fukushima-hoaxby Jacob Devaney / via Huffington Post / January 31, 2014 / Panic is rarely ever a good idea because it closes down the brain with fear, can cripple creative responses, and generally causes people to not think straight. Denial is worse. Like it or not, nuclear power is everywhere. Some consider it worse than Satan, others think it’s the only logical solution to address our dependence on fossil fuels and coal. The answer, as always, is probably somewhere in the middle. Most humans prefer to either panic or fade into denial but there is good reason to take a pro-active and informed approach now for the sake of public health in generations to come. We have Mark Heley and Fukushima Research Group to thank for leading the charge in this direction.

In November I did a story called Fukushima, Humanity’s Defining Moment about Lakota Elder and Chief, Arvol Lookinghorse presenting a statement on Fukushima at The UN Tillman Chapel. I have to admit that I was on the verge of panic myself and happy to see First Nations Leadership speaking out when nobody else seemed to be. We have The Idle No More Movement to thank for bringing the native voice back into prominence at a time when we desperately need leadership with regards to environmental concerns.

The Fukushima issue continued to pick up steam until it erupted over the holidays with panic that The West Coast was going to fry. I had just read a long but beautifully written piece in Esquire by Luke O’Neil called “The Year We Broke The Internet,” which I highly recommend. In short, he talks about the ways that sensationalist, and completely untrue articles spread virally solely for clicks online. It’s that panic thing I guess, the amygdala causes us to “impulse click” on links when we are frightened or angry which can make lots of advertising dollars at the expense of ethics and truth. This same philosophy applies to the disgrace our mainstream corporate media has made of itself in the past decade.

Mark Heley made a Facebook post around that time saying that in response to the Fukushima panic attack spreading across the web that he was starting The Fukushima Research Group. In the last month Mark has assembled a stellar team of intelligent and grounded researchers and spent hundreds of hours pouring through information to deliver a much needed resource for all of us.

His first article, “An Overview of Fukushima and a Call For Meaningful International Collaboration” came out on Reality Sandwich and was an instant hit, spreading far and wide across the internet. It is long, but a must-read for anyone concerned about Fukushima.

Meanwhile, people like Tim Worstall at Forbes and others are suggesting that we just dump all the nuclear waste into the ocean because it would be a “cheaper” way to deal with it. Cheaper for who? The nuclear industry makes a pretty good profit, don’t you think they should invest some of that money into a better solution than dumping it into the oceans? These “banana analogy” folks conveniently overlook the fact that Cesium-137 is many millions of times more radioactive and dangerous than Potassium-40.

Heley followed up with “Radionuclides in the Food Chain, the Real Risks From Fukushima” which is an absolute must-read for everyone. It is easily digestible and informative with topics like:

-Debunking the ‘banana analogy’
-The health risks of ingesting cesium-137
-Research on the health impacts of cesium-137
-The impact of cesium-137 on the children of Chernobyl
-The effect of cesium-137 on the heart
-The effects of cesium-137 on the female reproductive system
-The overall health impact of cesium-137 and SLIR Syndrome
-The identification of children at risk in Fukushima
-An integrative approach to treating the effects of cesium-137 contamination
-The treatment of cesium-137 contamination

In true academic form he also includes a long list of references for anyone who would like to research deeper. There was so much in the article that made me feel relieved (I can eat non-endangered sushi again and watch the sunset on the beach!) yet I still feel called to action. That is what good writing and solid information can do for us all and The Fukushima Research group has made it easy for us to be on our game.

One thing that really stands out as a major problem that has yet to be addressed by The United Nations, The International Atomic Energy Agency, or The World Health Organization after Chernobyl is summed up in this quote from Heley:

The suppression of the work of (Dr.) Nesterenko and (Dr.) Bandazhevsky is an act of criminal negligence that the IAEA has chosen to do nothing to address. Although their work is virtually unknown in the West and is never cited in the official toxicological and medical literature on the effects of cesium-137, the research that they conducted was to the most exacting scientific standards and published in peer-reviewed journals. The reason for its obscurity is for purely political, not medical, or scientific reasons. Bandazhevsky’s research shows that the health risk of cesium-137 is far greater than nuclear regulatory bodies worldwide admit, especially in children.

