Kashiwazaki-Kariwavia Asia One / January 15, 2014 / Japan’s government on Wednesday approved a fresh business plan for the operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant that includes restarting idled reactors elsewhere in the currently nuclear-free country.

Industry minister Toshimitsu Motegi gave the green light to Tokyo Electric Power’s plan, which involves pursuing the resumption of some operations at the huge Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power station (pictured) in northern Niigata prefecture.

The proposal also envisages the creation of a special unit to dismantle the plant at Fukushima which went into meltdown following a massive tsunami in March 2011.

Japan has 50 reactors, all of which are currently offline following the Fukushima crisis.

TEPCO has argued that restarting selected reactors at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa, the world’s largest nuclear power plant, is the key to ensuring the company’s survival as it battles huge costs.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has also argued that nuclear energy is necessary to power Japan’s economy, a divisive position supported by big businesses but unpopular among voters.

TEPCO must still seek permission from local politicians for refiring units at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa, meaning reactors will not be restarted anytime soon.

Governor Hirohiko Izumida remains critical of TEPCO, and has demanded the utility first explain to him exactly what happened at the Fukushima plant before seeking his permission to restart reactors in his region.

TEPCO, struggling with the cost of cleaning up the mess at Fukushima, decommissioning crippled reactors and paying compensation to those forced to flee their homes and businesses near the plant has largely been nationalised.

If TEPCO went under, it could deal a huge blow to the viability of some of its lenders, which would have knock-on effects in other parts of the economy.

Its failure could also affect electricity production in the economically-vital Tokyo area.

TEPCO’s plan also involves restructuring that would separate the company’s power generation business from its distribution operation and cut 2,000 jobs as part of cost reduction efforts, local media have said.

It would create a holding company with several sub-units dedicated to separate tasks, including one that would be solely responsible for decommissioning Fukushima’s battered reactors.

The government believes it may take 40 years to completely dismantle the plant and could require the use of technology that has not yet been invented.

If the business revival plan succeeds, the government would sell some of its controlling stake in the company to give it more managerial freedom.

The company is to dispatch some 500 experienced staff to Fukushima to boost its efforts to contain the crippled nuclear plant, where engineers still do not know exactly what the inside of the reactors look like.

Source: AsiaOne.com

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  1. So lets start more reactors and insure if we don’t trash Japan or better yet the World the first time round that we can definitely do it by doing this, it’s not as if we have any idea what they are doing in the first place……BRILLIANT….TEPCO CONTROLS THE GOVERNMENT obviously.

    • @Groingo; you are so right! Its a complete cover up, and also this website. Just watch the smileys on the reactor cooling towers in the banner above the website… My god…

  2. Just when you thought things couldn’t get nuttier! You think you might insist that Tepco gets the one problem even close to under controll before frying up more of the Northern Hemisphere with more of there incompetence. Clearly still clueless……god help us.

  3. While it is true that the disaster was deplorable, it is clear that tsunami don’t happen all of the time and it is clear that most nuclear plans will be either far from the sea or have no possibility for any water to reach its electrical components (which was the only reason why there was a disaster in the first place). In Germany, now, they are producing energy using coal, increasing the possibility of global warming. What is the most dangerous? Only 2 countries in the world have reacted by shutting down nuclear. In my view, that was a mistake. But, the Japanese govn’t and the media in general might be to blame for a lack of understanding of why the disaster took place in the first place. China is planning (needs) nuclear power due to unbearable conditions created by coal pollution. Lessons will have been learned post-Fukushima. There is no doubt about that. Re-starting nuclear power plants makes sense, if the authorities have put in place plans to address concerns. It looks like this has been done.

    • Mr Mare: Clearly you are unfamiliar with the facts: ALL NPPs are built next to huge bodies of water (the oceans, or vast lakes and/or rivers) – because this is the only way they can keep the “plant” cool…… and ALL the “mega litres” of water used EVERY DAY become contaminated….. NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE….. all the water then becomes TOXIC ….. FOREVER.

      Fukushima is just the worst of all we have experienced (so far), of the NPPs; no matter where they are; NPPs are really just a “resource” for the useful idiots: the War Mongers.

      Ultimately the Banksters, the Pathocracy and Psychopaths, who control the Military Industrial Complex and The Global economy seem to be “Hell Bent” on a eugenics program that YOU, and anyone else who cares to succumb to the fatuous propaganda of “Global Warming” and/or “Nuclear is Safe, Clean & Cheap” are willing to believe….. WAKE UP!

      If you truly believe the “Global Warming from Carbon” and the “Nuclear is Safe, etc” propaganda…. I’ve got a bridge in Sydney for sale.

      NB: Congratulations to Germany: THE ONLY SANE RESPONSE to Fukushima.

      • Well said!

  4. BTW: The latest from Fairewinds:


    NB: In addition to the FACTS that Arne presents it should also be noted the horrific pollution AND contributing factors re Global Warming that results from the mining and processing of uranium BEFORE it even gets to a NPP. Here’s a great doco that EVERYONE should watch:


    • Thanks for the Fairewinds tip ScottieGirl, it’s up on the front page now.

      • Dear Broc West, My Thanks to you…. I’m not quite a “technotard” (my term!!), but I do struggle with the “technology”…. anyway, I’m greatly appreciative for all you wonderful people who can 🙂

  5. what is being done to bring the harp controllers to justice,,,they caused the sunami,, what is
    d elaying the hague ,in the summoning, of the harp administrators……the illuminatti are still pulling the strings…..sweden and russian harp management will answer for this crime against humanity…journalists are stifled but the majority of caring persons already know.and we are watching these psychopaths….nowhere to hide. when you have no conscience IT SHOWS>>>

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