typhoon15via Channel News Asia / Sep 16, 2013 / Typhoon Man-yi hit Japan on Monday, leaving two people dead and forcing the operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant to release rainwater with low levels of radiation into the ocean.

The powerful typhoon made landfall in Toyohashi, Aichi prefecture, shortly before 8:00am (2300 GMT Sunday), packing gusts of up to 162 kilometres (100 miles) per hour, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

Public broadcaster NHK said a 71-year-old woman was found dead as a landslide engulfed her house in Shiga prefecture, while a 77-year-old woman was also confirmed dead in a separate mudslide in Fukui prefecture, near Shiga.

Four people were still missing while 128 others were injured with more than 4,000 houses flooded and at least 270 houses damaged by strong wind or landslides, NHK said.

The typhoon, losing strength slightly, left Japan’s main island by Monday evening after the eye of the storm passed within 50 kilometres north of the capital at around noon.

The typhoon also hit the northeast, including the Fukushima area, bringing heavy rain to areas near the broken plant run by Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO).

Workers were pumping out water from areas near tanks storing radioactive water, from which leaks are believed to have seeped into groundwater.

“But we decided to release the water into sea as we reached a conclusion that it can be regarded as rainfall after we monitored levels of radiation,” TEPCO spokesman Yo Koshimizu said.

According to the spokesman, one litre of the water contained up to 24 becquerels of strontium and other radioactive materials — below the 30 becquerel per litre safety limit imposed by Japanese authorities for a possible release to the environment.

However, it was unknown how much water was released to sea under the “emergency measure,” Koshimizu said.


Source: Channel News Asia


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  1. The Planet really will thank you in the future, the sickness, the people & all life forms have no chance to escape the deadly crap GE & the gov of Japan let be built on ground that moves like quick sand! Many generations will be lost or surfer due to the acts of governments & men who run them!

  2. Sadly the people of Japan suffer the consequences of their Government; they are NOT to be blamed. Instead, think on this: The LAND of JAPAN has always been Sacred to the Japanese people – The Land of Japan cannot be sacrificed – (SO) IF the whole Fukushima thing was “payback” for Japan offering help to Iran, and IF it is true that Japan is under threat of even more dire consequences….unless “Japan submits Fully” – to the IMF, and let’s face it, what choice does Japan have now but to Beggar Itself with Usury Debt…. to the IMF….. I SAY – PLEASE…. “JAPAN” … SPEAK OUT…. Expose the BLACKMAILERS, TELL THE PEOPLE OF JAPAN, TELL THE WORLD…..Don’t worry about “saving face” – SAVE THE WORLD from TYRANTS. Expose them – ASK FOR HELP – there is no shame – AND the consequences to/for all the others “Blackmailed” are NOT Japan’s problem. “Expose one – Expose all”…. and let’s face it, no one can fix Fukushima (or any of the other 99% of World Wide Nuclear Reactors built on faults lines/rivers/beneath dams…). BUT there must be Hope… And this is the hard choice for Japan, but it is the only choice: Act NOW… TELL THE TRUTH. Japan, YOU CAN DO THIS – Viva JAPAN!!

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