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(UPDATE 12/31/2013) For those who want the summary of the steam incident since July this year and the Reactor 3 operating floor condition since the March 2011 accident, I have a new post.


An acquaintance who casually follows the Fukushima I NPP accident sent me a link, quite worried. I opened the link, and I started laughing, then I despaired – realizing that this may be the current level of understanding in the US when it comes to the Fukushima I NPP accident.

I have no idea who this is (“Turner Radio Network – Free Speech, No Matter Who Doesn’t Like It”), but it has an urgent news flash on December 28, 2013:

Persons residing on the west coast of North America should IMMEDIATELY begin preparing for another possible onslaught of dangerous atmospheric radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster site in Japan. The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) says radioactive steam has suddenly begun emanating from previously exploded nuclear reactor building #3 at the Fukuishima disaster site in Japan. TEPCO says they do not know why this is happening and cannot go into the building to see what’s happening due to damage and lethal radiation levels in that building. Experts say this could be the beginning of a “spent fuel pool criticality (meltdown)” …


The page shows a photograph of Reactor 3 steaming vigorously to lend support to the contention above.

The problem? It is a photo from March 2011 right after the building blew up.

Further down the post,

The video below was taken several months ago by TEPCO. It shows that the roof is totally blown off reactor building # 3


Uh… no. All the debris on the operating floor of Reactor 3 has been painstakingly removed, piece by piece, by remote-control cranes and shovels supervised by carbon-based human workers wearing tungsten vests who were physically there on the platform surrounding the reactor building.

The readers of this blog know (I hope) about the story of this “steam” rising from Reactor 3’s operating floor. The best hypothesis so far is that this is a combination of rainwater going through the gaps and reaching the Containment Vessel below and being heated up and the steam leaking from a breach somewhere in the Containment Vessel as nitrogen gas is injected into the CV. The steam tends to get observed when it is raining or after it rains.

The steam rising from the gap in the Reactor 3 operating floor looks like this:

I suppose it is free speech to claim this is vigorous enough to reach the height of the jet stream and hit the west coast of North America. Or, to use the favorite refrain among many Japanese, “erring on the side of caution“.

The lack of coverage of the Fukushima nuclear accident by the established media in the US has been being filled by the alternative media. For good or bad.

For those who care to know, this is what the operating floor of Reactor 3 looked like, and looks like now (from TEPCO’s photos and videos library):

March 16, 2011:

March 24, 2011:

July 11, 2012:

September 21, 2012 (SFP, when TEPCO started removing the debris):

May 25, 2013:

October 10, 2013:

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  1. That all being said, if there was another devastating earthquke, or other cause of a Reactor 3 meltdown, there definitely would be a huge explosion and huge amounts of deadly radiation in cloud form that would make it to the states within days. “Debunking” this only prevents people from taking it seriously and preparing.

    It’s time to get real. We are no match for mother nature. Chernobyl was so much worse then anyone could have predicted, and the mistakes made and idiots making ego-driven and finacial driven decisions, rather than safe and responsible decisions are ruining this planet.

    Do the right thing and warn people to be prepared.

    • Thank you for the detailed information.

      Yes, the situation is already critical enough, fear-mongers are as harmful as those who play it all down.

      I had posted the Turner article on my fb-page and now removed it again.

      Once again, thanks for keeping us updated.


    • No their wouldn’t be a huge explosion or huge amounts of deadly radiation in cloud form.

      First reactor 3 has been shut down for over 2 years, it has already done all the melting down it is going to do.

      Second the earthquake didn’t do any significant damage. It was the tsunami which knocked out the backup generators in the bsaements.

      Yes we do need to get real. Unless you want to build a house directly on the Fukushima plant site you have nothing significant to worry about.

    • I replied to a later comment, but wanted to repost and add that the U.S. legislature passed a law that allowed the nuclear power companies to need only 100 million dollars of insurance coverage. Another “WOW”.

      WOW! I thought I was the only one on the planet that knew about that natural reactor in Africa!

      I believe there was too much of a rush to get commercial nuclear power…probably because the governments needed more plutonium for their magnificently evil weapons of mass death.

      If you ever read “We Almost Lost Detroit”, you would know that they built a fast breeder reactor named Fermi 1 to make plutonium and to generate electricity. This insanely designed reactor used molten sodium to cool the reactor. Molten sodium was used because, as I understand it, sodium slowed down the neutrons so the production of plutonium was more efficient.

