by Ethan A. Huff / / October 16, 2012 /

Though the mainstream media has long since abandoned the issue, the precarious situation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility in Japan is only continuing to worsen, according to a prominent Japanese official. During a recent interview, Mitsuhei Murata, the former Japanese Ambassador to both Switzerland and Senegal, explained that the ground beneath the plant’s Unit 4 is gradually sinking, and that the entire structure is very likely on the verge of complete collapse.

This is highly concerning, as Unit 4 currently holds more than 1,500 spent nuclear fuel rods, and a collective 37 million curies of deadly radiation that, if released, could make much of the world completely uninhabitable. As some Natural News readers will recall, Unit 4 contains the infamous elevated cooling pool that was severely damaged following the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that struck on March 11, 2011.

According to the Secretary of former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, the ground beneath Unit 4 has already sunk by about 31.5 inches since the disaster, and this sinking has taken place unevenly. If the ground continues to sink, which it is expected to, or if another earthquake of even as low as a magnitude six occurs in the region, the entire structure could collapse, which would fully drain the cooling pool and cause a catastrophic meltdown.

“If Unit 4 collapses, the worse case scenario will be a meltdown, and a resultant fire in the atmosphere. That will be the most unprecedented crisis that man has ever experienced. Nobody will be able to approach the plants … as all will have melted down and caused a big fire,” said Murata during the interview. “Many scientists say if Unit 4 collapses, not only will Japan lie in ruin, but the entire world will also face serious damages.”

Because there are 31 nuclear units of a similar type to Unit 4 in the U.S., the American government has been downplaying the disaster to protect its own reputation, alleges Murata. This is, in fact, the primary reason why so little has been reported on the severity of Fukushima following the disaster. The American empire, in other words, does not want the world, nor the American people, to know that there is the possibility of literally dozens of Fukushima situations occurring on American soil, should the right disaster situations arise.

You can watch the full 3:51 minute translated interview with Murata at the following link:

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  1. Over a year and a half later, and they haven’t done a thing to remove, reinforce, contain, control, dismantle, decommission, or in any way lessen the severity of impact on the environment, atmosphere, ocean’s, population, or planet in general. What the hell are they waiting for? It won’t fix itself, and apparently nobody is interested in fixing it, they’re too busy lying and covering up crimes and incompetence to do anything productive, I think we need to nuke them again to move things along.

    • @JOEBANNANA, Dear Joe, The situation concerning the damaged Fukushima reactors is by far more challenging than the average person can imagine. To begin with Joe, I recommend that you educated yourself with a basic knowledge of nuclear physics, organic/inorganic chemistry, the basic principles of light water reactors, including a simple description of the refueling process and the properties of new and spent fuel. Understanding the elementary technical knowledge is necessary before making judgmental comments such as yours. Be aware that possible engineering solutions leading to corrective/preventive actions need to be thought out with intense scrutiny before being implemented. You can be totally assured that scientists, engineers and other technical experts are racking their brains exhausting virtually every resource available in attempts to bring an end to this crisis. Nobody is “waiting” to fix this problem! EVERYONE is more than just interested in helping. The severity of the situation is not “covered up” so much it may be kept low-key for a variety of reasons not easily explained. My bottom line is: If anyone is going to get nuked, it’ll be all of Mankind along with most of the animal kingdom!

      • @Carlos, those are pretty words but the fact of the matter is I have not seen any proposals on how to deal with this dilemma.

        • They have come up with an idea to build an ice wall in the ground around the plant to prevent drainage out of the site. But how ineffective is that!

        • We better find another planet to live on . Sounds like
          We better put a dome over Japan . Like they did in the
          Simpsons movie. We’ve really fucked our world up.

      • No, we CAN’T be reassured that “experts” are hard at work. People are ignorant of how much danger is out there and they are countries opening plants even though a global killer lies idle and waiting for experts to fix it. None of us got a vote about populating our planet with nuclear plants. My vote would have been NO. There are too many forseeable and unforseeable dangers involved. The public will only be told what’s in the politicians and businessman’s best interest to be told, so I’m in no mood to give any of them the benefit of the doubt.

      • Yes, scientists are racking their brains, but tepco will not deal with a council or outside help. They are stalling still! They are too proud to admit they need major help and that the situation is more serious than anyone there admits/ understands. Even after all this time.

      • Carlos,

        You are full of shit. This is a complete cover up. This is a global disaster that has the potential to end all life on this planet. This should be the #1 thing we see on the news. The good thing is the rich bastards that are covering this up will die with the rest of us when this thing goes up. The idiots that built these plants should have had plans already for this sort of thing. But they don’t. Because the only thing they give a shit about is lining their pockets.

        • Cover up or not, the Fukushima disasters do not have the potential to end life on earth (or Toykyo, for that matter), any more than Lake Tahoe can potentially drown every living thing in California. The radiation (or water) exists in sufficient quantity, but the distribution of radiation (or water) to all those victims in enough quantity to cause fatality is impossible. Fukushima is a bad accident caused by criminally negligent design decisions, but not the end of the world. Lets fire the engineers and get on with the X-15.

      • Carlos,

        Wasn’t it a bunch of experts who got us into this mess in the first place? Their overspecialized approach as engineers and scientists told them that the plant was safe while they ignored environmental factors. I’m not saying they shouldn’t work on the problem they created, but the process should be transparent, so the whole world knows the dangers and could suggest possible solutions or adaptation strategies. This is a global problem, and a global brainstorm might yield solutions that lie beyond the limited imaginations of the experts.

      • The video has disappeared. Wonder why?

        I’m sure you’re right about engineers scratching their heads in frustration over the problem, but that does not lessen the consequences should a collapse occur, nor does it make those who worry about it feel any better.

        You are obviously well-read on the subject ;| You must be aware that there have been massive cover-ups since the accident happened.

        We’re talking about the extinction of all life on this planet! ‘They’ need to do something about it post haste. Even if it’s wrong.

    • In response to JOEBANANA
      Your comments reveal an apparent lack of the fundamental technical knowledge required in understanding the challenges involved in solving this crisis. Start with a basic understanding of nuclear physics, Organic/Inorganic Chemistry, A brief on the principles of light water reactors, including the re-fueling process, and the differences between new and spent fuel compared to damaged fuel. I don’t expect you to get a degree or anything, but until you have an idea of what the experts are up against, your comments only make an ass out of you!

      • Carlos,
        How dare you. I grew up litteraly withing a mile of the construction of the Limerick Plant near Philadelphia Pa.. I clearly remember wanting to spray paint a black skull and crossbones on the pavement on a short hill on the road to its entrance so that all the workers would have to look at it evertday on their way in. Being an law abiding citizen, I didn’t.
        Carlos- first idiots and evil people like you do stupid greedy stuff like this and when the chickens come home to roost and we yell you call us stupid. It is YOU folks that are stupid or evil or both. As Bill Mollison states clearly- evil is just rigorously applied stupidity.
        You should be ashamed of yourself AND your comments.

        • Eric Smith please grow up. If James Lovelock (author of The Revenge of Gaia), James Hansen (originator of Global Warming awareness), and Richard Muller (author of Energy for Future Presidents) all recommend nuclear power, then maybe you’re the idiot.

          • Nobody is even gonna bother responding to Shadeburst’s comment, or more accurately, I think the Fukushima situation is the one doing the responding.

          • do they support fission or fusion or make no distinction. I am an avid supporter for finding a way for fusion to work. I used to be a supporter of Fission – up until Fukushima that is… we do not have the knowledge, expertise, equipment and experience to handle a problem of this magnitude.. heck – the Russian plant was poorly handled as it was. I have been involved with a few situations were the experts sat around and did nothing except shake their heads saying something like this should never have occurred while others figured out and fixed their problems. in this instance I think that anyone that might be able to handle this being sidelined in an effort to downplay the problems.

