radioactive-wastevia Japan Daily Press / Sep 16, 2013 / In addition to TEPCO’s problem with how to manage the radioactive water from the defunct Fukushima nuclear plant, it was found that there still remain about 150,000 tons of radioactive waste that has not been properly stored. Besides contaminated soil, among those collected were contaminated branches and leaves, accounting for about 30 percent of waste that resulted from the reactor meltdowns.

Thirty-six municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture will provide temporary storage sites. Out of the intended 372 locations, only 139 (37 percent) have been utilized. Both the local and central governments are charged for failing to assure residents that radioactive waste may be stored. Only 13 out of the 36 municipalities were able to secure land to be used as storage sites. One of the reasons the storage sites were not set up was the lack of consent obtained from the residents. Among those with such reason was Koriyama. Efforts to contain radioactive waste had already kept 550,000 tons but the 150,000 tons were kept in the open for its failure to meet the guidelines of the Environment Ministry.

Nishigo, a village in Nishishirakawa District, has the most uncontained radioactive waste accounting to 40,000 tons. The city of Motomiya comes next with 39,432 tons followed by the city of Tamura with 17,800 tons. There are also municipalities that have not properly tallied the radioactive waste in their area.

Source: Japan Daily Press

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  2. Maybe Mr peace prize should spend billions helping Japan with this mess. Appears he would rather bomb Libya , Syria then Iran. .

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