sendai-nuclear-power-plantvia / June 1, 2015 / Japan’s Kyushu Electric Power said on Tuesday it has delayed the restart of its Sendai nuclear plant in southwestern Japan, the first to be brought back into service under new rules introduced after the 2011 Fukushima disaster.

The delay to mid-August from the previous target of late July follows a warning by Japan’s nuclear regulator in April that the utility’s schedule for a restart was too optimistic.

All 43 of Japan’s operable nuclear reactors are currently offline. A restart of Sendai’s 890-megawatt No. 1 unit following stringent safety checks would mark the first resumption of nuclear power generation in nearly two years.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said rebooting the country’s nuclear sector is needed to cut the cost of using fossil fuels for power generation, but he faces a deeply skeptical public after the meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi plant north of Tokyo.

Kyushu has notified the nuclear regulator that operational checks of some facilities needed before it can start loading uranium fuel into the reactor are likely to end two weeks later than previously announced, a Kyushu spokesman said.

Delaying the restart would likely raise the consumption of fossil fuels in the peak summer demand season, the spokesman said, declining to give details.

The company made no changes to the planned restart of the 890-megawatt Sendai No. 2 reactor in late September. The No. 1 unit has been offline since May 2011 and the second unit since September that year.

Five of Japan’s reactors have received basic clearance and are at varying stages of the review process.

(Reporting by Osamu Tsukimori; Editing by Aaron Sheldrick and Richard Pullin)

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  1. This makes no since. Nuclear powered submarines rums off of nuclear power and they face for and explosions and their reactors do not blow up. All because it was under miltary control. Now days it’s all about money before safety . Everyone needs to make the reactor more safe and like indestructible. Japan messed up by building that power plant on my tsunami prone counrty right on the beach. Why would they do they? And they built it right on a fault line. Dang near it. Like Chernobyl they had a meltdown just by doing a safety check. They they had a power surge. Like really? So much for a safety check. They need to think everything over. redesign the reactor and the power plant. Try to put fail safes everywhere. Probably two or three in the same spot just to make sure if one fails or two there will always be a back up fail safe. Radiation is nothing to play with dangerous to living organisms. That counts as us. Hell they don’t even know what to do with nuclear byproducts. How about thinking about that before continuing building more power plants. We only have one planet and it’s not all about money and greed look at the bigger picture. All the people on earth. And the planet we live on. One major meltdown from one planet can cause so much damage keep on releasing isotopes keep on releasing massive amount or radiation into the waters. If radiation kills us. Think about this. Everyone eats fish. Putting all of that radiation in the water. People eats the first isotopes that go to your mussels and some to your bones and you will have no idea. Probably won’t even know why your sick. All of the fish and animals in the sea can die. Stop building these things right next the the ocean. I know they have to have a big supply of water. But there is other ways. There is always other ways. Everyone just refuses to think. Everyone says now safety first… what it wasn’t always about safety? If it’s so safe. Why build it on a country that was over do for a tsunami and an earth quakes hell it’s even probe to tsunamis. Okay “we need power” if yall need power that bad. Don’t screw up a whole counrty like what happened to Russia.

  2. Haven’t you learned your lesson? Millions will die from this Fukashima. Both in Japan, Korea and the US. Not to mention the fish you have killed, ruined their DNA, destroyed the ocean for millions of years. Your on a fault line, decommission your reactors and die with honor.

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