          • UH OH! Maybe the fact that the “Monster” has been created and so far NOBODY has even a plan as to where to put the waste that costs mega millions more to manage than the value of energy it produced had been presented… Even us, USA, has no designated permanent HIGH-LEVEL waste depository. I guess NOBODY thought that far ahead… Maybe our children can figure out how to clean up the mess we made.. We got what we wanted, now you eat the fish, drink the milk and water, ohhh , how about enjoying a trip to Fukushima… I hear the real estate is cheap!

      • they shouldn’t be using the power if they don’t know how to use it and dispose of the waste .

        • they? You mean “we”?

          • Haha. IKR.

    • My question for you, JoeBanana, is why you bothered to comment when you don’t bother to follow all the removal, reinforcement, containment, controlling, dismantling, decommissioning and all the other impact-reduction activites that have been going on apace at Fukushima Daiichi? December 2012 status report – longish read, but indicating the breadth of activity.

      But clearly your response – “nuke them again” – show you have no interest in real solutions.

      • The time for “real solutions” was before they decided to build a nuclear power plant on a fault line. Or when they decided to put the back-up generators below sea level, right next to the sea. Redundant cooling pumps, what’s that? Elevated spent fuel rod storage pools? What an ingenious space saving idea, but doesn’t cooling water flow down hill? Why didn’t they just build the thing in the ocean? No cooling water problem, don’t even need pumps, no tsunami threat, that happens on land, and when thousands of gallons of radioactive waste water leak, it’s already in the ocean.

        • Very good insight. Perfectly true.

          • Isn’t it amazing how stupid “intelligent “people can be?!
            All intelligence….NO commonsence!!

        • Tru dat, Joebanana! I think it’s foolish to build such powerful things with out having a back-up contingency plan. Look at the devastation and doom we will all face because of this! I hate feeling like we’re F@$%ED!!!

        • Lets Nuke the bast ards ooorah!

    • Joebanana; Nuke them again? What and spread the stuff around farther?!! If the only time you can figure out what to say is when you are sitting on the back of a pickup with a beer in your hand please stay off these sites. They are supposed to be for honest discucssion.

    • Am I dreaming, or didn’t they say (lie?) that they were removing fuel rods from the spent fuel pool on reactor 4 months ago? There were happy pics of a clean, organized crew with a crane and other equipment picking up the fuel rods, putting them in casks and then lifting them out of the pool and putting them on a truck to be stored in a more stable fuel pool somewhere else on the property?

      • You’re not dreaming, but you are commenting on a story that was posted over a year and a half ago. A lot has happened in the intervening time, including many tests that completely debunk much of this story. Also including the clearance of much rubble and wreckage, the installation of cranes and cover, and the removal of over 60% of the spent fuel (to date) without significant incident.

  2. And i was worried about out living my retirement! there is almost next to nothing about fukushima in japantoday and there is not much news from other sources. this is very worrying as most people seem to think that the disaster is over. it was apparent from the beginning that meltdown had occurred and that the disaster was as great as chernobyl. if those fuel rods become uncovered, many won’t need to worry about retirement.

    • I am going into retirement too. After working on railway cars for year one can get a fully lead lined tank car that holds thousands of gallons of water. The term radioactive unit train, holding heavy water and rods could be moved to a safe sight. Other ways are pipeline methods. Tracks are easier to lay over contaminated land, than to dig underneath it. Trains have carried radioactive material in the past, and lots of it. The railways never inform the public of the chemicals going through your city, until recently due to the Le magnetic, wreck in Quebec. I don’t think the railways will tell the truth either as there is no way the public can prove them wrong.
      That is not being secretive so much as safety guarding the business from hostile people who may derail trains creating a danger. When two groups collide one does damage control. Either business is wrong not to give the information or it is right by withholding. This was not an accident, but an Act of God because people do not cause earthquakes, and should not be held responsible for actions of God. God has a reason for this we may not understand, yet being part of nature we are included in the incident. God has an infinite timeline unlike ours, so we worry about running out of time, when we never knew when time would run out.
      We are into overtime, people vs. radioactive rays. Nobody has fought a battle like this one, so strategy is very limited. God has challenged his people against their own most lethal power…the Atomic bomb. If we are going to win we will have to find away to move this stuff.

      • A little hard to read, but your native language is problably French Canadian. But I get your reference to God and his interest or lack thereof. We are all alone on this planet and need to follow the obvious rules of His game to survive. Our problems in modern society cannot be solved by scientists or engineers. Collectively they don’t believe in God, who has all the solutions. Mother nature can solve the problems too. She is subservient to Him. The repair/cleanup to Fukishima is impossible. The cores will melt further and further into the earth. Eventually, after 20 miles of crustal penetration, taking hundreds of years (?) the blob will joint the already radioactive mantle and be home. As to the pit and pipe created by this mass, it will become apparent that this will have to be filled (or not depending on the human condition). The oceans and life will be contaminated and people will suffer or die, but this episode is so small relative to the size of earth that we needant worry for mankind in general, just the ones of us personally affected. Lets just hope it doesn’t happen again. Oh, I forgot – Three Mile Island – Cherynobl. Okay let’s look now for the next group of pitiful engineers looking to fly in the face of God. If we really need power so badly, why not Thorium reactors ? Come on engineers !

  3. Why the American government has been acting so dumb, if there is no life then what the hell are they down playing???

  4. I was cooking my oatmeal this morning and thought…
    ?When there is a very good chance that the entire world can be (metaphorical) set inside a MICROWAVE OVEN…
    and man&its kind eradicated forever if there is just one natural disaster ( x31 identical plants in the US alone…)
    HOW very silly does a 500 million $ council set up to study/regulate it seem?
    END ARCHAIC NUCLEAR POWER NOW!!! We know better now.2012.
    Put jobs into Waves.Wind.Solar. More expensive?? first. cause they come with an unarguably valid insurance policy.

  5. Having handled quite a few fuel assemblies over reactors and fuel pools, I have some thoughts about this situation, especially given that it is described as having planet threatening proportions. First, the assemblies, now at minimum of eighteen months (and many much longer) out of the reactor, require significantly reduced cooling, and might be extractable from the pool by helicopter (particularly if the airship is shadowed by a metal plate fixture just above the assembly on the handling cable) and then placed into shipping casks. These casks, like the ones routinely used for spent fuel rods in the U.S., can be much cheaper under emergency circumstances, but fully effective for relocation and certainly cooling requirements, within some limits. A procedure and a grappling fixture are needed to grasp and carry the assemblies – air exposure is not a problem as long as distance and time constraints are observed, and some risk would seem reasonable given the looming consequences of doing nothing. Of course, I would never have signed off on the bone headed idea of elevating the spent fuel pool in the first place, but for sure, common sense and a tiny bit of engineering talent must surely be available somewhere today. Another thing, since TEPCO apparently went cheap on diesel backup, they might consider making a base hit by placing some water pumps at the pool to bathe the assemblies if the structure subsides. Just keeping them wet, with a little bit of convective and evaporative cooling from modest water flow would prevent a disaster. Any chance of criticality could be removed with a nice inventory of Borax on hand, until the more reactive assemblies are removed. I suspect that the efficacy of the grappling tool could be enhanced by sizing it to the pool rack cell dimensions and making a slip fit to grab the upper foot or so of the assembly once it has cleared the rack, making it safer to carry by air. Cable length versus radiation dose would be a routine calculation for pilots’ safety margins, plus of course, a meter. Fuel assemblies are heavy, but well within the capabilities of some craft. Orinarily a minimum of six feet of water is sufficient shielding, and the cable distance to the airship will not have to be density proportionately longer if inverse distance squared and the effect of the scattering plate are included. If this thing is so damn dangerous, then we ought to be doing this right now.

