Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gestures as he speaks during Tokyo 2020 kick off rally in Tokyovia Japan Times / October 6, 2013 /

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Sunday requested more foreign assistance in cleaning up the Fukushima No. 1 power plant, where work has been plagued by the radioactive water crisis.

“Our country needs your knowledge and expertise” in coping with the aftermath of the triple meltdown triggered by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, Abe said in a speech in English at an international science conference hosted by the city and Kyoto Prefecture.

“We are wide open to receive the most advanced knowledge from overseas to contain the problem,” he said.


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  1. Now that Abe has the Olympics – 20/20 vision shows him that not all is completely contained. And that Japan needs a team of world wide experts to solve not only the cause of the problem, but the damage done in the last 2,5 years of neglect.

    He is no longer the Wizard of Oz who can make things so, simply by speaking the words. He is now just a man, who has been elected to a position of power. On an island, with all he loves, he now sees the true king of the island is 300 Tons of Nuclear Fuel. He has been mounting an attack, with equal parts of blindness and ignorance, I hope this time his words are honest.
    And he shows the understanding that help from the world, open and honest exchange of information, spending the money required, these are the resources that he needs to start a serious attempt of control over the meltdown and subsequent events.

  2. It is a disgrace that the tepco and government lie continuously over the impact of fukushima. It is the inability to accept reality and ask for help quickly before japan pollutes the whole pacific and beyond. In 1986 japanese refused the help of the us when a jal airline crashed in the mountains , because of face saving habit of a few over 580 people died that day. Today fukushima shows that the government and tepco still show the the same stupid behavior as a result of which tens of millions of people face death. Forget about your faces and let others at least fix the mess you had inflicted by building nuclear pp on earthquake prone soil. Get out of the way , commit harakiri , but beforehand let the international intelligence handle it, act fast and stop the covering up! O yasumi na sai!

  3. Why only now you go public and say that you cannot solve the problem by yourselves?
    Why minimize the disaster for such a long time?
    Maybe is because dolphin meat consumption that is affecting your brain capacity?
    In a country of natural borne assassins of beautiful marine creatures I only say that the levels of contaminants are raising in these animals.
    Once I was a great admirer of your country but now I have no more to say.
    Time will tell…

  4. All help is welcome, ofcourse also and especially from the USA. But we should not forget that it is American scientists, from General Electric , who designed and build Fukushima reactors and in their grave negligence forgot to make the cooling systems redundant as well as out of harmsway in case a larger type Tsunami would hit.
    Even with all their scientific credentials the engineers of General Electric made a very fundamental and extremely disastrous mistake, which can cost life on the whole planet, by building just a small Tsunami protection. A mistake a small boy would have noticed. “hey waves of 36 feet have happened before in this area, so lets build a 36 feet wave defence in stead of 15 feet!! “. If they had done just proper study of the Tsunami history of the reagon, the least you might espect from Nuclear engineers, they could and should have known the shear power and hight of possible future Tsunami’s in Fukushima Prefecture.
    And if there was no redundancy in the cooling system of the reactors then I think all present nuclear reactors of this type world wide should be closed immediately or core cooling redunancy has to be build in immediately in all of them. Yeezzz…

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