decontaminationvia Enformable / March 18, 2014 / According to labor officials in Fukushima Prefecture, nearly 70% of the companies hired to conduct decontamination work after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster have been found to be in violation of multiple labor laws.

In July 2013, the Fukushima Labor Bureau found that between January and June 2013, 68% of companies and firms engaged in decontamination work were violation labor laws.  The labor bureau instructed the violating companies to come into compliance.

The labor bureau conducted another set of inspections which found 742 violations at 446 companies (67% of the total number of companies) between July and December 2013.

363 of the total 742 cases were related to the safety and health of the workers and involved violations related to not properly using filtering masks, dosimeters, or not conducting health checkups on the workers.

The Fukushima Labor Bureau said that it will give more warnings to the violators in order to correct their operations, if companies are continued to be found out of compliance then harsher measures will be taken including reporting violators to prosecutors.


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  1. TEPCO is using these POOR unskilled workers as Kamikaze’s on a suicide mission because thats exactly what they are doing! TEPCO does not care about human life whatsoever ! They routinely lie to everyone and the Japanese Government lets them do it which makes them guilty as well! Just after the nuclear reactors melted down an American internet company offered Both TEPCO and the Japanese Government a 100 Percent FREE shipping container load filled with the radiation and heavy metal detox mineral called Zeolite! There was enough Zeolite to remove radiation from thousands of people in the Fukushima area. However both TEPCO and the Japanese Government REFUSED the FREE Zeolite. This tells you how much they really are about the people they have poisoned with radiation! Anyone that feels that they have been radiated should search the one word Zeolite to learn more about how it removes radiation and heavy metals from the body!

  2. …Still spreading their love around…… shame it’s a love for Ecocide & Genocide 🙁

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