    • Stephen, you seem to know quite a bit about this … do you know if any SAFE way to handle spent fuel rods? I have long been opposed to nuclear energy, even though it was touted as being a wonderful energy source, because there did not seem to be any safe way to handle the radioactive waste. This technology has been around for a long time now. Have we figured out how to safely store, reuse, or dispose of the waste, no you know? Thanks, Donna

    • There is one thing people seem to be forgetting. There should be no chance of a criticality any longer. The fuel has built up too much neutron absorbing materials from several years of fission reactions.! Which is why they were taken out of the reactor, they can no longer under-go a sustained chain reaction, no criticality!

    • If it were me I would leave the stuff (used fuel) right where it is at, in the fuel pool. Not hurting anything right now and if it is not moved you do’nt have to worry about an accident. The only thing I would take out would be the unused new fuel bundles and ship them to an operating reactor that needs new fuel. In other words, if it ai’nt broke , do’nt fix it!! Maybe concentrate on getting some shielding around the reactors so the rest of the cleanup can progress.

      • Any thoughts onn the remaining three meltdowns(melt-thrus)?

    • Aren’t you presuming that the assemblies are in a liftable condition? Remember that the hydrogen explosion was likely caused by zirconium reaction in the pool, so the assemblies may not be structurally sound enough to lift out. Also, this great site contained a nice article with a link to a study indicating that the fuel would probably be fine if the water fully drained out of the pool. The danger according to that report was if the water only partially covered the assemblies.

    These GE General electric reactor design is from the USA, and was BUILT TO FAIL on the event of an emergency that required to urgently cool the nuclear reactor.
    All the safety valves where non operational by design, and could not be activated when after the Tsunami, the operators tried to cool down the nuclear core.

    It is not ignorance or incompetence, but systemic, on purpose technical sabotage from the conceptors of this USA General Electric nuclear generator.

    The emergency cooling valves engineering have been covertly manipulated to neutralize all attempts of opening these cooling valves to lower the temperature of the nuclear reactor in an overheating emergency scenario.

    There is 30 others such nuclear bombs plants in Japan, and over 30 in the USA. Over that, almost all nuclear plants have been located on purpose on seismic fault lines.

    The seismic signature of this earthquake does not correspond in any manner to the profile of earthquakes, but exhibit the exact profile of a nuclear explosion. This proves that it was not of natural origin, but was the result of a US covert operation of exploding a nuclear bomb right inside the deep sea seismic fault line.

    Almost ALL the Nuclear Plants in the world have been built ON PURPOSE on seismic fault lines. It is a concerted plan of destruction of humanity & life by the enemies of life that have taken complete covert control of our ancient paradise planet.

    The Illuminati have put these time bombs disguised as nuclear reactors all around the world with this on purpose secret technical sabotage.

    • This makes sense. If they are in control and have their plan, of course they will control the nuclear issues and allow to set off when they are ready, not when mother nature is ready.
      So they can hide in their protected hidden bunkers with their elite and be saved

    • “ASTRAELIA” …you are stupid. Totally stupid.


      LOL. The ILLUMINATI can’t hide for the thousands of years it would take for radiation to subside. This could be a global killer. That means all animals and people DEAD. This isn’t the Matrix. Zion doesn’t exist. This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard in my life.

  7. I don’t want to minimize the grave danger here, but the photograph is deceptive, in that it hasn’t been properly corrected for barrel distortion and convergence (perspective distortion), which make the structure look like it is about to topple over. Any competent Photoshop tech could fix this. It is also generally a poor quality image — I’m surprised the photographer didn’t do a better job with decent equipment. This looks like a snapshot taken with a cellphone.

  8. Based on the information it has received, the US- NRC ( Nuclear regulatory commission) – according to their audio coverage posted on youtube- – had concluded already the day after the disaster on 311, that all three reactors must have suffered a complete meltdown. THe first japonese response team tried to reinstall electricity already hours after the incident , but all devices were likely destroyed by a overvoltage from the supply line form Onigawa , that had suffered 2 or 3 line phase shortcuts during the earthquake .However the reactors were completely inaccessable for any repair already hours after the icident on 311 -due to high readiation measured by mobile cars. Most real experts call the proposition, the reactors would be “cooled since then” just a “lie” systematic desinformation , and all the reactor fuel must have melted into the ground yet late o 311. What they desperately tried to install since 311 was a substitutional cooling system for the spent fuel storage pools. On March- 12, the NRC sent a team to Fukushima with the main intention at least to secure the spent fuel storage pools those would cook up after about 44 hors without cooling. on March 14 and 15, Mr Edano still wondered and discussed abuout the black ( fire) and white smoke ( steam) coming out from each of the 3 storage pools, as if a pope would be elected. On March 16 the NRC team returned to the USA due to ” misunderstanding “with the Japonese team, which obvioulsy still believed ( just like the Germans did) the best case” : that the reactors would “just” suffer after decay heat. If so the reactors would have cooled down days after the incident. Of course they did not. After such a cmplete meltdown, fountains and geysers would shoot up all around the reactors. Fukushima reactors are built within a huge plate of concrete and the reactors themlseves are likely below sea water level. Thus they obvioulsy could flood the basement, what did not stop the meltdown anymore but maybe kept the upper parts of the reactor vessels and the containments intakt, so much of the radiation and particles coming up from the groud are luckily dissolved in water since then. after the explosion of R 3 and NHK team tried to fly on Mar 156 near to the reactor but had to returnin 10 miles distance (!) due to thick foggy steam from the meltdown taking allsight What more prove does anyone need?
    So- if reactor building 4 now sinks “unevenly” into the” ground” of a concrete basement that could withstand a 9.0 earthquake than someting else must have happened: Reactor tree ( driven wit MOX elements containing not only 3-5 % fissionable U 235 but also at least 6 % additional fissionable Pu 239 must have burned a hudge hole into the ground , where reactor bulding 4 now obviously could sink in or will even dissapear . They obvioulsy don`t know what to do or to decide as don`t even discuss about the option to close/ seal the underground holes with concrete (to pump in) . Maybe because this course might contaminate the ground water instead if radioactive materials dissolved in water could not surge up anymore. Japan has unlimited volcanic geothermal energy You just have to dig this boiling machines (lets say: the reactor cores without Uranium) some meter into the ground near one of the 140 volcanoes and you have electricity forever. Its the ” excitement of nuclear phenomenons/ roulette what once must have excited the japonese make the worse choice. NOW they have it forever. Was it SYSSIPHOS or rathert TANTALOS?

    • what kind of idiot wrote this. it is so full of non engineering text one wonders if he,she passed the 1st grade.

      • Educate,not humiliate.

  9. It doesn’t matter now when, why, or how these reactors melted down. All that matters is to keep the fuel storage pools from collapsing or draining. The whole world is going to be pissing Plutonium, Uranium, and Cesium if that happens. All the world’s leading nuclear engineers should be working on this problem. There should be an international effort to contain this poison before it liberates into the air and water of planet earth. That will doom future life on the surface. Perhaps that is why the elite are building vast underground facilities around the world. They’d just leave all the rest of mankind on the surface breathing death.

    • Well said Bob , at last someone with the sense to see what is happening … can live next door to me anytime mate …….

  10. i feel safer they put up some tarps on it….

  11. Building and operating nuclear reactors constitutes hubris and global insanity!
    What society has lasted long enough to guarantee electricity and cooling water for reactors and spent fuel tods for a few thousand years,not to mention a safe place for nuclear waste storage?Incredibly in the State of Ga. In the U.S. a new reactor has been approved near Atlanta -population 5 million!

