pacific-ocean-monitoringvia / A paper published in December 2014 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) details the arrival and concentration of radioactive isotopes from the Fukushima nuclear reactor in the North Pacific Ocean. This paper, by Fisheries and Oceans scientist Dr. John Smith, documents the first and only systematic study of its kind validating ocean circulation models while tracking the eastward movement of radioactive isotopes.

On March 11, 2011, a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami off the coast of Japan, severely damaging the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plants resulting in the discharge of a radioactive plume into the atmosphere and ocean. The radioactive material that entered the ocean moved eastward towards North America via the Kuroshio and North Pacific current systems.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) established an ocean monitoring program using radioactive isotopes Cs-134 and Cs-137 to validate ocean circulation models and trace the arrival of Fukushima radioactivity in the Pacific and Arctic Oceans. Between 2011 and 2014, DFO researchers on board the Canadian Coast Guard Ship John P Tully took measurements of radioactivity along Line P, which extends 1500 km westward from Victoria, B.C. to the interior of the North Pacific. Samples were also collected in the Beaufort Sea in 2012 to check for the presence of Fukushima radiation in the deep Arctic Ocean by DFO scientists on the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Louis S St. Laurent.

In June 2012, about 1.3 years after the accident, a small amount of Fukushima Cs-134 was detected at the western end of Line P. Measurements of this short-lived isotope indicate that the source is from Fukushima and allows researchers to then determine what portion of the longer-lived isotope (Cs-137) comes from Fukushima and what portion was pre-existing. By June 2013, Cs-134 was detected in surface waters all along Line P to the Canadian continental shelf.

Ocean circulation model estimates indicate that future total levels of Cs- 137 off the North American coast will likely peak at 3-5 Bq/m3 by 2015-2016, before declining to levels closer to 1 Bq/m3 by 2021. The increase in Cs-137 levels in the eastern North Pacific from the Fukushima reactor will probably return to background radiation levels that prevailed during the 1980s. Cesium-137 exists in the Pacific Ocean at a background level of approximately 1 becquerel per cubic meter of water. Since the Fukushima incident, radiation levels off the BC coast have increased to about 2 becquerels and its expected to peak in 2015-16 at about 5 becquerels per cubic meter of water. To put that in perspective – Canada’s standard for Cesium-137 in drinking water is 10,000 becquerels per cubic metre meaning that the increase in Cesium-137 in Canadian Pacific waters do not represent a threat to human or animal health.

While these results suggest that Fukushima-generated radiation levels do not represent a threat to Canada, studies such as these allow scientists to better assess potential impacts on human health and the environment now and in the future.

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  1. Why is this the only article I have come across stating that CS-134 & 137 levels will drop to such low levels when the Japanese are still dumping their highly radioactive storage pools into the Pacific through a pipe hundreds of miles from their coastline where it can be picked up and spread through the ocean currents? AND, this is only ONE very dangerous radioisotope when there are many more that aren’t even mentioned here, such as Strontium-90, Cobalt-60, Plutonium-239. etc. This article just reeks of a cover-up and something the US government would want posted to allay fears. Sorry, I’m not buying it. I read about Fukushima releasing 13,000,000,000 times more neutrons (the most dangerous radiation of all) than originally estimated on January 13, 2015. This article can be found at:

  2. Do you believe the muzzled scientists of Harper’s Government? I sure as hell don’t….

  3. You you were fed bull shit or your information is wrong fukushima is the greatest nuclear disaster since chernobyl presents no threat to animal or human health have you heard of something called the food chain? This is a MASSIVE threat to animal and human health you people should be ashamed of yourself for writing such blatant propaganda to make people feel better about the situation. Some people after four years have forgotten about the situation but I understand that its still leaking hundreds of tons a day into the pacific? Your robots research coming along a bit to slowly is it?
    Maybe the problem is the society you’re using to try and fix the problem considered that? Maybe you would have fixed the problem or more likely would have avoided it in the first place if you stopped using the money way of society. There is another way for society to be and if only you thought how it might exist without money you would have also thought of a real solution to the problem except write bull shit.

  4. Diver reports that more than 5,000 species have virtually vanished from the coastal waters of British Columbia. Only 4 species are continuing successfully. See

  5. As the fallout gets into the brain people will go crazy like a zombie. Its a matter of time. We can’t stop the fallout. That’s why we are seeing the alien saucers. They know humanity is doomed and they are getting ready to take over our planet as we kill off ourselves. Species of aliens are already fighting over the earth planet.

    • GARY… no, there are no saucer people. There is also no zombie apocalypse or form of insanity caused by radiation. There is more than enough “bad” to go around without being silly. I lived in a US state where the government played “lets test stuff on the people” when I was a kid, and seafood from OUR beaches did indeed cause people to set of radiation alarms for a few days after they ate it…. and that level of exposure was just from the garbage Hanhford put into the Columbia River. This is far far worse.

  6. I think that in order to keep things from getting totally out of control, the powers that control everything have decided to keep us distracted. As time passes, fewer people in North America will show concern over Fukushima in fear of being labeled a conspiracist or something. For some reason or another, people are unwilling to face reality. The bottom line is that we are doomed. Our economy is destined for total collapse and for the first time in our history, the majority of America’s population is going to experience chaos first hand.

  7. Is this accurate- Where can I find accurate reading data? Preferably one with regular updates.

    • Yes, it’s a very accurate map of the expected tidal wave heights in centimeters.

  8. 05/08/2015 we have lived on coast 20 plus yrs. chem.trails from uncle sam have given us severe lung damage ie.emphasema on oxygen .thanx now your haarp earth quakes blow fukashima to hell this has KILLED EVERY THING from japan to my doorstep what do we do now? my best friend &love of my lifehas radiation sores breaking out everywhere how do we go on? i use to beleive LOVE can get us allbeyond this now i just sit around and stare at the mess we made of this beutiful home we have ruined and think we deserve all the pain coming our way!! if the aliens or angels are gonna help i say lets get er on!!!!! LOVE AND PEACE ALL.

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