evacuees-tepcovia Japan Times / July 21st, 2015 / Around 3,100 residents in the city of Fukushima are demanding ¥18.3 billion in damages related to the crisis at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, lawyers said.

A total of 3,107 residents of the Watari district want an out-of-court settlement for their psychological distress, including health concerns due to radiation exposure.

The demand was filed Tuesday with a public body that was created to settle compensation disputes related to the nuclear disaster through out-of-court procedures called alternative dispute resolution, or ADR.

Watari is a residential area 61 km from Fukushima No. 1. The radiation amount exposure there was relatively high, with more than 3 microsieverts per hour detected at several points in a government survey conducted in July 2011.

The residents are seeking ¥100,000 per month starting with March 2011 and ending when an out-of-court settlement is reached. An additional ¥100,000 is being sought for each of the six months immediately after the accident, when the radiation level was at its highest.

SOURCE: Japan Times

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  1. I don’t really think that it is TEPCO’s fault for all this I mean not even the most advanced of buildings is Earthquake, Tsunami, and mother nature proof.

    • It is their responsibility IF THEY CHOOSE TO IGNORE
      Move the Japanese parliament into the contaminated zone!
      Abe would not go, and for good reason, he would send the “sheeple”
      back, regardless of safe levels of ionising radiation .

  2. With Japan being so prone to seismic activity , the designers and building firms also have to take a beating as well . Why build right on the coast ? How long till another accident happens that may not be contained .

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