  12. In response to: ASTRAELIA,
    You are on drugs!

    • The Japonese resüonse team published a note the day after 311 saying the overpressure valves “would not have opened und thus must been blocked”. Hours later, the reactor hall of R 1 exploded . The problem: reactor 1 – as built by General Electrivs back in the 70th, had no overpressure valves yet . Those valves were not prescribed at that time yet , but were later after the Harrisburg incident.Its not known whether then also elder reactors had to be equipped with those valves

      The overpressure valves would at least delay the meltdon for 30 minutes(?) . enough to start any emergency cooling process ( if available) .

      Also after Harrisburg the official investigation had no result. Inofficially its widely believed, that the crisis in Harrisburg was triggered by overpressure that formed in the reactors primary water cycle ( PWR= pressure water reactor) caused by fission products (radioactive noble gases).
      Noble gases form out especially by the fission of Plutonum such as in MOX elements.

  13. In response to HELMUT; More than anything, I find your commentary amusing and even a bit humorous. “fountains and geysers”?… Really? “Flooding the basement to stop the meltdown”??
    “Reactor cores without Uranium”? You left out the Unicorns and Cyclops giants!
    Are you possibly doing the same drugs as ASTRAELIA?

    • “fountains a geyser”would shoot up from the parking lanes ( or from anwhere elsde near to the reactors) that was the answer from an expert, when asked after the Harrisburg incident what would have happened if the incident would have led t a total meltdown (30- 90 min after cooling has stopped)
      I dont know how you understood this:
      Flooding the basement to stop ( better: prevent) the meltdown”??

      It is a question resp remained a secret what the operators did after the incident began.
      In an interview Professor Michio Kaku now said, that same time after the incident had begun one employee then decided to flood the basement (inlcluding the reactor core) with sea water ,allthough that was not permitted by TEPCO:

      However. if done so in a earlier state could have prevented the meltdown.

      There was no electricity available anymore at that time for electric pumps doing that. . This is why o I suppose the basement and the reactor core ( resp at least, what is called supression pool below the reactor cores) is situated (intendenly built) below sealevel.

      Nothing is known what could stop the nuclear reaction in such a melt. In Chernobyl the immidiately began to dug a large tunnel beneath the reactor core, Then tworkers had to distribute the melt out of graphit and uranium that came through onto a larger area what stopped the nuclear reaction ( lower critical mass) . Might be true or not- I don`t know…

    • “Reactor cores without Uranium”?
      Maybe, that I can`t express that all so perfectly in English. What I wanted to say is: Its the same principle; you heat up water , if you heat it up with volcanic heat instead ) you could even use the same devices (without the uranium) just digging the reactor core to a suitable near to a volcano. But Japan has already decided to built “windmills” instead

      You left out the Unicorns and Cyclops giants!

      Seen any GOZILLA yet?
      Cyclops are not known in Japan but origin from greece myth.
      Are you possibly doing the same drugs as ASTRAELIA?

  14. This looks like an application for cellular concrete, a rigid foam made with cement and water. It can be mixed far from the reactor, then pumped and sprayed to create a pyramid around and through the building. As a civil engineer, we stabilized several oil storage tanks with this method and looking at the picture of the building, it just seems like the obvious first step. It would stabilize the structure, stop the differential settlement, and ensure it cannot collapse in an earthquake.

  15. It is nice to have a forum to show off all one knows, technically.
    A prime observation, however, is who — who — has the wealth-clout to cause(d) the financing and building of radiation-poison-making machines on fault-lines, for which there is still no way to safely dispose of vast lethal millenia-lasting waste produced … now 70-plus years’ worth?
    Those irrational, evil persons and their families, and all who assisted, need to be named, hunted down, and have all assets summarily confiscated, and be permanently separated from the human race.
    Of course that would have to be done directly by the People, taking back the authority they gave in public trust to corrupted and ignorant government and industry employees.
    Then we have to fix the mess. Like, that’s going to happen…. : ) I’m just saying….

  16. Further to my last — after listening to Dr. Caldicott’s explanation of the entire nuclear energy situation, and the radioactive pollution which has already occurred, it appears most probable that nothing can be done to remedy the present situation, given the damage done and the ignorance and intransigence of the operating parties and interests So we might as well just try to enjoy what time we have left, being kind and helpful to one another during the coming period of extreme duress. Perhaps repentance and prayer by enough of us would help.

  17. It’s odd that this piece of baseless alarmist speculation is still running, after there has been so much evidence gathered to dismiss it. And zero evidence in support of it, once you get past the fuzzy-photo-juggling.

    Tepco’s third quarterly inspection of the stability and strength of the Unit 4 building is here. The most easily-understood measurements are the ones that show directly that the building is level by measuring the pool water level to floor distance at all corners of the pool.

    A reasonably current picture of Unit 4, showing the cleaned-up top, would be good. A photo from this year, not right up to date but not bad, is here. Persistently showing old photographs is misleading.

    The radioactive material in the spent fuel rods is secure and not capable of spreading across the world under even unlikeliest scenario. It has been two years since these rods were in use. Stephen O’Neal, comment above, starts to talk about the cooled nature of the spent rods but doesn’t finish the job; there is no longer enough decay energy produced by the rods to reach any sort of dangerous temperature.

    • @JOFFAN: (cited from this yahoo article) “A year and a half after the disaster, the pool’s cooling system has been fixed and reinforcements have been built. But TEPCO recently said the wall of the building is bulging, although the pool has not tilted.”

      Due to this report, the building sank already more then 30 feet ” unevenly” into the ground . Maybe the tilt is just very low, so one cannot see it on these images ?
      But- by the way (as you are the administrator of that site?) DOES ANYONE HAVE AN UPDATE ON THAT? This report is already 4 month old. What happened, what was done in the meantime?

      • The building has not sunk 30 feet into the ground, or even the 31.5 inches mentioned above. Possibly this is a misunderstanding of the tectonic plate movement due to the earthquake.

        The actual deviation of the walls from perfectly vertical was within the Japanese regulations for building a vertical wall.

    • Joffan,

      You believe Tepco’s explanation? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona for you.

  18. They should build a strong and very thick reinforced dam around the structure and keep it filled with water. They also need to have pumps that pump ocean or fresh water into the dammed area and have it on generators that won’t fail in a power-outage. Even if the dam should break, if there is enough water being pumped into the reactor, it shouldn’t overheat and destroy the earth as we know it.

  19. Comments above about the subsidence of the ground by 31 inches appear to minimize the severity of the situation. Conversation: ground sank 30 feet. NO not even 30 inches, probably the earthquake was shaking the tape measure guy. Dont worry about it . It is vertical according to Japanese guidelines. Duh oh. Come on. Don’t dodge the question.

    I too am curious just how is that subsidence now?

    All I know is 100 percent of Blue fin Tuna tested positive for radiation. I am not eating buying any fish anymore, with rare exceptions. All the fish at the local grocery are labeled from China or Chile. I am in Kentucky, USA . Why is no fish marked product of USA? Seems very fishy to me.

  20. Tell me, if your front door subsided 30 inches, and you had to step up 30 inches, you would put a step ladder at your front door to get out of the house. Imagine that. Would you think that is a problem? No? You would not call your landlord and say. “I have a small problem, come see?” If you owned your house, you might think about selling it. I can see you now, trying to sell the house: Hey, this house was built to exacting vertical specifications, don’t worry about that first step just grab that overhead rope and come on in. Wouldn’t this be a great place for a BATPOLE? Great for the kids. Buy them some Batman costumes and you will be party central! You can install a slide for your groceries, or hey, your wife could just slide in the front door just toss the groceries up in the air and catch them when you hit the bottom. You know subsidence can be a GOOD thing.

  21. If those buildings are capable of sinking how does a skycraper stay up without sinking or toppling over!! Think about it!!

