A drone used to measure radiation levels was launched near Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant.

A drone used to measure radiation levels was launched near Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant.

by Maan Pamintuan / via Japan Daily Press / January 27, 2014 /

A drone manufactured to measure radiation levels has been developed by the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency and the Japanese Space Exploration Agency. It is operated using a remote control and unlike manned aircrafts, it has the option to fly lower, with a minimum of 300 meters in altitude.

As the earthquake and tsunami hit area of Fukushima killed 15,000 people and 3,000 more missing, it also affected the nearby nuclear power plant, causing a nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, that is reportedly more damaging than Chernobyl. With nuclear levels running higher than the acceptable limit for human exposure, the decommissioning process at the plant has been running into delays. The drone was launched to fly around the Fukushima plant and measure radiation levels, taking off around six kilometers away from the damaged power plant in Namie City. While flying for thirty minutes, it was able to collect radiation levels in real-time and went back to the scientists for analysis of data.


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  1. And after the plane has emersed itself in high radiation it will fly back and land and expose everyone around it to this….brilliant…you now have flying hazardous waste….hope the ground crew is properly outfitted and they have a decontamination process to clean the plane every time it is used, not like the US Military where they have a bucket of water, mixed with Dawn Dish detergent, sweep it till it foams then over the edge of the deck and into the ocean.

  2. Well spotted Groingo! Irradiated drones; how inventive….. and, as you rightly point out, just another medium for spreading the contamination around and endangering workers/people.

    And I’m wondering, how come, if these mega-brains can remotely control a drone from 6kms away, they can’t get the damn thing to send/transmit it’s images and data…. then no-one would need to go near it….. or would that cost more money?

  3. So what did it find out???

    • AhhHah! Never you mind…. that’s for them to know and for us to find out nothing about.

      My guess is they’ll do what they always do: announce some type of “it’s all fine, nothing to worry about” spin….. the usual alarming lack of transparency will cause unnecessary wild speculation and then, in a few months, we might get drip fed some real info, by which stage it will be just another “that was then” statistic….. nothing to worry about.

      Of course there is the remote possibility that they will tell truth…… and pigs will fly, and we’ll all wake up and find out it was just a bad dream.

      Let’s face it: if there was any good news, what would be the point of keeping silent?

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