Japan is far far away, but many of the very same reactors are right here in our backyards in the good ol U.S. of A. New York Times reported last spring, “All 104 nuclear power reactors now in operation in the United States have a safety problem that cannot be fixed and they should be replaced with newer technology, the former chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said…” So we have a real opportunity to consider Fukushima a wake-up call for every one of us.

Take some time to console your friends if they are still in a Fukushima panic and pull up ‘yer bootstraps coz there’s work to be done! Take a visit at Fukushima Research Group, or their Facebook Page, sign this petition, and check out The Elders Council Statement.

Now, more than ever, humanity is at a place where we can’t afford to be ruled by fear, ignorance, or denial. We have the intelligence and resources to make the planet safe for all life and we have the ability to cause irreparable damage for generations to come. The choice is ours.

SOURCE: Huffington Post

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  1. Yeah right… the choice is ours. That’s one ignorant statement. The choice belongs to those running the show, the people building, the nuclear power plants to feed their lust for riches and control over their fellow man. And lets not forget about the globalists, governments, etc. Wake up man!!!

  2. “Nuclear power and logical…………………………. that would be an oxymoron.

  3. I agree with Phil Noone 100% and would go further in saying it is the Governments shoving this garbage down the publics throats for their own financial and power lusting gains, just look around at everything that has and is going wrong in the world today….it’s not the people it is the GOVERNMENTS that are responsible for the messes we all get to clean up or worse yet die for….THAT is the real world wide problem!

  4. Agree on not having a choice. Of course, we could all stop using electricity…but that’s not going to happen; our economies are driven by electrical gadets! Maybe everyone needs to petition, in the millions of citizens, to stop nuclear until the issue of dangerous waste radiation materials is solved. Call it a moratorium, and keep the fuel in safe(as can be) storage until a solution is found.The solution requires decomposing the nuclear elements to non-lethal substances. Inert. Wouldn’t that get a great patent, atta boy or gal, pulitzer price, Man or Woman of the Century Award! We need another Einstein…

  5. You might want to watch these C-SPAN hearings with the NRC and the “Fukushima Task Force” to see who is making nuclear energy policy in the U.S.


  6. I wrote the article above and am happy to see such spirited responses. Let me clarify. First, the article was written for Huffington POst audience which is different than the audience that views this particular site. As a writer I have to contend with the fact that people tend to only see what they want to see, and read articles that only support their existing beliefs. In an attempt to get this information to a wider audience, I targeted it specifically. Why get it to a larger audience?
    Regarding your statements above that “The choice is ours”. The choice IS ours to choose to do something or slip into a fatalistic approach or a denial approach. Phil Noone’s “Get a clue man” statement falls into a fatalist approach which usually leads to doing nothing because heck we are powerless right? Wrong! Every person that shares these articles, engages in raising awareness, and puts public pressure towards needed change makes a difference. Yes, I’m right with ya in spirit, fuck the corporatists, the globalists and the bankers for shoving this shit down our throat. But That attitude in a blog generally only speaks to the choir and just revs up the we’re pissed about everything and helpless vibe. Not for me. That IS my clue, take it or leave it…

  7. An “Einstein” can’t fix this because it’s all about Nuclear Weapons, always has been, the whole NPP thing is just the “cover” – the original Einstein knew this, his comment: “…. Nuclear Power is one hell of a way to boil water”….. and he was right. NPPs are the stupidest thing ever “sold” to the clueless masses – (again), they are not Clean, Safe or Economical in any way. They are vile, evil cauldrons of death in every respect…. How much more proof do people need?? So, I certainly agree that we need some sort of genius to come up with a way to “fix” the problem but until that “Man/Woman of the Century” comes up with a way to stop the Psycos trashing everyone & everything with nuclear weapons nothing good is going to happen….. and “we” don’t get a choice. Sorry.

