koizumivia The Japan News / October 3, 2013 /

Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi said Japan should abandon nuclear power.

“I’m calling for zero nuclear power,” he said in a speech in Nagoya.

The 2011 earthquake and tsunami, which triggered a nuclear crisis at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima No. 1 plant, should be taken as an opportunity to build a resource-recycling society without nuclear power, he said on Tuesday.

Nothing is costlier than nuclear power, Koizumi said. The consequences of a nuclear accident are enormous, and it takes 40 to 50 years to decommission a nuclear reactor, he said. The popular former leader called on the government of current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to decide early to give up nuclear power.

Japan can survive without nuclear power, Koizumi said. “The sooner, the better,” he added.

If the government and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party adopt the policy of abandoning nuclear power, the move will create an encouraging atmosphere as all opposition parties are for the move, he said.

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  1. “Japan can survive without nuclear power, Koizumi said. “The sooner, the better,” he added.”
    nu der Begriff to survive könnt auch ersetzt sein durch “mankind lifes longer”, weil Japan ist ja soe eines der “ewigen Staaten” weltweit.

    • So ein schmarrn! Koizumi hat voellig recht!

  2. Good. Solar forever.

  3. End Nuclear Power before Fukushima & other nuclear catastrophes end us as a species & life as we know it on Planet Earth!

  4. Good advice but a little late.

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