      Now, before you start thinking “what’s the big deal about salt?”, understand that salt is sodium chloride, a chemical compound. “Elemental sodium” is a metal that does not occur naturally because it is so highly reactive. In high school chemistry class our instructor took a tiny sliver of sodium and dropped it in water. We watched it scoot around the surface of the water as it violently reacted. A larger piece would immediately break down the water into hydrogen and oxygen, and the heat of the reaction would spark an explosion.

      So….Detroit Edison, who built the plant, used tons and tons of sodium to cool the reactor. The smokin’ hot molten sodium would pass through a heat exchanger to transfer the heat to water, produce steam, and drive the generators.

      Now, in a conventional reactor, when you get a crack in the heat exchanger you would need to shut the system down and fix the leak. At Fermi 1, when you get a leak in the heat exchanger, the entire plant blows to hell.

      My point here is that the rush to get conventional nuclear power doomed us to Fukushima/Chernobol/Three Mile Island/Fermi 1 type of tradgedies.

      Let’s try conservation.

  2. You believe TEPCO? who’s naive?

  3. Dear “Me”,

    You are named quite appropriately. What a surprise you don’t even put some type of name to the reckless fear mongering you are spouting. There have been people like you throughout history bothering rational people for thousands of years and all you do is distract and prove to be a nuisance.

    People should be informed. That’s it. Scaring them with platitudes and, in your case, absolutely nothing to back up your point (and being filled with spelling errors and grammatical issues).

    What would we do if your doomsday prophecy comes true? NOTHING. We are long past the point of being able to contend with the dangerous technology we have discovered and proliferated. Nuclear power is only one of many. If you want to spend your time being worried about one or more of them, feel free to sit nervously in a corner with your head under your schooldesk (as the other fearmongers instructed us during the Cold War) but don’t try to shame others for “not being responsible” or whatever other twisted view you have for having a different, and in all cases, much more informed opinion.

    • You are not using the term Fear Mongering correctly, as it doesn’t apply here. Fear Mongering is used to control people, and keep the truth from them with lies and deception. And that is what Tepco is doing. I am actually trying to shed light on the subject to educate innocent people as to the possibility of what hey should do if there is a full meltdown. Being prepared can not hurt. Hopefully there is nothing else to be concerned with, however, we all have witnessed over and over, mans continued repeating of mistakes throughout history due to ego, pride, and ignorance. The people of Russia were mislead over and over from the beginning and throughout the Chernobyl disaster, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths and illnesses. The government even had to pay the people that were lied to and still does to this day since many were exposed and most likely will have health problems as they get older.

      Say what you will about me, but you can’t argue what history has already shown… That people are out to save their own skin and Tepco will most likely say things are not as bad as they are to get people to even work in that horrible death trap environment. And they will keep the story internal until the last moment, which may be too late for the rest of the world.

      Don’t think it’s possible? Here’s some light reading… Enjoy:

      • Although it is Russia we are talking about, and getting the truth is next to impossible, the number of fatalities over Chernobyl was only 32. The disaster may be traced to a poorly conceived and executed test of equipment, however, the biggest problem was lack of a containment building which would have severely limited the problem. This particular cost saving measure has never been allowed in US Commercial Nuclear plants, where public safety, despite what you have been told, is a high priority.

  4. The information on this website is accurate. I perused the official report concerning the Fukushima 3 reactor yesterday after a friend of mine posted that crazy diatribe on facebook about how the plant had steam rising from it and was going to destroy the west coast. Two things made that suspicious. Number one: It wasn’t being reported by any news station. American media may be able to contain a story, but they don’t control ALL media sources. Number two: The Japanese people would have reported via facebook, youtube, and other media. There is a story about how the yakuza are using street people to clean up the reactor site. There is a huge difference between reporting the reality on the ground that can be verified through other sources and causing panic on purpose. We’re fortunate to live at a time where we can use the internet to verify by means of the people living in that area of the world.

