solar-panels-2-537x357via / January 7, 2014 / Construction has just begun on a futuristic farming project in Japan’s Fukushima prefecture. A combination farm and solar park, the Renewable Energy Village will contain 120 photovoltaic panels that will generate about 30 kilowatts of power to be sold to a local utility company. Crops will be grown beneath those panels in what’s being called a “solar sharing” layout. Of course, the biggest question on most people’s minds isn’t how much energy the project will generate, but whether it’s safe to grow crops in radiation-contaminated soil.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any easy answers to this question. Ultimately, it depends on a number of factors, from the way the soil is treated to which plants are grown. Adding potassium to the fields prior to planting will reduce the amount of cesium and other radioactive materials in the soil. Planting crops which are resistant to radiation and tend not to absorb it will also yield safer harvests. For example, rice grown in the area in early 2013 was tested repeatedly for radiation, and was found to be safe enough to sell on the open market, and one Japanese fast food chain is starting to experiment with growing cabbage and onions in the region.

While it’s temping to write off the entire effort as misguided or dangerous, the truth is, the people of Fukushima need the work. The region’s economy has traditionally revolved around agricultural labor, and the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster have been devastating to the local population. Even if it turns out the new farming methods aren’t safe or successful, being able to capitalize on Japan’s fast-growing solar market should give those who’ve been hit hardest by the disaster a much-needed financial boost.

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  1. Absolutely they need the work….. how else will they pay for their cancer treatments.

  2. Good use of science!
    Next, how harness the remaining, hot mess as a smelter for 1000s of tons of waste electrical and electronic machinery, making a disaster economically profitable?

  3. Fukushima is still leaking, spreading and growing deadly radiation. It goes where the wind and water take it. Decontaminating at this point is like peeing in the wind. In my opinion Japan is just spreading it around more in a premature attempt to decontaminate.

    • Dallas, i post information regarding this disaster and people think I’m a kook. When their children a family member gets sick. They’re going to wonder why.

  4. Did you know:

    (1) Germany is producing the energy-equivalent of 20 nuclear power plants with Solar Energy alone!

    (2) The U.S. is producing the energy-equivalent of 10 nuclear power plants with Solar Energy alone!

    These successes with Solar Energy are just one more proven reason that nuclear energy is unnecessary and obsolete.

  5. 120 panels isn’t much, would be interesting to see if they could construct it using automation or remote controlled equipment….it would not be difficult but with Japan’s mentality where it has to play master of its environment (not working too well eh?) they will employ people, falsify the safety information then deny medical benefits….all you have to do is look back at how they treated their people in WWII, they are still fanatics.

  6. Hello,
    One could build several huge BioSphere (check environments in Japan and grow organic food in there, and stop eating meat and fish, fcol.
    Stop Nuclear Energy – what will u do with the waste?
    Let the fossil fuels in the ground (check I think all these ‘accidents’ are test runs for possible scenarios in the future and that some people are considering earth as a lost planet, which it is not!
    There needs to be a massive oppositions to (future) wars and only this will make any future possible. (Please check
    See also Michel Chodussovsky (in French – youtube Guerre et crise economique)

  7. Well well, what a nice invitation to an invisible warfare area.
    It comes all from the IAEA.
    The IAEA invites people to come back to Fukushima. Wth kind support of the local and national authorities, the World Health Organisation, and the Fukushima Medical University. Irradiated ares will become cheap Land. Very attractive. This IAEA program means: Resettlement of people in irradiated areas, “overcoming” the situation by ignoring the situation, Rehabilitation means: Restoration. NOT of the people, but of the IRRADIATED land, into “normality”. Radiation is forced ON the people, INTO the people, by calling it normality, and encouraging the people to come back. This program is fed by the IAEA annual budget of over 300 millon EUR and by the nuclear industry.

    The same was done with CORE / ETHOS in Belarus: NO evacuation, but resettlement. Belarus got 72 % of Chernoyl fallout.
    We hear it often: “Cooperation” and “Rehabilitation”. Rehabilitation means: Restoration. Of the land. Not the people.

