via / It is now three years since the Fukushima nuclear disaster began in March 2011. Here are the stories of five of the victims who have struggled over these three long years to rebuild their lives. Like tens of thousands forced to flee the second biggest release of radioactive particles in history, they have been ignored and abandoned by their government and TEPCO, owner of the disaster site. They fear being forgotten and that life will get even worse if they are forgotten.

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  1. In 1976 I traveled to Enewetak as part of a USAF mission. We took a boat across the one-half mile lagoon created by the hydrogen blast to a beautiful part of the atoll and viewed an old concrete bunker site still enact after 25 years. Wearing our white booties, our guide cautioned us not to touch the bunker. Placing a geiger counter to the concrete, the reading showed radiation levels that were still at maximum deflection. His comments, “Remember, this destruction is forever.” Some things you never forget! And such a beautiful place!

  2. Is this apparent SIGNIFICANT radiation spike in Japan not going to make it as ‘News’? I have been watching the aftermath for 2- 3 days now and it looks VERY real to me.


    Is it linked to this:

    So, consider this:
    1) Flight MH370 went missing on Saturday morning 8th March
    2) It had a Chinese Uighur who has ‘flight simulator’ expereience on board.
    3) Estimated range of MH370 could apparently extend to Japan
    4) There are plenty of Chinese (and other) nuclear reactors that might be a target
    5) Japan currently hyper-sensitive and on-their-toes regarding radiation detection
    6) March 11th/12th: Significant radiation detected over a very wide area of Southern Japan – clearly nothing to do with Fukushima. Winds 5-10kn.
    7) Oh yes, almost forgot, the US have announced (supported with compelling evidence) that MH370 was hijacked (or similar).

    Something odd going on in SEAsia and nobodys talking.

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