Yoshinoya_ShopFaith Aquino / The Japan Daily Press / Oct 2, 2013

Japanese fast food chain Yoshinoya dares to farm in Fukushima Prefecture, home of the world’s worst nuclear meltdown in two decades, where they plan to harvest rice and vegetable produce as ingredients for their dishes. Yoshinoya Holdings said it has collaborated with local farmers in the prefecture, forming the Yoshinoya Farm Fukushima.

Yoshinoya and local farmers will be utilizing 4.3 hectares of land in the city of Shirakawa. The so-called gateway to the old Mutsu Province is around 80 kilometers (50 miles) away from the nuclear power plant that the 2011 tsunami brought down. The farm produce will be harvested for domestic use. Among the vegetables that will be planted are cabbages and onions.

Besides having a farm, Yoshinoya Holdings will also build a facility that will process ingredients for its fast-food outlets in Japan. The firm will also employ local people in the factory. As people are still wary to consume products from Fukushima, the fast-food operator said it will subject its farm produce to strict radiation screening measures.

Although there remains a large area in the prefecture that was not affected by the nuclear meltdown, farmers across Fukushima still suffer as their produce is sold at very low prices, if they’re even sold at all. Yoshinoya believes that having a Fukushima-based farm will “lead to support for reconstruction” and will help keep its dishes low-priced.


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  1. Japan, R.I.P.
    All of Japan is doomed, eventually dragging the rest of the world into its abyss.
    Prime Minister Abe has sold his soul and the Japanese people just look the other way. For shame, for shame. R.I.P.

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