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Critique of two studies claiming 14,000 deaths and disease in North American caused by the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.

Letter by Yuri Hiranuma to the journal that published the congenital-hypothyroidism study : The journal rejected the letter w/o explanation.

The journal publisher is on Beall’s “List of Predatory Publishers 2014” :

The two studies critiqued

Mangano J, Sherman J, Busby C. (2013). Changes in confirmed plus borderline cases of congenital hypothyroidism in California as a function of environmental fallout from the Fukushima nuclear meltdown. Open Journal of Pediatrics. 3(4).

Mangano J, Sherman J. (2011). An unexpected mortality increase in the United States follows arrival of the radioactive plume from Fukushima: is there a correlation? Int J Health Serv, 42(1): 47-64.

Data sources

California Dept of Public Health Newborn Screening Program
Phone: 510-412-1500

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, MMWR Table III (Mortality)

Thanks to Alfred Körblein ( ), who guided our analyses with his expertise in statistics. Alfred also authored a letter to the editor published in respone to Mangano & Sherman’s 14,000 deaths study:

Thanks also to Mattias Lantz ( ) for his valuable input and analyses of these studies. Lantz has also posted many cogent analyses of Magano & Sherman studies :

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  1. Those 14,000 must have eaten a hell of a lot of albacore tuna..

  2. The debunk has already been debunked and proven geographically there WERE increases in infant mortality, which makes absolute sense because radiation didn’t blow across the U.S. uniformly…it was stronger in some areas than others, known as “hot spots.”

    “Sprey reviewed the data and confirmed that if you accept the sample cities that Sherman and Mangano picked, and also if you accept comparing 4 weeks before the March 11 Fukushima disaster and 10 weeks afterwards, then Sherman and Mangano’s calculations are valid.”

    “Simply by moving the boundary line northward from Santa Cruz Sprey found that the four northernmost Pacific Northwest cities in the CDC sample ? Portland, Tacoma, Seattle and Spokane ? show remarkably significant results ? a larger infant mortality increase than the original Sherman-Mangano results.”

    • Your debunk of the debunk is bunk, and shows you did not watch or understand the video. Both the original study and your CounterPunch article use erroneous definitions that render all conclusions meaningless if not outright false, including the definition of confirmed cases of congenital hypothyroidism which they base on the incorrect TSH>=29 “diagnostic” (actually part of preliminary screening). The video also details specifically how their false CH definition is directly contradicted by their data. They also literally invented a category of “borderline cases” of TSH>=19 out of thin air. Furthermore, they do not use the correct data to come to any conclusion about “infant mortality rate” because they do not include information about live birth rates, and neither does the three year old CounterPunch article you link to. I suggest you re-watch the video and try to understand the points that are actually being made in it.

      • What’s happened to you, Mr. Corbett? Are you feeling all right? You’ve changed, imho. I don’t mind your pro-nuclear bias, but do you need to be rude? I’ll no longer visit nor promote fukushimaupdate and you should know that others have become disillusioned with this site, too. Still, I hope you are well and you take care of yourself…

        • You posted an article that does not address the facts in the video. Now you do not want to discuss the facts in the video at all but the way in which I presented them to you. I myself will avoid your erroneous name-calling (“pro-nuclear”) to refocus the discussion on the facts presented in the video. Although you no longer are visiting this site, I hope we can raise the quality of discussion for future visitors.

  3. Thank you for posting this

    but 14 000 people dying because of tumors in 14 weeks
    oh ya. oh ya.

  4. Where ever you see the names Mangano and Sherman you can be sure that the data has been tortured until it says whatever the authors want it to say.

    So why don’t we just skip all the statistical debate and cut to the chase.

    There were 7 billion people alive on earth when fukushima melted down. All of them are going to die … eventually … of something. So let’s just say that fukushima killed 7 billion people and be done with it.

    • Hear! Hear! But let’s not leave out all the animals, birds, fish, trees, plants, and every thing else. It’s the ultimate statistic that doesn’t need any of the geniuses to play with: 100% devastation. 🙁

      • Our leaders and physicists are not geniuses, they are morons.

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