  22. How about a series of steel poles pile driven into the ground around the #4 building, five metres out from the existing walls. The steel posts have large slots running down the sides. Concrete panels to cover the distance between each pole are manufactured off site with extra steel for work attached on one side. The completed panels are delivered and lowered into position, by sliding each one down the poles with the extra for work on the inside. Once in position all around the building, exotic boron/concrete mix is poured into the gap between the building and the first layer of tongue and groove matched panels, incorporating the interior formwork into the five metre (or whatever) thickness. As each section sets, another row of panels are dropped into place and the exotic mix concrete is poured to cover the new level of formwork to the top of the panel. Access tunnels, pipe and conduit entry points and doors could be incorporated if required. Any number of support legs could protrude from the lower sections to help support the building initially and flying buttresses could distribute and help spread stress across the vertical surfaces around the structure.

  23. If you choose to build the plant beside the ocean..Why not construct it so every reactor and fuel rod storage pond , is below sea level, with, containment walls engineered to withstand a once in a thousand year event.
    Have the backup generators and fuel storage, far and high enough away with earthquake resistant electrical connections…
    In the event of an unprecedented disaster as occurred here,,Massive floodgates could be opened,or even blown up, to flood the reactors and spent fuel rods.
    At Fukushima; they did the exact opposite…elevated the storage ponds and put the generators and fuel storage near sea level…

    • Either because

      A) Illuminati conspiracy a outlined by “Aestralia” above in the comments;

      B) The designers were just really k f*cking stupid, or;

      C) Every design element of the reactor and it’s buildings & systems were done as cheaply as possible, with only minimum attention given to safety and maximum effort to recoverable nuclear bomb material.

      I’ll leave you to decide which possibility is most likely.

      • COLINJAMES….
        Lowest bidder for construction. Therefore: C is my response.

  24. For those interested in reality rather than dramatic fiction, Tepco completed the framework building for fuel removal handling from unit 4. The additional framework will effectively bring the spent fuel pool “indoors” and support a crane and the movement of spent fuel to ground level.

    The operational phase is described in the document as “A work using ceiling crane will be started toward fuel removal soon after it is ready (scheduled in early June 2013).” This would be several months ahead of schedule.

    Unit 4 building continues to be stable and level. People wilfully misinterpreting the movement of a whole tectonic plate as the movement of an individual building take note.

    • You seem to have educated me quite a bit, once in a while I check to see what is happening on that side of the world and in particular am interested in important world issues, are you working for the rehabilitation of the damage done and the people who own it?

      • I’m glad someone actually reads rather than merely reacting 🙂

        Accurate information is often drowned out by articles like this one, which declare dangers without foundation and wrest attention away from real problems like the tsunami reconstruction.

        The key damage is to the economy, local and national, by the knee-jerk policy shifts without proper risk evaluation, and to the people and communities that suffer under those destructive decisions. After Chernobyl it took 20 years before anyone would say that radiophobia was more of a problem than radiation, and here we are again, lesson not learned. Thankfully UNSCEAR just released a statement assessing the Fukushima public health impact from radiation as zero, so perhaps sanity can creep back on to the stage.

  25. I wondering if there is still anymore Japanese alive to host the Olympic 2020!!!

  26. Carlos. The issue is not how compex the problems are. The issue is how could this litany of idiotic decisions be made to create this intractible problem? Multiple reactors together. Built on limestone. By the ocean. On a fault line. Elevated cooling tank. No truly failsafe systems.

    Lies upon lies upon lies. Greed.

    What happened to safe, clean, and cheap. Get rid of all nuclear reactors and weapons and GMOs. Some technology is beyond human capabilities to wield…like giving an M-16 to a chimp.

    • Good comment

  27. Is there any measures they can take now to prepare for a collapse? Isn’t there some type of containment structure that could be built to minimize the spread of radiation? I really don’t understand why more efforts aren’t being made to prepare for worst case scenarios.

  28. Accident, Act of Nature, Deliberate Sabotage….. what does it matter? Now that the inevitability of Fukushima Daiichi polluting the entire world, and/or even destroying it, is upon us, and every living thing is in such jeopardy and, seemingly, very little is being done, it seems obvious to me that the reason must be that there is very little that can be done. The time to act, for the entire world to help, was two years ago; now it’s “Too Little, Too Late”. All things Nuclear are way beyond Man’s control – such arrogance and stupidity beggars belief. I can only hope that there is some chance of avoiding total cataclysm, but it will take more than a miracle and whole heap of money…… but we must try. It’s time for Japan and the USA to stop covering this up, to spend the damn money – what good will it be if the whole planet is destroyed? It’s time for the entire World’s population to unite and demand our inalienable right to our planet. The Lunatics have been running the Asylum for far too long – I’ve had enough….. Haven’t you?

  29. I have followed this unthinkable mess since march 2011. I have seen nothing that could be called progress at any time,on any front,in any wise. Technology is in the process of laying our planet waste with us on it. When I think that all this is done just to get a head of steam to make a wheel turn and generate electricity……….there has to be a better and safer way.

    • ‘there has to be a better way’, well, what is it? Don’t just say windmills and wave and solar. Governments know about these things. The problem is not which technology is best, it is economic. The ‘better way’ requires remodelling the economic and political situations. Not easy at all. Everyone knows windpower is nice, but I don’t think anyone knows how to run a country on it. Any politican suggesting such solutions won’t be taken seriously and won’t be reelected. Solutions are not just technicadlyemotivated, they need to be economically viable too. Like it or not, nuclear power is really cheap and efficient compared to green alternatives.

      • cheap? LOL yes fukushima is a good example how cheap it is.. and ever thought about nuclear waste and ‘safe’ storage, yes you’re right that makes it very cheap..
        more conscious and therewith less use of energy

        for japan you dont need to think of all those windgen’s anytime thought of that the country is surrounded by sea > tides, waves, water currents
        and if you want to use steam and turning wheels… the whole country is full of hot springs > geothermal energy

        yes all these things are too cheap, not enough money to make with…

  30. Still nothing happening except more bad news, like the fractures on the venting stack near Reactors 1 and 2. PLUS the device used to measure the highest level of radiation contamination, 10 sieverts per hour, was the highest reading the device could have. Radiation could be and probably is worse, if that is possible. And TEPCO dumping the retained water into the ocean, again total lack of any concern for the world! Its now Sept. 19,2013 and counting..

  31. Now we are beyond the limits of our technology to prevent continous release of radiation for generations to come . Another earthquake hit Fukushima today ! There will be others .
    In my opnion without help from beyond this planet , end times for most species of life we have known .. Pray for help , Invite help . be the help if you can .

  32. I’m ashamed of my generation.. what a mess we’ve left for the generations to come. i pray they can figure a solution, if only for their sake.

  33. Does anyone actually think that Fukushima is a one time thing? There will never be a situation where other nuclear power plants will be without power? It is only a matter of time . The reason all those people mentioned are for nuclear power is that they have a financial stake in it.

  34. They don’t want to lose the benefit of monetary gains of hosting 2020 Olympics, which is why they are not asking for help, and we’re not saying anything about the severity of the situation because they probably admonished our President about pulling their money out of the US, we sent the Secretary of Energy there to see what mess things are and we’re still not doing anything. GOD HELP US ALL.

  35. People are still commenting on this one with delusions of apocalypse? OK, here’s an update.

    Current picture of the site
    The two long low buildings near the shore are the turbine buildings. Behind them, left to right, are reactor buildings 4, 3, 2 and 1. You can see the very white over-building giving a new roof to building 4, supported by the frame further left (south). Building 3 is cleared of debris down to the operating floor, building 2 is intact and building 1 has a covering that was put in place in 2011.

    Status of fuel pool: The cranes are in place within cover structure, ready to start fuel move this month.

    Stability of building: The sixth quarterly inspection revealed unit 4 building still continues to be level and earthquake-resilient.

    As the 2011 video inspection revealed, there is no significant damage to the fuel in unit 4 and no reason to expect the extraction to create significant difficulties. The expected date for finishing removal is this time next year.