    • This particular event may not be reported…yet. However, channel 5 news in San Diego has reported a 26% increase in infant hypothyroidism. What once was a condition reported,(as every infant is checked for hypothyroidism), as one in a million condition has increased to 400 in 100,000, as best I can remember. The channel 5 report is out there and my numbers may not be accurate, but the 26% increase is what was reported. so to say no harmful radiation is reaching the west coast is nothing but a lie. Unfortunately, the truth will not be known for a few more years. NASA claims the chemtrails are used to monitor air flows in the upper atmosphere. I never believed in chemtrails until I saw for myself over the skies where I live . Could it be they have increased the aerosol spraying to monitor where the radiation is spreading in Southern California? Since the event, the people of San Clemente have pushed back and the San Onofre power plant is now being decommissioned. I know a gal that grew up on San Clemente. Three of her four brothers that surfed Tresles, the break adjacent to the power plant have developed some sort of cancer. Draw your own conclusions, I think we can due without nuclear power. Isn’t it interesting that no nuke plant is ever built near a capitol building.

      • You aren’t very good with geography then. Ever hear of Three Mile Island? 12 miles from the state capitol. This is all nonsense.

      • Lyle M – your an IDIOT. I knew people that grew up at perpendicular angles to San Onofre and ate CARROTS – they died of carrot cancer. Just up the road, you DO know (or maybe not) Rancho Seco nuclear was just outside of Sacramento – California’s state capitol . Harsh on your theory. Draw your own conclusions – if we do without nuclear power the lights will be out for 6 hours per day. How did Channel 5 get a hold of the Medical Records data to determine this (exact quote) 26% increase in infant hypothyroidism – all related to PLUTONIUM – yes yes – run for the hills Ma Parker.

  5. A couple weeks ago I contacted FEMA to see if they had a plan if Fuk blows up spewing radiation into the air on the West Coast, they told me this is not their job that FEMA only reacts AFTER a disaster, so I should call my state disaster preparedness for which I did and they said they have no plans on the books that you need to call your county and local emergency management, so I did and they had nothing and told me to call the local fire department as they would be the first responders and the Chief for South Kitsap County told me he was concerned as well since they are the first line of defense but honestly they have no special orders or equipment and could only tell the tape and plastic story but he finished with then you just bend over and Kiss your A– goodbye, he was equally shocked that there is NO plan in place….not an inspiring future for the West Coast or the US in general.
    Me personally, I have my Passport coming (hope it arrives in time), then I get my Visa for Australia and when things start to look like they are going sideways I am gone.

    • You DO know that Australia is closer to Japan than the US is, right?

    • Hey – GROINGO – you didn’t attend many science classes. You’re going to tell me pissing in the Mississippi causes flooding. Then you’re going to tell me LIFE WILL BE WIPED OUT when the wisp of radioactive dust or vapour drifts over the ocean. Now what do you think gives a larger dose of radiation: your paranoid fantasy about Fukushima OR a day outdoors in the sun? The proof can be had with a geiger from Radio Shack.

  6. GROINGO, I too live in WA state. You say you will go to Australia when the sh*t hits the fan? Good luck with that plan. You’ll have 36 hours max before the radiation hits. Good luck finding a flight out of Sea/Tac of PDX. You and thousands of others will be trying to do the same thing. Unless you have a private plane, you are screwed. Mass panic will ensue and as the Fire Chief says, Kiss your A** goodbye. I have the masks, tape, plastic, fresh water, and tons of canned food. But I ask myself why? I may be able to hold out a little longer, but I will just be delaying my death by a week or so. Lets just hope that they can clean that mess us, remove the rods, and hope that no more major earthquakes hit until they are done. If the worst comes to reality, the entire northern hemisphere will be uninhabitable. Scary stuff man, scary!

    • You’re right, all I can do is keep tabs on what is going on in Japan or better yet just go now.
      The agrivating thing is friends and family trust the US Government to make everything OK so I will do what I have to do for me and my cat, one thing for sure, I have no intention of just setting back and doing nothing.
      The real alarming thing is this Fukushima mess will be threatening the world for decades to come, and this is just ONE Nuke Plant!
      Problem with the world today, if there wasn’t Fukushima there is always something else.

    • Hey washman66 -please post the data, scientific study, chemistry, fallout computations, unreliable computer modeling etc etc – ad infinitum and ad nauseum of which you were able to state that (exact quote) If the worst comes to reality, the entire northern hemisphere will be uninhabitable.