  8. Jacob,
    Excellent article!
    I offer another angle which I think dovetails with your article, based on my own experiences working with various “environmental” web site operators.

    I had similar feelings in early 2013 when I decided to bite the bullet and purchase some decent Geiger counters, 2 of them for calibration crosschecks and a 30,000 cpm chunk of uraninite for high and low level instrument verifications. I am an instrumentation specialist with 40 years in that field as well as other successful electronic engineering designs related to precision measurement.

    Well, living in the northwest US at nearly the furthest western extreme, I figured we would see a lot of radioactivity… WE DID NOT. We still don’t almost one year later. We see 30-38 CPM every day in 10 minute average counts. This is hardly “getting fried by Fukushima”

    I, like you, believe that this whole nuclear legacy was shoved down the throats of a scared public….
    I know we could do other things for energy, I do it all the time setting up solar powered wireless telemetry stations along the California Water Project, for hydroelectric power plants, wildlife conservancies, weather stations, agriculture and other remote data collection needs.

    I also believe that the fear-mongering “wanna be celebrities” plastering the internet, and their sheep/parrots repeating their ridiculous claims might have a commercial agenda.

    Power industry competitors!

    Which industries would the other power interests want to abolish? The nuclear power, solar power, wind power and hydroelectric power industries of course. Any cow bird worth it’s salt knows that you have to push all the other siblings out of the nest to be king, and that is exactly what I think is happening here.

    I have had personal confirmation of the COAL industry’s outreach into the environmental movement when the owner of one of the largest, to become sensationalist, web sites to which I had provided various data products told me that he was considering a large donation from the coal industry to help “the cause” which was supposedly to fight various types of assaults on the environment. That was it for me. You can not serve the one who is destroying the earth AND the one who wants to save the earth. I thought it was very strange when the members of this widely known web site threw me under the bus when I came up with low radiation numbers, telling me publicly that I had been “Drinking the science Kool Aid” and that I “Don’t have a right to my opinion” referring to the fact that we do not have high levels of radiation on the west coast, yet… I thought they would be relieved! Instead they made it clear that only wanted high radiation numbers or NO numbers. WTF?

    These power interests spend millions on their pet projects including the hiring of internet shills. Go to web site owners and buy them out. Cash is KING!

    So, when I get responses such as “You can not be right, we are being poisoned by Fukushima and people are dying on the west coast because of it” I know that they are either being paid by the “other” power interests or they are just plain idiots, doing the work for free.

    Look at almost any US city and they have as much as, or more than 10X the amount of radiation we see on the west coast away from cities. And no one cares about that????
    We have a horrible ongoing nuclear disaster right here on US soil that has absolutely nothing to do with foreign power plants…. And no one cares about that????
    Where are the activists?

    The paid and unpaid Fukushima scare mongers have essentially broken the internet and the ability for the common US citizen to make up their own mind with respect to nuclear, or any other kind of threat since the deafening white noise of the politically motivated scare tacticians are drowning out any kind of common sense and reason. Fear only paralyzes, never empowers. These tacticians know exactly what they are doing.
    I call that terrorism!

