via Japan Times / October 21, 2012 /

The International Atomic Energy Agency and the Japanese government plan to set up a long-term research base in Fukushima to study ways to decontaminate radiation-tainted areas and dispose of radioactive waste, government sources said Saturday.

Because of the massive fallout unleashed by Fukushima No. 1 core meltdowns following last year’s massive earthquake and tsunami, vast areas of Fukushima Prefecture remain under evacuation. As of the beginning of the month, some 110,000 people were banned from their homes.

Through the multiyear project, the government aims to conduct field research it hopes will allow residents to return to the hot zone as soon as possible without endangering their health.


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  1. Until 2012 the global nuclear energy had 439 nuclear reactors. Under construction are 61 reactors. Two hundred reactors worldwide project. According to journalistic reports, the foudation of reactor No.4 at Fukushima nuclear plant are giving asymmetricaly. Until today presents a collapse of 60 cm. As stated in the RT information, experts believe that the collapse of civil works in cojuntion with the reactor and its radioactive cargo, but the pool of cooling spent material, also radioactive, will bring catastrophic consequences for Japan primarily, and so, for the rest of the world.
    QUESTION: How many nuclear reactors are now installed worldwide, with the appoval of the Nuclear Energy International Organization, on The Ring of Fire of the planet.

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