attempting to bring people up to speed on the reality of the situation we all face.

    In the main, however, I have been primarily moved by Arnie Gundersen and others’ analysis of the fuel removal problem in reactors 3 & 4. And that has spurred me to action.
    As in the bible stories, water is one thing – fire is another. For sure.

    To say it plainly, it looks like only a truly stunning miracle will result in those rods getting out of there without igniting a fire or explosion. Which, if true, means it is nearly an inevitability that we will see a significant gamma release into the atmosphere and into the jet stream. “A cascade of unstoppable nuclear reactions”, as Arnie says. Or even a “gamma shine event”.

    Given that there is no technology or precedent for the operation at hand,
    and failure and irrationality seem to be the modus operandi on site,
    I am hoping to bring people to an additional strategy,
    maybe the only constructive one left; prayer.

    Lots of it.

    Large numbers of focused minds.

    Unfortunately, we suddenly have the greatest reason to undergo the greatest shift in consciousness the species has ever faced. It is, perversely, a great opportunity.

    I hope we can transform the situation in Japan somehow.
    And minimize the consequences.
    I hope we can effect great global unity, compassion and awareness at the same time.
    I hope we can support each other’s work.

    Thank you, Helen.
    I look forward to following your work as we all move forward.
    I welcome any comments or interest you have.
    God bless you.

    Doug Randak
    Los Angeles (under construction)

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