typhoon man-yivia NHK World / Sep 16, 2013 / Workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant are preparing for the approaching storm. They are increasing patrols to make sure contaminated water does not overflow in the heavy rain.

Strong tropical storm Man-yi is expected to approach Japan’s northeastern Fukushima Prefecture on Monday.

By Sunday afternoon, it has already brought heavy rain fall of 41.5 millimeters per hour in a town near the crippled power plant.

Tokyo Electric Power Company workers have placed weights on large cranes used to move debris around the reactor building to keep them from being toppled by strong winds.

They also attached ropes to outdoor piping and pumps that are used to inject water into the reactors.

The operators are strengthening patrols to prevent rain from entering and overflowing the basement of turbine buildings and the underground tunnel where highly contaminated water has accumulated.

They found water overflowing from a fence around storage tanks near the Number 4 reactor on Sunday afternoon. TEPCO officials are inspecting the leaked water to determine if it’s contaminated.

The workers are dismantling a wastewater tank from which highly radioactive water is suspected to have leaked last month.

TEPCO says it plan to continue the work on Monday, but may decide to stop if the weather worsens.

Source: NHK World

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