      Tell me PRECISELY the longitudes and latitudes you are referring to. When people will be dropping dead, JESUS will have to intervene, mummies will be walking around glowing, PLUTONIUM dust will get in your jock strap – be real direct on this ” the entire northern hemisphere will be uninhabitable”.

  7. The debate is about whether the steam coming from fissures in the ground, from #3, and from the ocean are from the normal decay heat found in spent fuel pools, or from an uncontrolled source of heat, such as a corium blob somewhere.

    To figure out the difference, the AMOUNT of steam should matter, as does the radiation level of the steam itself. TEPCO will not disclose the amount, nor the radioactive elements inside the steam. They have made up various stories, saying it is rainwater evaporating, and a variety of other reasons, including they don’t know what causes it. Why would someone who is in a position of very easily finding out what it is, where it is coming from and how dangerous it is REFUSE to do any of the above?

    Usually, when someone is hiding something, there is something BAD going on. There is no reason to hide good news, correct? TEPCO has been lying, denying and deceiving people since day 1. Is it any surprise that people make up stuff to fill in the absolute lack of credible information? Is it any wonder that people panic when someone presents fear porn?

    The antidote to fear is information, which TEPCO is not providing. They have no interest in finding out where the coriums are, despite lots of technology available to tell them instantly where they are, what amount of fission is going on and where the coriums are exactly. Again the lack of information despite them bringing in corium finding equipment leaves one to assume the worst.

    The fact that they will not even admit to massive amounts of plutonium being released, a criticality explosion, or two melt outs visible on video and pictures from #3 and #4 gives informed people great concern.

    If they can hide and deny even BASIC facts, what ELSE are they hiding and denying, underneath a steaming #3?

  8. The Ecologist has an interesting take on the Fukushima steam. I agree that the steam is not vigorous to reach the jet stream. Still, if a meltdown is still a potential, then what are the dangers? Could a much larger cloud, containing radioactive contamination, reach North America by air if a major meltdown happened?

    Fukushima meltdown? Mystery steam rising over Reactor 3
    Oliver Tickell

    31st December 2013

    Unexplained plumes of radioactive steam have been rising from Fukushima’s Reactor Building 3, Could a major meltdown be on the way?

    Fukushima’s Reactor Building 3 exploded on 13th March 2011 as a result of a hydrogen buildup, breaching the building’s containment and emitting a huge plume of radiation. The reactor itself is in meltdown.

    And now fresh plumes of steam have been seen coming out the structure. These have now been confirmed by Tepco, the owner of the nuclear plant, from 19th December onwards. The company believes the steam is coming from the fifth floor of the building.

    However it does not know the cause of the steam. Lethal levels of radiation and the physical damage to the structure have so far made entry and inspection impossible.

    Possibility 1: a meltdown is taking place

    The Reactor 3 fuel storage pond still houses an estimated 89 tonnes of the plutonium-based MOX nuclear fuel employed by the reactor, composed of 514 fuel rods.

    Ever since the explosion Tepco has been concerned that if the spent fuel storage pond dries out, the intensely radioactive spent fuel rods would melt down and produce further significant radioactive emissions.

    One possibility is that this process may now be taking place. In the event of water loss from the pond, the water would begin to overheat and produce clouds of steam, prior to a complete meltdown. If this is the case then a second major nuclear disaster at Fukushima is in the making.

    This explanation appears to be relatively improbable, however the Turner Radio Network is advising people on the West Coast of North America to “prepare for the worst” in case a meltdown of the waste fuel is in fact commencing.

    No official warnings have been released on either side of the Pacific.

    Possibility 2: ‘corium’ has reached groundwater

    Reactor 3 itself contained 566 fuel rods, and has experienced a complete meltdown. The location of the molten fuel, known as ‘corium’, is unknown, but it may have burnt its way through the reactor base and entered the underlying soil.

    This would also produce steam as the hot corium came into contact with groundwater, while also releasing radioactive contamination to make its way into the Pacific Ocean.

    Possibility 3: rainwater on stray fuel elements / Reactor

    An alternative explanation is that the steam plumes could be caused by stray fuel pellets and reactor rod fragments – which themselves produce significant amounts of heat – coming into contact with rainwater percolating through the damaged and roofless structure.

