decontamination-cleanupvia Arirang News / October 22, 2013 /

Japan’s Environment Ministry was forced to acknowledge Monday that the decontamination of six towns around the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant will have to be delayed by up to three years.

The clean-up was originally due to be complete by next March, but has been pushed back mostly due to lack of storage for contaminated cooling water from damaged reactors.

The Fukushima plant has been hit by continuous toxic leaks, with the latest reported on Sunday after heavy rainfall in the nation.

The plant’s operator, TEPCO, said the toxic isotope Strontium-90 overflowed from containment barriers around water tanks at the plant.

The ministry’s announcement means more than 90-thousand people won’t be able to return home until 2017.

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  1. As a world citizen and as an artist I do really feel the urge and the necessity for an open platform where people, profs, scientists and engineers have an open and transparent view on the current situation with photo’s and scaled 3d drawings of the whole original nucleair plant and current situation. Solutions are urgent now and need maybe unexpected solutions out of the box. A site where everybody can bring their thoughts to help preventing a major catastrophe because it effects us all on this vulnerable and relatively small globe !

    In my opinion I wonder that if armies and civil power combine their forces it must be able to create a ‘dome’ around and above the plant so at least the first big danger for escaping wasted radioactive air cannot escape that easy when if more unexpected radioactive air occur.

    Second it must technically be possible on a short term base to inject or drill a tube into the ground just outside the plant with camera and sensors within to the reactor(s) and to see if the meltdown(s) of the most overheated reactor(s) has been able to brake true the bottom fenses of the concrete housings.

    Maybe some naive suggestions but time is vulnerable here and I am just worried like everybody else.

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