  36. Has anyone considered using horizontal drilling technology, which is used in hydraulic fracturing (“Fracking”) for the recovery of natural gas and light hydrocarbons and filling the holes with concrete to reinforce the foundation? Drill hole after hole, layer upon layer, under the reactors and pump concrete to fill the holes.

  37. Does not take a genius to figure out this is very bad. I expect nuclear rain very soon if it has not already began. From what I have read the three stooges could do a better job cleaning this mess. Any one who defends nuclear power and the fools in charge of this fiasco is an idiot.

  38. Dr. Chris Busby, scientific consultant to the Low Level Radiation Campaign, has recommended they drill multiple wells near the site to lower the water table, for a start. I would presume they could also use the water for cooling, sort of a primitive cooling loop.

    • Dr Chris Busby is an anti-nuclear con artist who has used fear to sell overpriced mineral supplements to the Japanese, among other dubious schemes. He regularly sets up impressive-sounding front organizations, one of which is the Low Level Radiation Campaign, making him a “scientific consultant” to himself.

      The water used for cooling the reactors is already recirculated. There’s no advantage to adding yet more groundwater to the accumulation.

  39. Hmmm … I am curious as to why none of the above posts discus the present state of the Pacific ocean ..all that lives in it as well all the islanders who are totally dependent upon it.
    Their situation will not begin with another earthquake. For them it is already happening.
    I wander if it is ‘simply’ because there are not enough of them (Pacific islanders) …hmmm

  40. How is this ever going to be contained? The plume is already at our West Coast here in the states. Contamination is already measured at several beaches…

  41. Maybe the world should learn from our mistakes.
    It’s never to late . Lets fix this problem together .
    If this power source is going to kill us all.
    We have to stop using it and maybe live a
    More simple existance. Use a candle to ready a book,
    Light a fire for heat ,use water and wind for power,
    If we don’t were doomed

  42. So here it is 1/8/2014 almost three years later. What have they done to contain this mess? The engineers have shook their heads wrung their hands and have done NOTHING! I know what I’m going to do. Divorce my wife that I can’t stand. Find me a woman who’s company I really enjoy and live it up like this were the last days of my life because I want to have a little, drink some wine, smoke some weed and have a lot fun before this is all over because I have no faith in these so called experts!
    Even Einstein said that E= MC squared was not a good way to boil water.

  43. Hello everyone: I wonder how many of you believe in Prophecy and how many of you have heard the words of David Wilkerson and numerous others who have had dreams and visions of Americas last days. America has been judged. God is tired of lust, greed, fornication, sorcery, pornography and all kinds of lewd things that are done in America. Japan had a chance to repent and turn to God but chose not to. Now it’s Americas chance to repent, but horrible things are about to happen because of all the unbelievers who are mocking God. I pray that some of you that read this will get on your knees and repent so you will be allowed to get to heaven. Whether we live or die if we do it with Jesus we will be assured of eternal salvation.

  44. I think that everyone needs to come together. There has to be solutions and TEPCO and the government are no longer trusted with these issues. First we need to develop a way to remove the contamination from our oceans, second find a way to decommission these plants correctly, third find a way to eradicate emissions from the plants, fourth find a way to destroy the wastes. If these things are not done the Earth will be destroyed. It does not take a Chemistry Major to find solutions to these problems, but it does take NEW people….not TEPCO or the government because honestly they have done a horrible job so far. My new goal and new mission in life is to find these solutions. I have dedicated my life to it. I have a grad and masters degree, but I don’t need either to find these solutions. We are all capable of EXTRAORDINARY things and we can fix this mess that nuclear power has caused to our planet. For those of you thinking its not a mess…who cares….its in the past now…today is a new day…tomorrow will be a new day as well and we will fix this mess. LOWER levels of strontium, cesium, and tritium cause life long problems like cancer, ect…HIGHER levels just kill you instantly without the torture. I’d rather not be killed slowly…. I just cant believe NOTHING was learned from Chernobyl…it still sits as it did that day the disaster happened…and nothing has been done to try to fix it. The same is happening with Fukushima. It’s not anyone’s FAULT…but they cannot fix this problem ALONE… This has to be a GLOBAL effort. I will not be included in the part of the U.S. sitting and not doing anything. I will be included in the part that will make a difference.

    • Awesome of you. And hey, you’ve got your work cut out for you! Our work, I should say. I’m stkll deciding on what area of this fubar world my efforts will be best spent addressing, but thus cause its a worthy as any and arguably the most immediately critical and/or the gravest long-term threat to humanity. But there’s quite the cornucopia of choices

  45. It seems to me that, despite this setback, nuclear power is the only way there is any hope of supplying clean, green energy at levels that will sustain the industrialization of the world at current and projected future levels. Panic over a situation such as Fukishima should be avoided. There are hundreds of reactors such as this one that operate safely. We should learn from the disaster and build more, safer reactors, as fast as possible. Remember: “The planet has a fever” and despite the small inconvenient truth that there is no perceptible warming in the past 2 decades, we should accept radical, dangerous ideas, to “save the planet”.

    • PISS OFF – either you are a Troll of you are wilfully ignorant. Nuclear is NOT clean, NOT safe and definitely NOT Green. There is so much evidence, truthful peer-reviewed evidence, proving this that it shouldn’t take you long get your facts straight. Furthermore you are overlooking the hugely contaminating processes of the mining of uranium – masses of toxic waste and “greenhouse gasses” are chugged out every day – How can you call this Clean & Green?

  46. Several NSA former employees have released information that confirms the agency has been preparing for a financial collapse that has already begun but in addition ,for a major event. the senarios may vary according to the man made event,ie terrorist attack ,bio chemical,or suit case nuke, etc. One thing is certain the Oval Office is in control of the NSA, IRS and Justice, the event looks more like Fukushima every day.
    GE designed and sold a massively unstable system, financed by BP petroleum ( BP oil spill, and reckless operation violations with major deaths resulting on their rigs,long before the Fukushima disaster). When reactor #4 collapses or a mistake is made attempting to perform a delicate dangerous operation (removing live fuel rods from the site) this will be the event the NSA defectors described and as the entire California coast goes into panic and evac bug out bag mode, troops will be on the ground in full martial law mode.
    The dollar collapse in unison with this event will create confusion and diversion for the complete New World Order global banking take over. The fuse lites when ATM accounts and savings are frozen and the “bank bail in’s” begin by redistributing 30-40% of your balance back to you. That will be a re evaluation of your dollar value and the banks will use your money to float operations. I only wish this were not true but the sources are rock solid and deadly accurate! The frogs are boiling, and Fukushima is turning up the heat. Ovomit your pot head president, will never mention the dangerous reactors in the US in need of repair and upgrades, nor will he abandon his promise to the NRC and big corporate money to build more flawed reactors , rather than harness out gas and coal supplies including “cold fusion” technology that has been around for years. Our civilization will die rest assured but not before the times and our lives become desperate under the present surveillance police state, and a snake oil salesman who sold the cool aid drinkers on Marxism, socialism, and the “yes we can”, road to poverty!
    This is not only a national disaster but a global one. The Ozark mountains have been converted to a massive underground city/military installation for just such a continental catastrophic event with no solution ! This was a four reactor melt down from the first day, and was a cover up from the Japanese government and TEPCO . The company is bankrupt and the government will assume financial responsibility for the clean up of elements that you cannot clean up or dispose of , there is no manual no directions, at this stage or magnitude ! Go with God , may the wind be at our backs. Our government betrayed it’s people extorting our money,and holding back the truth, those who sold us their cars betrayed our civilization all for profit! My God what tangled webs we weave when a Kenyan born communist/socialist with a doctored birth certificate and a Bilderberg and Tri Lateral Commission blessing, becomes president on the United States.

    • So now that we know what is going on, can we start to network so that information can pass freely via email. The media will not be a reliable source during the early stage of the fallout event.

