via NHK World / August 6, 2014 / The operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant says the damage to nuclear fuel in one of its reactors may be worse than previously thought.


Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 3

Tokyo Electric Power Company engineers have been working to size up damage at the plant from the March 2011 accident and start the process of decommission.

Officials with the utility now say most of the nuclear fuel in the No. 3 reactor melted through the reactor core and is now resting at the bottom of the containment vessel.

They had previously said some of the fuel was still inside the reactor. Their latest assessment suggests decommissioning the No. 3 reactor could be more challenging than previously thought.

A government panel investigating the meltdown had said an improper shutdown of an emergency cooling system called “HPCI” had contributed to the accident.

But the utility’s latest analysis states the cooling system was already dysfunctional before workers shut it down. It says a meltdown in the No. 3 reactor started at 5.30 AM on March 13th. That’s about 5 hours earlier than previously estimated.

It says most of the fuel melted through the reactor core and had dropped into the containment vessel by the following morning.


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  1. Worse then thought? The core is MISSING. Putting shrink wrap around it will only hide the fact that the cores ARE GONE. Fortunately ( for lack of a better word) pictures were taking of the true devastation that took place and no amount of shrink wrap can put this Genie back in the bottle. How much longer can Tepco ,along with the Japanese and the American governments, keep on lying to its “subjects”. How much longer till cancers start showing up in mass. It maybe to late to save the Pacific, but if the media, governments, and academia would stop treating us like retarded children and actually report on what is happening the maybe ,just maybe .we will be able to salvage something from this mess.

    • > the cores ARE GONE

      You seem to be better informed than the guys on site. Where have they gone to?

      > pictures were taking of the true devastation that took place

      How exactly did superman take those pictures? And when?

      >. It maybe to late to save the Pacific

      What are you even talking about? As if the Pacific would notice.

      • Yeah the pacific ocean is pretty much done for… there is a reason the japanese government was granted permission to block all media coverage of this event… the traditional methods of testing for radioactivity won’t work in this case as the cesium is water soluble… yep water soluble… in which it requires a test for iodine levels to detect it’s presence… hence the research vessel that left from alaska to test for iodine levels, because of the mysterious death of millions of salmon… it is a very serious event… i saw reports on a site that was removed in which the japanese public was testing levels around the island. The cesium had reached underground water supplies and by now has rendered all the water there toxic… HIGHLY toxic… what is the repercussions of this event exactly? well if we start to realize that since cesium is soluble in water and is best collected by living organisms it brings a haunting thought to realization as we watch a massive decline in the pacific’s underwater plant life which produces more of the oxygen we breath than all the plants on land… last i checked we need oxygen… lots of it… our oceans are the majority producer, ringing in at a whopping 80% of our oxygen… take that away and we will be buying air… IT IS VERY SERIOUS! hence why they will not allow coverage of the subject and created laws to do so… this event actually border’s on the line of what is considered a ELE or extinction level event… we as a public lack the technical info ourselves to help calculate the amount of damage that will be done and how we can prepare for it… which puts our lives in the hands of the rich people that just tossed a fence up around the worlds worst disaster to date and looked the other way with their hands out… If we knew the exact or rough amounts of cesium dumped into the pacific ocean then we would be able to determine a rough estimate of the levels of concentration by the amount of water and it’s solubility distribution. in which the figures we have heard of, “The Fukushima plant is still leaking about 300 tons of radioactive water into the ocean every day, according to Japanese government officials.” that doesn’t include the cesium and all the other contaminates that was taken out to sea as well nor does it point that they gave a lower figure than what it most likely is… at rates like that it is enough to kill pretty much everything in the pacific ocean in less than a decade… we are going on 4 years of this… really stop and think… it’s almost a half million tons or 500,000,000 lbs of radioactive waste spilled into the ocean… no big deal though… it will be okay they say…. we should be worried…. we should be informed… but it is so out of control we are not… this makes Chernobyl look like a dust mite of a issue… at least it can’t evaporate with water since it acts like sodium or salt does… it’s there to stay for 30 years or so till it breaks down in to nonradioactive barium… in which the barium will settle out to the bottom of the ocean and poison everything there for who knows how long… all depends on how thick the barium blanket on the sea floor is… take that as some food for thought… i am not talking out my ass, as i have done research on the very thing polluting the ocean and studied the oceans and their currents… actually you can watch the ocean currents live via satellite now days…,7.38,317

        get informed and stay informed! the media may not tell you what you want to know but there is enough information out there to assess things in your own light… by the way… we all should be panicking…..

  2. The Japanese government hasn’t been honest an upfront about the whole thing… straight after I didn’t have a clue how bad it was and kinda still is.I got more news from BBBC-news/CNN later on as Japanese media is too slow or inaccurate.Here in Japan doctors refuse to do a urine-test and check for cesium-137 or possible thyroid-symptoms due to radiation.If you tell your family-doc you are worried about radiation-risk or possible cancer due to 3/11/11 they kinda laugh your concerns away or think you are paranoid.Not to mention the higher rate of kids in Fukushimastruggling with all sorts of thyroid-diseases including cysts and malignant tumors… that ain’t a coincidence.Furthermore I’m in shock when I see Fukushima veggies/fruits are still being sold in supermarkets and school-trips to Fukushima are still on the agenda… I call it bloody IGNORANCE and arrogance.I’m a Dutch national living in Japan since 1994,Ive been here thru 2 major earthquakes <1995/Kobe and Sarin gas-subway attack also in 1995 and a couple of little quakes not worth mentioning but each time the media was trying to talk it down like Japan is still the safest place to live with a very low crime-rate but what about danger of Fukushima???

  3. To me, the whole Fukushima incident should be a poster child FOR nuclear power, not against it. One of the worst natural disasters to hit Japan in thousands of years of recorded history, took a direct shot at Japan’s oldest functioning nuclear reactor, and the only fallout of any significance has been the near lethal levels of uninformed, misguided alarmism emanating from ipads and laptops hundreds if not thousands of miles from “ground zero.” We’re going on four years now, since the original event, and so far the biggest tragedy has been that the people trying to clean up the mess and make things right have been unduly, slandered, libeled, and vilified by every means possible, and yet, every day they show up and keep on trying to put Humpty back together again. 50 years from now I fully expect the alarmists will still be expecting the end of civilization as we know it to be arriving any second…

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