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If there was any question about the deadly nature of the Fukushima nuclear plant’s meltdown three years ago, it is pretty clear now.

The levels of radiation in the area have set a new record for outdoor exposure, Japanese media reported.


n two areas, the tests found levels at 25 Sieverts (Sv) per hour and about 15 Sieverts per hour, the Tokyo Electric Power Company said.

The specific areas were a 120-metre tall ventilation pipe and at a duct that connects the reactor buildings.

This exceeded the last highest recorded Sv amount of about 10 at the same pipe.

To put it into perspective, two Sv per hour is considered serious radiation poisoning, while six Sv results in a 100% mortality rate.


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  1. So at what point does it get too dangerous for workers to stay at the plant? Is this indication that there’s a meltdown beyond containment? Time I start partying like 1999?

  2. It melted down beyond containment three years ago. Two weeks with no power at a nuke plant will do that.

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