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Japan In Depth / TEPCO Measures Fail To Hold Water

By Eiji Noyori and Hiroyuki Oyama / / September 11, 2014 / Three and a half years after the outbreak of the crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, efforts to contain water contaminated with radioactive substances at the plant are at a crossroads. Resolving the r ...

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Japan To Restart Two Nuclear Reactors

via / September 10, 2014 / Japan's nuclear watchdog has given the green light for two reactors to restart but the operator still has to persuade local communities they are safe. Widespread anti-nuclear sentiment has simmered in Japan ever since an earthquake and tsunami in M ...

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TEPCO Signs LNG Purchase Deal With BP

via / Septmeber 12, 2014 / Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and BP Singapore (BPS), an affiliate of BP Group have signed an agreement under which the Japanese utility will purchase up to 1.20 million tons of LNG per year over 17 years from the British firm. LNG supplies ...

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Fukushima Pref. Govt Accepts ‘Temporary’ Radioactive Waste Storage

via / September 1, 2014 / The governor of disaster-struck Fukushima agreed on Monday (Sep 1) to accept the "temporary" storage of nuclear waste from the Japanese accident, paving the way for an end to a years-long standoff. Yuhei Sato has been cajoled and lavished with the ...

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No Fukushima Radiation Found In Coastal Areas

via / September 3, 2014 / It was raining when Eric Norman, Berkeley Lab physicist and University of California (UC) Berkeley professor of Nuclear Engineering, heard about the nuclear-reactor meltdown in Fukushima, Japan. "I immediately thought of Chernobyl," he says, referring to the "nu ...

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Fukushima Daiichi Workers To Sue TEPCO

via NHK World / September 1, 2014 / Workers at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant are planning to sue Tokyo Electric Power Company, demanding it pay wages suited for the dangerous work. Four male workers at a TEPCO subcontractor will file a lawsuit at the Iwaki branch of the Fukushima ...

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Jgov OKs Rice Growing Inside Former Fukushima No-Go Zone

by Christina Sarich / / August 31, 2014 Just recently, farmers in the city of Tamura, Fukushima Prefecture, have begun planting rice in a district previously designated as a ‘no-plant zone’ due to of radioactive fallout. This will be the first time since March, 2011’s ...

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