    They calculate cheap. Here is an example: The ICRP says the cost per person, and “rem” (1 rem = 10 mSv) is 10 to 250 US dollars. (ICRP publication 22 1973) BEIR 1972 page 69 / 70: Created by the National Academy of Sciences: suffering is “converted” in dollars. In the 1970ies the annual health care costs per capita in the U.S. estimated at $ 400 lump sum for medical expenses, based on $ 80 billion for medical expenses in 1970 (200 million citizens). Mr. Lederberg (BEIR) said that when allowed 1.7 mSv per year (mSv for nuclear workers 50 / a) is increased in 30 years, the total level of disease in the U.S.increases by 0.5 to 5%. 10 mSv increase 0.1 to 1%. In 30 years (one generation) causes $ 12,000 per head (30 x $ 400). 10 mSv per generation would result in 10-120 dollars costs (0.1 to 1% of 12,000 dollars):

    “The UN Rapporteur Anand Grover criticizes the use of “cost-benefit analysis” made by the Japanese authorities (following the ICRP recommendations) since such analysis does not respect the fundamental right to health of individuals.”

    Potassium against Cesium? Who writes such things?
    It is the other way around: Cesium replaces Potassium and mimics it.

    Just one of hundreds of thousands of examples: 80 km distance to Fukushima: “40 micro sv / hr = 350 Millisievert per year, that is 145 times the average annual external dose limit, It is even more than 3 times the Dr. Evil Yamashita Dose limit of 100 mSv. comparison: 500 mSv were are also equivalent of 1,7 km distance to Ground Zero after the Hiroshima bomb explosion. I think this area is irradiated with more than 3,000,000 becquerel of various radionuclides (Sr90, Cs137, Pu241) per square meter. Even pro nuclear ICRP standard suggest evacuation.

  8. Document research I entered into back in the Sixties and Seventies (relative to the fact that fluorides are enzyme poisons), not only enabled me and my fluoride-toxic family to learn how to reduce and/or nutritionally mitigate our medically-established allergy to fluorides (double-blind-tested) but this research serendipidly enlarged my frame of reference re the importance of enzyme-rich foods in the remarkable recovery of some Hiroshima and Nagasaki radiation victims.
    A-bomb victims treated in the U.S. and military hospitals (with only our “modern” Western methods) did not fare as well as those, some of whom were so badly burned they were expected not to survive who, treated in their own less-modern clinics/hospitals where treatment was limited to just bandaging and/or herbal (natural) medicines and where the family or friends of the radiation patient had to bring in the food and see to the feeding, bathing and personal care of the burn victim.
    Interestingly, even the worst of these radiation-wounded, treated only with these “old-fashion” methods (herbs, fresh raw fish and raw fruits/vegetables) –these patients survived better than those treated with modern medicines –antibiotics, antiseptics, et al (chemical-medicine) and Western civilizations’ processed (and cooked) foods.
    Fresh raw foods contain enzymes which are vital to cellular function and replication (healing). It is the destruction of the cell’s ability to biosynthesize enzymes vital to its functioning (which includes its own repair and maintenance) which radiation burns poison, denature and thereby destroy.
    A diet that is nutrient dense as well as unprocessed, i.e. optimally raw (for after all, cooking is a process), a raw foods diet will far better support homeostasis as well as the immune system –both of which are vital to recovery –which is the healing factor.
    With over 70% of the U.S. public water supplies now artificially fluoridated, what if the obviously-failed dental health quackery of public water fluoridation –the alleged poor-man’s-dental-care, politically established in 1950 (five years before the tests in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Newburgh, N.Y. were completed) because it was supposed to end tooth decay, what if water fluoridation has been contributing to the ever-continuing rise in chronic degenerative disease that’s been evidencing in the U.S. since the Sixties?
    Because fluorides poison/denature natural enzyme synthesis within the living body (the healing/tissue repair factor), public water fluoridation should be abandoned as just another in a long list (over 80+ years worth) of failed public health theories.
    An MIT study of several decades ago established the fact that fluorides can be absorbed via the skin (a fact now used since the Eighties in fluoride-base drug medications delivered by skin patch).
    And then there’s the little-known fact that, since the Fifties, fluorides are involved in not only the creation of more than 50% of today’s drug base (chemical) medications, fluorides (which are bio-accumulative) are also used to create GMO “Frankenfood” (man-made plants and animals) most of which are in the pre-prepared, convenience and supermarketed “fast-foods” and the drive-thru restaurants. For more info on GMOs visit and and a recommended read is the 1993 (third updated reprint) of FLUORIDE THE AGING FACTOR by Dr. John Yiamouyiannis (biochemistry) and THE FLUORIDE DECEPTION, c 2004, by award-winning investigative reporter (a former BBC TV producer), Christopher Bryson.

  9. This is a decoy. Its like they are moving the deck chairs around on the Titanic

    • Excellent analogy….. and (yes) the Band Plays On.

      Can anyone else hear the distant strains of Chopin’s sonata #2 (3rd movement, B-flat minor) ?

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