    And of course the same water could be reaching the hot reactor vessel. According to a Fairewinds Energy Education posting on Facebook, the reactor is currently producing about 1 MW of heat, equivalent to 1,000 1KW electric fires, so enough to produce plenty of steam.

    This would provide the least worrying explanation for the steam, in that as the radioactivity continues decline so will the heat production and the volume of steam produced. If this explanation is correct, there is no reason expect any catastrophic outcome.

    However the steam is carrying considerable amounts of radiation into the atmosphere and represents an ongoing radiation hazard.

  9. First of all you have to know who HAL TURNER really is:
    Harold Charles “Hal” Turner (born March 15, 1962) is an American white nationalist, Holocaust denier[1] and blogger from North Bergen, New Jersey. In August 2010, he was convicted for making threats against three federal judges with the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Prior to Turner’s arrest, his radio program, The Hal Turner Show, was a webcast from his home once a week.
    Origin of China Eminent Domain Hoax

    In February 2009, Turner posted an article to his blog entitled: “FEDS GRANT EMINENT DOMAIN AS COLLATERAL TO CHINA FOR U.S. DEBTS!” claiming that a secret agreement had been made to allow China to physically take U.S. land, in the event of a U.S. default.[24] The story then went viral and was posted across the internet, including most conspiracy and extremist right-wing sites and forums.[25]
    Turner was a paid FBI informant for several years, supplying information about right-wing groups to federal agents.[27] The original allegations that Turner acted as an informant for the FBI surfaced in 2008 after unidentified hackers claimed on Turner’s website’s forums that they had read email correspondence between him and an FBI agent, apparently his handler.[28] This led to a discussion on a neo-Nazi website on January 10, 2008, in which Turner revealed he was quitting political work, was ending his radio show and that he was separating “from the ‘pro-White’ movement”.

  10. I think the reason the images were from earlier is that they were essentially being used as stock photos as the report from TEPCO didn’t provide new images. I agree that the turnernewsnetwork sounds like a questionable source but the fact is that the article is based on TEPCO’s own release. The fact that no other more legitimate news agencies hadn’t picked up on the story is a reflection of how quietly they released the information – namely, on their website in Japanese only. More mainstream news sites such as Gizmodo are beginning to report it now. Remember kids, just because something isn’t reported doesn’t mean that it isn’t true and similarly just because a hysterical person in the streets says “the sky is falling” doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t, not if there’s a 17KM wide asteroid pointed at Earth. We all know by now that TEPCO and the Japanese Government have gone to great lengths to conceal the true extent of the disaster until well after it is time to appropriately report it. And yes, social media is a good way to guage on-the-ground reality when it comes to things like recruiting the homeless and so on, but keep in mind that this is now one of the least sparsely populated and highly secured industrial sites in the world, so chances of someone posting a status update to the effect of “New steam coming out of the ground right here lawl #wearedoomed #runforthehills” is pretty unlikely. As with all things, individuals should take all things into consideration before deciding for themselves what they think.

    As for the source of the water, I don’t personally think it much matters – whether the core has melted past the basement into ground water or if rainwater is leaking in, the fact of the matter is that steam happens when water is heated, and since all the sources of heat in that building are radioactive ones, and we have established that the steam itself is in fact highly contaminated, IMHO it makes little practical difference WHERE the water is coming from. The fact remains that it is radioactive steam being released in an uncontrolled manner into the environment, and the cumulative effects of all these “little” leaks are a concern for which we should be making the appropriate, rational preparations for dealing with.

    My 2¢. Love the blog, thanks for your work.

    • Your 2¢ and a nickel will get me 5¢.

      It’s obvious from the article itself that Tepco has indeed released pictures of the very faint and wispy steam from the top of unit 3. There’s a video right there.

      It’s also extremely clearly reported that the steam is NOT radioactive. And that is where Turner jumps off the reality bus – he simply invents the radioactivity. He is departing completely from the information provided and simply gulling the audience for drama.

      As for the heat onsite – the containment vessel is warm from the decay inside, but the warmed rain is on the outside, which explains why there is NO rise in radioactivity. If you hadn’t heard – metal can in fact conduct heat.

      The “argument to paranoia” of claiming that anything that hasn’t been reported can be true – and by implication is likely to be true – is simple fantasy, a strange wish for dire consequences despite a total lack of evidence.

