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The week began with several high-profile attacks on Christopher Busby, visiting professor at the University of Ulster’s school of
biomedical sciences and scientific secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk:

Now Dr. Busby has responded:

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  1. It is surely true that Calcium pills (quite cheap usually) can prevent substitution of Calcium in living tissues by the quite radioactive (beta 0.54 MeV) Sr90 which has similar chemical properties as the stable Calcium. But the DNA molecule doesn’t contain any Calcium atom, so it is patent nonsense to claim that a calcium pill can prevent Sr90 “binding to the DNA”, not speaking about Uranium. So I don’t wonder they mock him, because clearly, he doesn’t much understand the very basics of the matter and the fact that he repeates such a blunder looks to me that the “character assassination” is rather a suicide.

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