      In the intermediate and later stage of the event, it would be good to accumulate information regarding survival.

  47. What I would like to read is what are they doing to stop this. From what I have read in this article, they are doing nothing that will stop this. Why are not people around the “world” jumping in to help the situation if they need help. Obviously they cannot do it themselves? This is not a Tepco problem in Japan. This is a world problem, as it will, and has impacted all of us! It sickens me to think of how power and money has caused us as people on this earth to treat our earth so poorly. What kind of disaster recovery plan do they have for these plants anyway? If this is an example then shouldn’t all these monster be shut down immediately and complete attention be put on solving the problem at Fukushima?

    • I don’t understand why you pretend to care about this but don’t try to get current information. There is plenty going on at the site.

      Recent picture of the site
      The two long low buildings near the shore are the turbine buildings. Behind them, left to right, are reactor buildings 4, 3, 2 and 1. You can see the very white over-building giving a new roof to building 4, supported by the frame further left (south). Building 3 is cleared of debris down to the operating floor (and large debris has been removed from the pool also), building 2 is intact and building 1 has a covering that was put in place in 2011.

      Status of fuel pool: After putting all the equipment in place, Tepco have already removed about 15% of the spent fuel bundles (198/1331).

      As the 2011 video inspection revealed, there is no significant damage to the fuel in unit 4 and no reason to expect the continuing extraction to create significant difficulties. The expected date for finishing removal of unit 4 fuel is the end of this year.

  48. The gift of fire from the god Prometheus….the ‘gift’ of nuclear fission is the one we should have thrown right back into his teeth. The true hubris of humankind is to think we are gods that can play and control (laugh, it IS funny) nuclear anything.
    I read all the posts before I say anything, and the one thing that seems to scream out to me is the futility of thought that we can use nuclear power safely, and effectively. It is not cost-effective, due to the problems we have already encountered with Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, now Fukushima and the problems in New Mexico. It is expensive to clean up, and really can’t be cleaned up. We have to wait for this stuff to die out on its own, no matter how many years (or centuries) that takes.
    Why can’t we stick to geothermal, hydroelectric (dams) and water (wave?)? THAT is technology we CAN harness safely, and it’s CLEAN. Windmills are ugly and kill bird populations, so maybe we should avoid that one.
    I’m from the West coast, USA, and moved to the East. I was stunned when I discovered that there are still coal and gas power plants. There is SO much more water here than in my home Mojave Desert, WHY aren’t they using hydroelectric more?
    Dad spent 20 years in the Air Force, and we would often discuss ‘Thermo-Nuclear Global War” wile I was growing up. The one thing I have gathered over the years (I’ll be 52 in a few days) is this: there will be NO WINNER if that happens. Only it isn’t war between countries; its the war between those that have it ‘all’, and the rest of us. At the moment, I’m wondering if I’ll live til I hit 60.
    In the meantime, I have stopped ALL seafood into the house, and that includes the cats. I already miss my Snow and King crab legs.
    I guess I just can’t understand why humankind is so hell bent on destroying our planet for a few bucks. We, the People, outnumber the 1% in America.
    Maybe it is time for another revolution.

  49. Previous webpage on fuel removal at unit 4 has been superceded by this status page. At the time of this comment, the progress is 1034 fuel assemblies removed out of 1533. More importantly, 1012 spent fuel assemblies have been moved out of a total of 1331 – 76% complete.

    • If this is accurate then much of the threat from the spent MOX is greatly diminished. Good news for the human race and Japan. Now they need to take those responsible for the accident and let them have a long swim in the new containment vessel…

  50. Could someone explain to me as to how the atmosphere could burn up with the release of the Fukushima radiation? Does this mean an actual fire that will affect most of the planet? How would this occur? Thanks.

    • The fear was, that if the spent fuel rods in the pool on level four of reactor four were to collapse and expose the MOX (mixed Oxide) fuel rods, then there would be a tremendous uncontrollable fire that would vaporize the whole mess of spent rods and spew thousands of tons of plutonium into the atmosphere and poison all life… That’s the fire they were on about.

    • The specific concern (and cause of wider and wild speculation), is not so much that the atmosphere will catch fire as such, BUT that if the fuel rods in the spent fuel pools become exposed to the air because the water drops low enough to expose the fuel rods, they can become hot enough that the zirconium cladding on the rods will react with the steam and release hydrogen. This reaction will cause a fire that cannot be extinguished in any way. The result would be masses of highly lethal contamination into the atmosphere that would spread around the planet for who knows how long. The primary focus of attention re Fukushima is the spent fuel pool teetering on top of damaged reactor #4 (not to mention the other reactor pools and the overfilled “common” fuel pool) IF there is another loss of on-site power.

      Please note that all over the world such spent fuel pools are just as vulnerable and that we (the planet) are at risk every day from each and every one of them. This is not “fear porn”, this is fact. And another (sad) fact is that there is nothing anyone can do because there is no way to safely store and/or decontaminate the rods.

      Truly, this “Nuclear Madness” must be stopped now and everyone who has any chance of finding a way to decommission and decontaminate ALL things nuclear should be put to work asap for an immediate solution. So much damage has already been done; so many lives – even entire countries – destroyed. Enough is enough. Shame on all Nuclear advocates and apologists 🙁

    • This is a transplanted myth. Prior to the first H-bomb tests, there was some speculation that the fusion reaction would run out of control and carry on burning the whole atmosphere. A bit like the marginal panic when the Large Hadron Collider started up at Cern a few years ago, that it could create a black hole that would swallow the Earth.

      Neither was correct, and nor were they regarded as serious threats by the people who actually understood what was going on.

      So the answer is that the radiation released by Fukushima cannot and will not produce any catastrophic burning reaction.

      The further answer to a general concern about any kind of local burning reaction is that it’s too late for that to occur. In order to get the zirconium-steam reaction, the components have to reach something above 750C. The spent fuel at Fukushima is simply too old now to generate enough heat to produce such temperatures – when the cooling for the spent fuel was turned off a few months ago for four hours, the pool temperature rose by about 0.1C.

      There were a lot of impossible scenarios proposed a couple of years ago, and they’re even further from reality now.

      • Unless there was a re-criticality, possibly caused by earthquake, land subsidence, or construction work moving the fuel debris into new geometries. Would this just explode and end the criticality event, or would it be possible to ignite the uranium, like in windscale?

        • For fuel to even approach criticality a moderator is required, and the only real possibility is water. Criticality also requires a specific geometry alternating fuel and moderator continued over an extended volume, which is extremely unlikely to come about by chance. And even then, unpressurized approaches to criticality simply result in boiling all the water off, which stops the criticality again.

          In short – no explosion and no fire. Physical reality gets in the way of fictional drama.

  51. Joffan,you say that these danger scenarios were not regarded as serious threats by those who actually understood what was going on.As someone who has studied nuclear science,I abandoned it because of two subjects that i could only describe as lies and half-truths.the first is Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle which states that since nuclear science is all about the activity of electrons,because of the error of observation of an electron,the more sure you are of it’s momentum,the less sure you are of it’s position,and the more sure you are of it’s position the less sure you are of it’s momentum.You can’t therefore predict it’s course or be sure what it.s going to do.This did not stop Heisenburg from using matrix mathematics[differential calculus]to predict electron activity and build one of the first nuclear power stations.This calculus is a basic lie that says something that is infinitely small can equal nothing and you can take this that you said was nothing and extrapolate it into something infinitely large.These are the same people who you say know something when really they are indulging in educated guessing

    • Well, you made it clear quite fast that you dropped out of physics class early..

    • Don, nuclear science is specifically not about electrons – it’s about the atomic nucleus; protons and neutrons.