  11. I am living in Southern Cal. The hills have not turned green like they do twice a year since the accident and no California poppies have bloomed in the usual areas when they covered the hills every spring as long as I can remember. The west facing hills look like they have burnt, as if a fire gone through but where no fire has been. The east face of they hills don’t look as bad, but still not normal. To say that no harmful radiation is reaching the west coast is a total farce. I’m no expert, but I was an honor graduate from the US Army’s Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Warfare School. I also wrote a thesis that concluded the radiation from the two bombs dropped on Japan killed as many people as the initial blasts. The first thing that happens in any nuclear accident is the lie of how bad it really is…every single time throughout history. Unfortunatly, the reality of it all will not be known for years. San Diego has reported a 26% increase in hypothyroidism in children. Draw your own conclusios and do your own due dilligence. Google “Voices of Iowa” as this blog is put up by a gal that has a degree in environmental science and intensely researched the long lasting effects of Chernobyl and lists all resources to back it up, none of which come from media, mainstream or alternate.

    • I also live in Southern California and can tell you that the reason the hills haven’t been green and that poppies haven’t bloomed is that Southern California (and California as a whole) is in the middle of several years of dought. And it looks like it will continue. Most times the simplest causes are the most likely. No water= no green

  12. For the end days are upon us. Take refuge in the lord, for the apocalypse is here and his wrath shall destroy the earth.

  13. Hi y’all.

    Be prepared?


  14. It’s time to stop profiting off of the misfortune of others. Time to stop destroying our planet and ourselves with un-natural energy. Using sound as a power/ energy source is possible, and the only way.

    • What is un-natural about nuclear energy? Uraniuam occurs in nature and there was even a natural reactor at one time in Oklo Africa.

  15. Again maybe some of you dont understand. There is nothing to be prepared for. If we cant get Fukushima under control taking iodine and eating veggies and moving to Chile will not save you. The radiation will spread everywhere. Once you understand this you will hopefully see Fukushima in a sadly clearer light…..and then hopefully call for action.

    • Actually the iodine WILL help! At least, in inhibiting the uptake of radioactive I-131. Potassium can help inhibit the uptake of Ce-134 and Ce-137. I would NOT give up on smart nutritional interventions, that’s for sure. There’s one more “controversial” food you can eat, but I won’t mention it here.

      • No, iodine is of zero value now. As you say, it is only of use for inhibiting the uptake of I-131 – but there is none of this isotope left from Fukushima. A half-life of about 8 days means that there are zero atoms of I-131 left after about 2 years.

        Prophylactic iodine is actually of dubious value for adults in the first place – studies of medical-therapy doses of I-131 showed no increased cancer effects in adults. Those doses were many times higher than would be expected from environmental uptake after even Chernobyl. Children are affected, however, and the effects manifest many years later, so that the adults who were children in the vicinity of Chernobyl’s meltdown show a continued excess of thyroid cancers, because they didn’t get prophylactic iodine at the right time and the known pathways – especially milk – were not rapidly controlled.

        I’m assuming you’re talking about cesium (Cs) but increased potassium uptake wouldn’t help you there – there isn’t a blocking effect like with the thyroid.

        Fortunately radio-cesium levels aren’t close to ingestion-concern levels, and all the rest of the doom talk is also just people trying to scare themselves and to persuade others of their groundless fears.

        • …So just How Much are you being paid??

        • I would like to understand why you say that radio cesium levels are not at ingestion concern levels. Do you have any support for this? The issue of hot particles and hot spots having been found in 2011 is well known. Why should we not believe the views of those such as those of Physicians for Social Responsibility who warn that such risks have not been adequately considered or addressed.

  16. Deception………. Do Not Be Deceived! TEPCO a for profit Co.
    No word from the Main Stream Media? A few local news stations giving it a few seconds and silenced. Our President said he did not believe there was any danger to the U.S. Hilary Clinton signs a food trade agreement with Japan. We live in a world that if we do not question we will be repaid with the consequence of ignorance. Ignorance is bliss till it is time to pay. It maybe time and that would truly suck! May God have Mercy on us All!

  17. Good update from ex-skf on the current state of the clearing of unit 3, including a very detailed composite picture of the top of the building taken from the crane.

