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Since the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, people have been quick to blame radiation levels across the Pacific on the deteriorating power plant. Is the radiation spreading that far, and is there any way to tell if it’s actually from Japan? Trace explains why even with the best technology, we can’t make Fukushima the culprit. So stop worrying!

This video is a follow-up to, “Fukushima Radiation: What You’ve Heard are LIES!” Watch the original here:

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  1. Hi Trace,
    Thanks so much for the “voice of reason” in the din of sensationalist reporting.

    I live in far northern California about 85 miles west of the city of Redding.
    We are also roughly about the same distance from the Pacific ocean.

    We bought 2 Geiger counters in early 2013 after being concerned about the claims of “a massive wave of radiation hitting the west coast US”.
    One is an SEI “The Inspector” which is a Geiger counter and also does the very important function of giving timed averages AKA dosage rates.

    The other unit is a plain hand held SEI survey instrument with an analog meter.
    We bought a calibrated “source” as well which is a small chunk of uranium, uraninite actually, that puts out 300 CPM at a specific distance. With this we verify that both instruments are within spec.

    We are taking 10 minute averages every day and they are always around 30-40 CPM, or 300-400 counts/10 minutes. (Counts divided by minutes equals average dose)

    This is quite low. I reckon that if we did not have the de-commissioned PG&E nuke plant at Eureka CA, which is pretty much directly west of here, we would see about 10-20 CPM… An educated guess since I am a professional instrumentation tech by trade dealing with environmental measurements for water, power, sewage treatment, and weather agencies over the last 40 years.

    We have been reporting these numbers and many people have accused us of being shills, working for the government or worse being disinformation agents for Tepco for crying out loud!
    We are about as far away from being that as anyone on Earth. We are very sensitive to accurate reporting not only because that is the unwritten law that instrumentation techs report accurate readings but also that my wife was injured by the Sodium Reactor Meltdown at Simi Valley in 1959 when she was 7 years old. She developed a type of thyroid cancer that is only attributed to severe exposure to iodine 131. She had to undergo surgery that removed 90% of her failed thyroid gland and has been required to take thyroid pills from that time forward.

    Even after all that, she led a healthy life, and was even healthy enough to donate a kidney to her sister in 1995.

    We know the cost of exposure, but we also know the way it works. for example, I see a well known internet publicity figure saying that “People are dying from Fukushima radiation in the US” and that people should take “Radiation pills” to protect themselves from Fukushima radiation.

    That is a very wrong approach. You NEVER want to take doses of KI (potassium iodide) unless you know for certain that you are going to be exposed to iodine 131…. This is the ONLY radiation product that KI will protect you from and it only protects the thyroid gland by “pre-filling” it with standard iodine. Worst case is that you find out you are allergic to iodine and suffer adverse reactions which can even be fatal.

    The trouble with the bad reporting is that the half life of I131 is 8 days… Well it takes 3 days minimum for weather to get to the west coast from the Sea of Japan, and another week or so to get to the east US if it actually goes that way at all. So if they are seeing I131 in Texas, it is diluted massively by then and over the hill so to speak being past it’s half life. Not to mention that we would see it here in northern CA! We do not!

    KI tablets do nothing to protect from cesium, plutonium, uranium, tritium, tellurium or any other of the heavy nuclear by-products.

    Thanks again Trace!

    Turn up the signal, wipe out the noise!
    Peter Gabriel

    • Thank you for your video. There is one solid answer to your statement that a geiger counter will measure all radiation and one can’t know what kind.
      There is a way to differentiate ,background and non-Fukushima radiation, from Fukushima generated radiation.
      Not much is said about this process in most discourses about measuring radiation and it’s potential risk to the public.
      The answer, as I see it, is to do gamma ray spectroscopy. This would allow a person to tell “what” kind of radiation is present and if it came from Fukushima or not. From what I
      have seen so far, that’s a simplified explanation, that requires one to study the process and purchase the somewhat more expensive equipment .
      Still, it seems a good solution to the speculation problem. Here’s how it’s done.
      (It can de done remotely, at the beach also.)
      Thanks, Bob

  2. This guys credibility goes without saying….he has none, heck he doesn’t even have a Radiation Detector….just more Internet Blather.

    • I would bet my life this guy is being paid by Tepco or Japan to say this shit. I agree Japan needs to be invaded, we should have just fuc_ing whipped them out when we had the chance!

  3. This is lunacy. Japan needs be “invaded” and all its nuclear reactors shut down for the sake of all mankind. If a major quake hits again that’s it! If Japan sinks into the ocean we are all DEAD!

  4. Surrre, the radiation might be from a recent nuclear explosion, or the radioactive minerals in the sand or some radioactive bananas somewhere on the beach blablabla… Nothing funny but most certainly nothing realistic about this kind of babbling… downplaying the dangers of radiation might be even more dangerous then the radiation itself! since there are many ways to protect yourself it would be much more usefull to give people information on that.

  5. Wow, this is great! I don’t have to worry at all because the government says it is okay. I surely trust them! No danger here, just in Japan where the fish are poisoned. No connection from their water to ours, we make our own Ocean Water here in California! Sigh, now I can rest. I think I will invite my children and grandchildren over for a dinner of fresh caught Alaskan fish. YAY!

  6. Thats absurd! How can you not blame Fukushima for the obvious over radiation of our Pacific Ocean? The radiation levels in the Pacific before 2011? So one can only assume that a deteriorating power plant on the coast of the Pacific ocean would be the reason, cram the B.S. nobody is pulling the wool over my eyes!

  7. “They’re All Gone”: Shock as sardines vanish off California — Fishermen didn’t find a single one all summer — Scientist: This is about the entire Pacific coast… Canada, Mexico, U.S. — NOAA: We don’t know why; The young aren’t surviving

  8. DNEWS has now been “outed” as a Gatekeeper.

    Is there really anyone who thinks you can equate a “hot particle” to a banana……

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