      Differential calculus is a well-proven mathematical tool that considers the limit case of considering ever-smaller intervals to consider instantaneous effects; what you describe sounds closer to the equally well-proven integral calculus, considering sums over ever-smaller increments in ever-larger quantities.

      Science is not guessing. I’m sorry that it didn’t appeal to you, but of course we’re all different.

  52. lots of talk here about nuclear being the only alternative to our huge appetite for fuel. I believe we can overcome these problems if we are given time. Fukushima or some other disaster that affects the grid may not allow us that time. Let me explain, Fukushima is still very unstable even though at the time of this writing they have emptied SPF4. Now they move on to #3 which is in much worse shape. #2 is so highly radioactive they can’t even get in there yet – after almost four years!
    If the grid is taken out by say a large coronal mass ejection/solar flare and it is down for ten days then we are thrown back to the dark ages. it would take ten years they estimate to rebuild the system. In the meantime we have all those spent fuel ponds reliant on electricity to keep them cool – hmmm do you see a problem here. even though they have back up systems, they’re usually diesel powered and you need power to pump diesel to refuel the pumps.
    Fukushima’s three corium cores have yet to be located we are told. I believe they know exactly where they are but are keeping that information secret as the world would panic – I smell a China Syndrome. Regardless, it will be radioactive there until our sun becomes a red giant – that’s how long plutonium is hot – basically forever. Long before that the cancers and birth defects will show up. I foresee a future of societies surviving by filtering water and protecting crops from “hot” rain – almost science fiction. Fingers crossed that I am wrong as I would love to be. in the meantime for those that would like to protect themselves as much as possible, start ingesting zeolite. get it from the southern hemisphere because if it has been rained on with hot rain it will absorb the radiation. I heard a story though can’t verify its truth that some zeolite was sent to a lab in California for testing and it was so hot they had to get HazMat to come and remove it!

  53. This is a very real threat to all life on our fragile little planet and as responsible ‘caretakers’ we all have an obligation to ‘save ourselves’ and our future. I am not a nuclear expert but can this material be ‘attracted’ to another material after all much of the substances of our existance is governed by different polarities of some sort or another.
    Perhaps people such as Mr Brandsen or Mr Murdock can shovel some funds to help save themselves and their own children from this bleak future for us all rich or poor.
    Or is it a case of another rubbish dump on earth, just cover it up and it’s all ok.

  54. Well, we are screwed, for sure. But I do not think it means the end of all of us. I DO think there will be a lot of mutations of the human genome-some lethal, some uncomfortable/inconvenient, perhaps some salutary. Who can tell. We have already fired the radiation gun into our gene pool. Genetically Fukushima is a giant trump card on Darwinian evolution. Genetic revolution is now Mother Nature’s watchword. It will take thousands of generations of Fukushima-driven mutations across all the species in earth’s biosphere to play out the nuclear disturbance. Our evolutionary “die is cast” (pun intended). Perhaps tens of thousands of years hence biologists who look nothing like us will be assessing the causes of the great extinction and new species explosion of the 20th millennium. We, of course, as a species, will not be present in the review.

  55. In the wake of Fukushima, and the potential ongoing and future “mishaps” and disasters from all nuke plants, it is important to know how to protect yourself and your family. Radiation Protective Foods: How To Shield Yourself From Low-Level Radiation by Sara Shannon is the only book I have found on this topic with definitive information on foods and supplements. You can google it, but make sure to get the 2014 edition.

  56. Why is every country not working together to fix this and prepare for the next one to malfunction?

  57. It’s all about WAR.
    Japan must obey United States.
    Why do you think Japan, only the nation experienced nuclear bomb likes nuclear power?
    After the WWII, America forced Japan to have built many nuclear power facilities.
    They have 54! It’s insane to have that many in the size of California!
    Why China wants to build without enough knowledge?
    Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons: Making the Connections
    There is an increasing number of people in the United States today who are standing up and speaking out against the dangers of nuclear weapons. At the same time a large number of these people are in favor of the use of nuclear power as a means of generating electricity. They believe, perhaps correctly, that the threat from the former is greater and more imminent, and further, that there is no connection between nuclear power and nuclear weapons. The facts, however, seem to point to a different conclusion.
    In retrospect it is a simple matter to see that there never was an intention to separate nuclear weapons produc- tion from the use of commercial nuclear power. In a document from the Los Alamos National Laboratory dated August, 1981, one finds this statement:

    “There is no technical demarcation between the military and civilian reactor and there never was one. What has persisted over the decades is just the misconception that such a linkage does not exist.” (“Some Political Issues Related to Future Special Nuclear Fuels Production,” LA- 8969-MS, UC-16).4

    The links are not merely historic. As recently as 1981 President Reagan proposed “mining” plutonium from the reprocessed spent fuel rods from commercial nuclear reactors. This dangerous reversal of national policy was promptly beaten down in the Senate by a 88-9 vote by the Hart-Simpson Amendment to the NRC Authorization Bill which prohibited the use of nuclear power wastes to create nuclear weapons, and which saw both utilities and environ- mentalists lobbying together for its passage.
    Read more at:

  58. The world has had the technology since at least the 1950’s to use SAFE Nuclear power by using Thorium nuclear power. Thorium nuclear power plants CANNOT suffer a meltdown accident. Its just impossible. The use Thorium instead of uranium. The Thorium is far more effective than uranium, you get around 200 times more energy from the same amount of Thorium that you do Uranium. and there is 4 times more thorium available to be mined world wide than there is Uranium. There is enough thorium on the planet to supply the world with energy for over 10,000 years.
    Instead they build extremely dangerous Uranium nuclear plants. Why? Because they can be used to create nuclear weapons, Thorium reactors can’t. Now the whole human race is in danger due to accidents at these Uranium nuclear plants. The Fukishima disaster alone has the capacity to cause disease and death to 100,000’s of people (best case scenario) to practically wiping out life on the whole planet.

    Yet hundreds of these ticking time bomb nuclear plants are operating today all over the world (and they are still building more).
    If we are to survive on this planet much longer – We need to begin to demand to all our governments worldwide to immediately begin building safe Thorium nuclear reactors, and to shut down ALL of these Uranium reactors immediately.
    China and India have begun working on building their first Thorium nuclear reactors, but it may be too slow and too late. All countries need to be working on this as the number one priority in the world.
    Too bad rich billionaires are getting in the way of our survival, we have to DEMAND this action immediately or it will not happen in time.

    Most people are unaware that in the 1950’s the US built a thorium reactor car, and drove it. It is completely safe, and 1 piece of thorium the size of a spark plug would run the car for 300,000 miles.
    This technology has been buried all these years. All the money they have ripped us off for gasoline to drive our cars, all the pollution from cars, coal power plants etc, was all unnecessary except they wanted our money, no regard for human health, pain, suffering, damage they are doing to our planet. Even the real possibility of destroying virtually all life on earth has not persuaded them to change their ways.
    If we are to survive as a species, we must rise up, and DEMAND to STOP THE INSANITY
    Time is of the essence – We must do this now – before it is too late – If it isn’t already

  59. there is a process developed and bought out in the 50s , where intense photon energy is shot through the nuclear waiste rendering it safe in a few hours. the swiss are building a 900 million dollar plant with two most powerful lasers yet that will do it in seconds. the technology to save the planet is there but why wont they make it a world project that will complete the plan in weeks or months instead. I of course say until then make the guilty people involve go pick out pieces of fuel 1 at a time and let them melt on world newscasts

  60. Well gee! Thanks, there is no solution, the total demise of life on Earth is imminent but!!! alternatively and equally hey it’s ok folks salvation is underway. Well I have to decide, so relying on the certainty of human nature I have to admit there is close to nothing on Fukashime in msm yet if everything’s under control then that would be triumphantly declared by vested interest, plenty of that. Therefore I am persuaded reluctantly to consider that I am unlikely to be able to complete my mortgage repayment obligations.

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