    • WTF is wrong with you? You and your blogger friend are full of shit. Watch this – and don’t come back with any of your “I don’t like Arne” crap – Arne is reading from TEPCO’s own and actual reports…. and please pay special attention around the 6 minute mark: ie: (sic) “Unit 3 is so radioactive that NO ONE, not even robots, can get in there”.

      Unit 3 is NOT being “cleaned up” you idiot….. it might never be “cleaned up”…… WAKE UP and stop fostering false information. PLEASE.

      • Calm down lass, you’ll burst a blood vessel.

        It’s not that I don’t like Gundersen – it’s just that he’s so consistently wrong about everything. Including the phrase you quote. He uses odd pictures and numbers from the Tepco report and relays his own story and misunderstanding, as usual. The idea that he can be trusted to read a report in any kind of useful manner is highly amusing.

        For a blast from the past, you might like to look back at a video he made in July 2011 – insisting that a fleeting glimpse of a piece of twisted rebar was in fact the handle of a fuel bundle, despite the disparity of scale and the thickness of the free end that’s pointing towards the camera.

        On the other hand, if you’re a True Disciple, you will of course simply believe everything he says.

        • “Lass”? Now that really is amusing considering I’m probably old enough to be your mother, if not your grandmother! It’s OK, I’ll just add “patronising” to my “Joffan lexicon”.

          Now FYI, I’m not an “Arne Disciple”, I admit that early on I was, but too many times Arne’s info is a bit “off” – I guess it’s because he doesn’t want to end up as one of those mysterious bullet-in-the-back-of-the-head suicides. Nevertheless, he’s very valuable for reference and cross-reference, and in this case – no matter what you say or think – he speaks the truth: Reactor 3 is FUBAR and it’s not going to be “fixed”….. for goodness sake, the bloody thing isn’t even really there anymore… it blew up!! (Go back and look at the 3.11.11 pics BEFORE censorship.)

          These days I’m more inclined to what this guy, Jim Stone, has to say:

          Certainly no-one, not even God or the Aliens will be able to fix any of if he’s right! Whatever, it’s all very sad and it does make me extremely angry and ANYONE like you who tries to downplay the horror of Fukushima and/or pretend that everything will be fine are second only to the evil that is Fukushima and all things nuclear.

          • You chose the screenname Scottiegirl – “lass” seems appropriate. And my mother is 86, so if you can match that, congratulations, but cautions about your blood pressure are more appropriate than ever.

            Glad to hear you are not utterly devoted to the Gundersen bafflegab. Unfortunately you seem to be adhering to another “guru” with perhaps even less grasp on reality.

  18. What are the reasons for the delay of removing the spent fuel rods from Reactor 1?

    • If you have paid attention, then you realize that the fuel assemblys have melted and are not where they should be. Also, the reactor building above the reactor vessel must be flooded 30 feet above the reactor head. The entire area is highly radioactive and the area above the reactor is damaged and will leak.

  19. Some of my Japanese friends are becoming more and more scared based on what is being reported on various blogs. I am skeptical by nature but I would like to know why people are so sure that the steam coming from the reactors is not contaminating other parts of Japan including Tokyo. Surely you cannot be 100% certain so can someone quantify the risk?? Blogs by some apparently knowledgeable people such as Ichiro Iiyama are referring to a lot of details about the steam and unusual fog patterns in some parts of Japan.

    And the former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland is concerned enough to be writing to influential people all over the world.

    Now the easiest response is that these people are crazy, but I somehow that seems like a cop out.

    I also want to know why no-one is taking the issue of so called “hot particles” seriously any more. It is a fact that after 3/11 these particles were found as far away as parts of Yokohama, Chiba, Saitama and Tokyo. Why are we sure that people in Tokyo (and perhaps elsewhere around the world) are not breathing in these hot particles? I understand they are difficult to find and measure but since they were found in some places after 3/11 doesn’t it stand to reason that at least some of this is still there? All the discussion and comparisons of radiation levels (for example that Tokyo is similar to New York) completely ignores the issue of risk of ingesting such particles. Can someone please explain why the media is ignoring this.

    Everyone knows that TEPCO and the Japanese Government are not credible sources, and the IAEA is also not independent of the energy industry. I think it is natural to be skeptical in these circumstances.

    I would appreciate views on the issue of (1) risk of radioactive steam and (2) hot particles in Tokyo and other parts of Japan.

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