    • The problem is……….someone posts an article entitled (28 reasons the pacific is being fried by fukashima radiation)giving examples of staggering numbers of marine life dying off!! And then,to counter that,all of a sudden everyone wants to post a counter argument,which doesn’t hold anymore VALIDITY with society than the first impression they’ve received…….which was negative!! Personally,I hadn’t heard anything except how catostrophic fukashima was from the very beginning!! The public was lied to about the seriousness of the matter for well over a year!! & as we know,anyone who says it’s not serious………is AN IDIOT!! I have still yet to see an article that someone posts parallel to the( 28 signs )article……….(where scientist or marine biologists……anyone credible)takes these unprecedented numbers of animal die offs like (dolphins,whales,walruses,bears,fish,sea lions & starfish) and gives us a logical explanation as to why these animals were dropping dead& washing up on beaches? No,of course you can’t blame everything on fukashima(especially when you don’t know!!) But,people who are paralyzed with fear like you’ve mentioned……..need to see things like (these animals being tested,proving they are not positive for different types of radiation) not scientist scratching their heads saying”hmmmm!!,we don’t really know what the hell is going on!! We are not blaming fukashima for these deaths,but we will see where our test results take us?) I have been following fukashima since the beginning& I must say……..the coverage has been pathetically lacking!! Especially concerning anything positive about the nature of this disaster!! Their are reactors that have melted through the floor,into the ground that they HAVN’T even identified yet!! Are you an expert on radiation ROGER FOOTE? Who can we trust with so many conflicting reports??

  9. ” We have the intelligence and resources to make the planet safe for all life ”

    Fail. It’s way too late for that.

  10. Ernie Deaver
    I am not a physicist, I am an instrumentation expert… One with 40 years of it under my belt.
    And you? You don’t have to be a physicist to measure background radiation, but having the abilities of common sense and rational thinking help.

    But responses like yours are not surprising when people are ignorant enough to read Ene News and believe what they say especially if they don’t use their brains.

    Here’s a headline example of the bullshit that people take for truth from ENE News:
    Diablo Canyon officials admit to recently discharging more tritium than Fukushima (VIDEO)

    Then, if you take the time to read it, the article says:
    PG&E spokesman Blair Jones, Feb. 3, 2014: Total liquid discharges from Diablo Canyon in 2012 were 0.0165 percent of what the NRC allows. “Tritium is produced when a reactor is operating […] Fukushima is not operating so naturally the tritium levels are lower.”

    If this is a test, you flunked badly!!!

    You folks might actually want to have people reporting from the west coast like I do, but I can tell you I will think twice about reporting here with the ignorance people like you exhibit.
    What did the schools do to you?
    Btw, I am anti nuke and probably have been since before you were born.
    I am also anti coal power and you sound like a Koch Slut! Prove that you aren’t!

    Are you aware at all that there is higher radiation in mid west cities than on the west coast?
    Do some research before embarrassing yourself 🙂

  11. Hi,
    I rarely make comments on a blog, But I want to give my opinion on this, because we all are missing the point.
    I have followed Fukushima from the start, like the rest of us. I read about the 2 headed whale washed up on the Mexican shore, the men and women from the USS Ronald Regan having serious medical issues, etc.. HAARP, crazy weather, Syria, the enormous oil spill in the gulf of mexico a few years back. The bottom line is our governments are hiding secrets from us. Based on my personal experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Bosnia and all the other US military ‘events’ I tell you we are only getting a small “Real” picture of the current world crisis’. Everything we read, see and facebook about is based on FEAR, so we buy more crap we don’t need. Example: Y2K, 12/23/2012… debt ceiling Armageddon…
    I am in no way making light of the disasters that are continuing to happen. We are infected with Greed. It is a sickness, and it makes us do illogical things. When a serious accident happen, God forbid that we panic and say “Holy cow, this is going to effect everyone on the planet” We need to wake up… Our greatest sins are coming to haunt us and our children for generations to come….. Even in the US there are many nuclear accidents, chemical spills. etc.
    Who says this is right? When are we going to stand up and say “ENOUGH”?

    • Right on Dan. You’ve served your country and all of us, yet you were deceived by those you defended. Were all disposable as history and the present times so clearly demonstrate .money overrides morality as it always has . Keep on defending the weak and questioning the strong. Our oceans have reached a tipping point and so has our society, history has clearly warned us of the very events now occurring yet most are consumed with individualism and nothing else matters. We paved paradise and put up parking lot! And few seem to notice or care. It may be time to pay the piper. “Dan for president”

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