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When the words “mothballed”, “nuclear”, and “never been done before” are seen together with Japan in a sentence, the world should be paying attention…

As TEPCO officials face criminal charges over the lack of preparedness with regard Fukushima, and The IAEA Report assigns considerable blame to the Japanese culture of “over-confidence & complacency,” Bloomberg reports,

Japan is about to do something that’s never been done before: Restart a fleet of mothballed nuclear reactors.

The first reactor to meet new safety standards could come online as early as next week. Japan is reviving its nuclear industry four years after all its plants were shut for safety checks following the earthquake and tsunami that wrecked the Fukushima Dai-Ichi station north of Tokyo, causing radiation leaks that forced the evacuation of 160,000 people.

Mothballed reactors have been turned back on in other parts of the world, though not on this scale — 25 of Japan’s 43 reactors have applied for restart permits. One lesson learned elsewhere is that the process rarely goes smoothly. Of 14 reactors that resumed operations after four years offline, all had emergency shutdowns and technical failures, according to data from the World Nuclear Association, an industry group.

“If reactors have been offline for a long time, there can be issues with long-dormant equipment and with ‘rusty’ operators,” Allison Macfarlane, a former chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, said by e-mail.

In case you are not worried enough yet…

As problems can arise with long-dormant reactors, the NRA “should be testing all the equipment as well as the operator beforehand in preparation,” Macfarlane of the U.S. said by e-mail. Although the NRA “is a new agency, many of the staff there have long experience in nuclear issues,” she said.


Kyushu Electric has performed regular checks since the reactor was shut to ensure it restarts and operates safely, said a company spokesman, who asked not to be identified because of company policy.


“If a car isn’t used for a while, and you suddenly use it, then there is usually a problem. There is definitely this type of worry with Sendai,” said Ken Nakajima, a professor at Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute. “Kyushu Electric is probably thinking about this as well and preparing for it.”

It’s not the first time a nation has tried this..

In Sweden, E.ON Sverige AB closed the No. 1 unit at its Oskarshamn plant in 1992 and restarted it in 1996.


It had six emergency shutdowns in the following year and a refueling that should have taken 38 days lasted more than four months after cracks were found in equipment.

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Good luck Japan

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  1. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Won’t they ever learn?

    • Its the government… not the public. The public in droves hates nuclear power in the first place. DONE

  2. To restart these reactors is absurd. These Nuclear crime bosses are demons straight out of hell.
    They have no good moral values, they are swollen with ego pride, they have no compassion for their people and the people and animals of the whole earth.
    To think of the children who are being born with one eye in the middle of their foreheads to little kittens born with 2 faces, to bunnies with no ears. These little ones never hurt anyone and it tears me up inside to see pictures.
    But people Must See the pictures to realize the horror of the whole thing.
    We need to write and call and email the leaders of all nations to expose this massive cover-up!
    Not that it will help fix anything but to force governments to have a conscience again, seeing what was done.
    This will make an extinction of every living thing on earth.
    I’ve accepted it as truth, but my kids haven’t and neither will anyones kids and grandkids.
    Shame those who did this and who are keeping a wall of silence on it.

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